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The country was ablaze with news of an alleged bomb going off at Glorietta 2 in Makati last Friday.

Once again Twitter proves its worth as people started delivering updates real-time. I was in school at that time and so I had no other means of getting updated with what’s happening besides my trust cellphone which receives Twitter updates real-time.

At first they said it was an LPG Tank leak that caused the explosion, then other speculations started rising minutes after.

People said the blast was so huge that it rocked the three floors of Glorietta and shattered the roof. At first I thought that was minor. I thought the roof just cracked or something until I saw these pictures (courtesy of this site):



If you’re guessing that’s a huge gaping hole at the activity center where the roof’s supposed to be, then you’re guessing right. The freaking roof FELL!

I dare say it: If an LPG tank can do that much damage, then we might as well classify these tanks under highly-dangerous materials!


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So now it comes to a close. History has been written. Former President Joseph Estrada has been proven guilty of plunder, but got acquitted for perjury.

I’ll leave the political and legal analysis to the experts and lawyers, but here’s what I have to say. I don’t feel vindicated by Erap’s conviction. No, not at all. Why? Because it didn’t feel like we triumphed over evil at all. Yes, we ousted a President who has been proven a plunderer, but unfortunately for we have replaced him with someone even worse.

Erap’s conviction, for me, was all just a ceremony 6 years in the making. Had this present administration proven its worth, I would have been entirely happy of kicking Erap’s ass out of the palace.

And while the media was all hush-hush about this recent development, I appear to be too indifferent to care. As a matter of fact, I slept through the entire coverage.


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