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We all have made and read our own reviews of Twilight, the movie about a teen vampire falling in love with an ordinary vampire-looking girl (hek hek).  Some of the reviews I’ve read have nothing but praises on the film, while most–probably the majority–think Twilight deserves a nail in the coffin.  Or more.

Now that most of the dust has settled, everyone’s baking their cake and serving it in minute amounts.  Twilight’s story is so simple most people seem to think they can do a better job than Catherine Hardwicke, taking matters into their own hands.

The question now is not how good or bad these renditions are, but, more appropriately: just how many permutations and renditions of Twilight out there?  Here’s two I found out:

The Puppet Version


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The past few weeks have become witness for the beleaguering of both the Mainstream media and the Pinoy blogosphere.  I’ve wanted to write about this for so long but thought of holding off some of my thoughts until all the flames thrown have dissipated.

Blogging and Ethics
Let’s start with the first issue triggered by an unsolicited comment from Dean Luis Teodoro, a staunch ethics advocate who’s also part of the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR).  Dean Teodoro called on Mainstream Media journalists to blog so that they could be an example for people who irresponsibly post things online, saying that these people who have no account for ethics are bringing about disastrous effects with the erroneous and sometimes maligned information they post.

Of course, the Pinoy blogging community took offense and went on a blogging tirade against the professor.  Most have resented Dean Teodoro’s comment, saying that the veteran journalist and professor had no right to impose his “ethics” upon bloggers.  Some have also criticized the mainstream media in particular, saying that most journalists don’t practice these ethics anyway, so why impose them on the bloggers? (more…)

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O diba, talagang pinilit ang title? Hehehe.


Chronicles of Insomnia
I’m not really an insomniac. If you know me well enough I’m sure you’re aware of my very stable sleeping patterns. You also know that I can sleep absolutely anywhere at any sleeping position if I’m really sleepy, no matter how grave the circumstances or the surroundings may be. So yes, I’m not really an insomniac, except for days when I find myself pondering a troubling thought or I simply just can’t put myself to sleep. Say, just like last Monday night!


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I had two girlfriends in tow. And yes, amazingly, they weren’t out to slap each other to death to see who gets to take me home as a prize. We boarded the MRT together, ate together, rode the cab together, and went through our afternoon schedule together.


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Okay, my emo phase has already lapsed. *Yay* And while I really should be working on our PowerPoint presentation for our Advertising Proposal in about 6-or-so hours, I decided to while away my time in the Web and scavenged this vast and diverse sea of everything and stumbled upon several nutcrackers along the way.

When you’ve nothing to do (or when you have something to do but you really don’t want to do it at the moment), watching YouTube videos is really therapeutic. Here, take a look at some:


The gang of Saturday Night Live makes the funniest sketches! Miraka is a parody of Dora the Explorer, that Spanish-speaking kid responds even when nobody answers. LOL.


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Okay, even before your brain starts to conjure some nasty images, let me straight things out a bit: IT IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK.

Now that that’s settled, let me say just one thing: AAAACCCCKKKK!!!

This afternoon, while happily texting this friend of mine, I suddenly ran out of load and couldn’t reply to him. It was an urgent message that needed replying to immediately, so I sought the help of my “Twitter Friends.” I was literally begging for load. I know it’s cheap, but it was really urgent, so I had no choice.


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Twitter!Twitter has fast become the convenient moblogging tool of choice. With just a few taps on the keyboard or on your cellphone keypad, your message will instantly be sent to people who are “following” you. It acts as an effective group-messaging tool, beating out Globe Unlitxt. O, san ka pa?!

Whenever someone asks me what twitter is, I always reply, “It’s like YM, but you only get to see the Statuses.” True enough, people who use Twitter answer the fundamental question “What are you doing?” With that simple a question there could be a thousand, or even infinite, answers. Such is the secret behind Twitter’s success.

But to be able to answer that question more accurately, it would have to mean that you update every now and then, wherever the heck you are. In other words, you have to “carry Twitter” around with you. How to do that? Through your mobile.

Ever since I got hooked in this “Twitter Craze” I found it amusing how people are able to post tweets using their mobile phone. Further research brought me the answer, and found out that there are numerous ways of Twittering through your mobile phone.


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