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christmas-snoopy-lights-treeMaking a wishlist is not a yearly holiday tradition for me, considering how this occasion has become such a driving force for consumerism and capitalism lately.  Okay, I did not just say that.  Hahaha.  Nope, that’s not the reason I don’t make Christmas wishlists.  It’s just that… I don’t really receive many gifts for Christmas, because I’m the ever pragmatic one, always asking for cash instead of gifts.  Ka-ching, ka-ching!

This year, however, I think it’s just apt that I make a wishlist since I figured my little material wishes lately are very cheap thrills practically anyone can afford (yes, even you, my two readers).  I’m not looking to receive a new gadget or a fantabulous piece of art or whatnot.  Just these simple trinkets of thoughtful action can surely put a wide smile on my face.  Here goes! (more…)

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Seldom does it happen that we get to see a show with a considerable amount of substance when we switch on our televisions.  Most of the time, TV programming is driven by the urge to get good ratings, which is often driven by market preferences, which leads to more advertising opportunities and, eventually, to more profits for the media owners.  Television throughout the years has been reviled for this capitalist practice.

It is therefore, as we say it, a “breath of fresh air” when one encounters a program that seems to intrigue the mind of its viewers.  When these kinds of shows air on television, one is forced to think if the network is playing tricks on him:  is it true?  Am I really seeing this on television?  Should I believe my ears and eyes? We got so used to seeing *crap* in television that good, quality programming has become more of the exception rather than the rule. (more…)

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But the big question is, which David?


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The customary sem-ender assessment post should’ve been at hand, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to analyze the entire sem that transpired. It’s just so major to be put down into words which, I think, will not suffice for the intensity of the past semester. One word fits, however, and that’s the title of my previous post: Haggard.

I believe I haven’t been that stressed in my entire life. I haven’t had two-hour shuteyes either. I haven’t downed three cups-full of coffee in just one night. I haven’t been so mad. I haven’t been so disappointed. I haven’t been so frustrated. Frankly, I do have mixed feelings about this sem.

That’s why I want to put it to a close. Leave it behind. Give closure to things and move on to broader horizons. I don’t want to look back at the sem that just passed anymore, because it only evokes a lot of feelings and emotions that I don’t want to linger for long. So this is why the customary post-semester post won’t be a reality this time. Instead, let’s all look forward… and beyond.

Kumi was right. This’ll be our last summer as carefree students without a care in the world. Next summer, it’ll be all about the real world (not unless we don’t graduate on time, which shouldn’t happen to me AT ALL COSTS). So to commemorate this last summer in our student lives, we’ll be starting PROJECT SUMMER. Details shall follow soon. Watch this space. 😉

This has been my wallpaper for the sem

I also want to be as productive as possible this summer. Aside from my internship at Philippine Daily Inquirer (150 hours of Police Beat Haggardness–everybody now: “Stress!”), I want to do things that’ll enrich me personally. I want to experience new things, and these are some of the things that are lined up for me this summer:

  • PROJECT SUMMER with friends, whatever and wherever that may lead us
  • Learn how to do a WordPress theme, courtesy of Shari‘s prodding
  • Go to Baguio for the FIRST TIME EVER (Haggard, I hope it pushes through…)
  • Participate in The Blog Awards Challenge to get back my writing groove
  • Ask to contribute to another magazine (a prof of mine is asking me to write for this new street magazine)
  • Go places! Road Trips! Hikings! Vacationing! Anything that can help me relax and reclaim the life stolen by the past semester

Those are the things I could think of right now. I really want this to be a very productive summer for me, this being the last fun summer I can ever have.

Hope you’ll have a fun summer ahead of you! Right now, I’m just glad that the past sem’s off my back. It just dragged on and on and on that it’s such a relief that it’s finally over. Honestly speaking, it hasn’t sank into me yet. I hope it does soon, for I only have a week’s worth of vacation ’til I start internship.

Oh well. The next few entries, I hope, will be more insightful. I plan on posting my misadventures during internship at the risk of creeping my readers out. You’ll see. Watch out for it. :evil laughter:

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I wasn’t watching Uber yesterday when a friend texted me something that made me jump off of my feet and wail in excitement: Gaby’s back in the house!!!

From the Pinoy Big Brother website:

“I got kidnapped!” Gaby first told the two housemates as they got in the house. Gaby returned from her seminar in the US just this afternoon and the PBB staff surprised Gaby right at the airport and offered her a chance to return to the Big Brother house and continue being a celebrity housemate. Being used to stepping up to any challenge, the renowned car racer agreed to come back. From there, she was immediately driven straight to the PBB house.

Apparently she had no idea she would be given the opportunity to go back inside the house. With Mcoy and Ethel’s voluntary exit last week, I suddenly lost interest in watching the show. But now with Gaby back in the house, I guess I’m gluing my eyes to the TV every 930pm once again!

Notice how she looked so fresh and pretty in the pictures? Sigh… I just can’t get enough of Gaby. This time, I hope she wins.

*Photo from The Official Pinoy Big Brother Website

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If you remember that line from a PLDT TV Commercial way, way back, then you’re probably from my generation or a generation older.


The infamous “Kung sa’n ka masaya te suportahan taka” (which loosely translates to “Wherever you’re happy I’ll support you”) line caught up so good that it rapidly spread around the country like a virus. Ever since then, whenever we want to say we support somebody, we would utter this oh-so-famous line.


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I’m a very sentimental person. It’s hard for me to let go of special things in my life, even if it may appear superficial to others. From time to time I read my blog archives and reflect on the person that I’ve been and the man I’m becoming. That’s how senti I am. Cheezy, I know, but that’s me!


In any case, I just had a momentary lapse of nostalgia when last Saturday, during CommRes class, one of my classmates was holding a magazine with Will & Grace as the cover. Suddenly I was jolted back to the past and remembered all those times when I’d laugh so hard in front of the TV and everybody would just give me an intriguing look and I won’t mind them.


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Okay, I know somehow you guys are convinced that Gaby did give me an autographed picture, but I just have to show you this.

Tita Tinna posted in her multiply these pics that show Gaby signing her pic for me:


And this: (more…)

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Update on Gaby dela Merced: IA’s friend Julian, who works with ABS-CBN Publishing, told us that last November 14, Gaby flew to Phoenix, Arizona to attend her driving seminar. Before she flew to the US a press conference was held so that she can say a few words to the press.

Now Julian said that IA happened to mention to him that I adore Gaby, and so he got me one of these:


And not only that, it came with this: (more…)

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O diba, talagang pinilit ang title? Hehehe.


Chronicles of Insomnia
I’m not really an insomniac. If you know me well enough I’m sure you’re aware of my very stable sleeping patterns. You also know that I can sleep absolutely anywhere at any sleeping position if I’m really sleepy, no matter how grave the circumstances or the surroundings may be. So yes, I’m not really an insomniac, except for days when I find myself pondering a troubling thought or I simply just can’t put myself to sleep. Say, just like last Monday night!


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For the first time in Pinoy Big Brother history, I shed a tear for a housemate who went out of the house. (Then I hid quickly behind the pillows before somebody notices that I’m crying because of freaking Gaby dela Merced)


It’s very rare that I get to like a certain housemate. (more…)

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Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 has got to be one of the most exciting seasons yet. A twisted set of housemates, twisted set of rules and a whole lot of twisted set of twists, if you know what I mean.


This is the first season ever that a surprise house guest has been introduced into the Pinoy Big Brother prison house. We all loved how Mariel looked when she got the shock of her life that she was to become one of the housemates. How she knew it all along. How she hyperventilated. How her manager Boy Abunda consoled her. In the end, she accepted the fact and blended with the housemates.


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Subtitled “What blogging got me into.” LOL.

So, in the spirit of Sir Yuga’s welcome post to people who watched his interview via Mel&Joey, I’d like to welcome those who were able to catch me make a little fool of my self with my so many backles and tongue twisters in Manolo Quezon‘s ANC show The Explainer.

To those looking, here is the article–the main culprit–that led me to become the Explainee of this evening’s episode. And you’ll find here my article condemning Frat-Related violence in UP. Also, Arbet makes a very comprehensive list of the Pinoy Blogosphere’s reaction to Cris Mendez’s senseless death.

Let’s all push further to seek justice for CA. Every move counts. END FRAT-RELATED VIOLENCE NOW!

Will (have to) make a more well-thought-out article about the whole experience in a later post. Right now I’m still trying to breathe in the experience. Haha.

Here’s a little preview:

I have a very bad case of scolio. But I just don’t know it yet. LOL.

I’ll upload the video once I get my hands on my copy of the episode so other people can watch (and laugh at all my mistakes. LOL).

To those who weren’t able to catch this episode about Fraternities, there will still be a replay on Saturday, September 15, at 10 o’ clock in the morning.

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Presenting… CELEBRITY DUETS! Subtitled: jobs for the jobless celebrities.

SERIOUSLY. Seriously. Seriously?!! Please tell me you’re kidding me. Please. Tell. Me.

Fine. May I remind that I am not to be kidded around with. But this has got to be one of the most, uh, what’s the word? Pathetic? Digusting? Ambitious? For the second time I’m at a loss for words. Nothing can do justice to this madness!

Maybe Tessa Prieto counts as an appropriate description? Gaahh! Just watch.

It’s a show with an apparent Identity Crisis. Is it a talent search? A performance show? Or a comedy sitcom? Looks like it’s all rolled into one…big pile of mess!

I’ve heard of balladeers. I’ve heard of divas (not of the Malu kind). I’ve heard of rock stars. But I have not heard of a Tessa Prieto-Valdez. No, not at all.

I was actually expecting her to give a wonderful performance that night, but the moment she opened her mouth, I skidded around the sofa looking for the damn remote control, already panicking because I couldn’t bear to hear the shrill tone of her voice determined to kill a koala a gazillion miles away.

Without waiting for the other contestants to do their thing on stage, I switched to another channel. Brrr. Gave me the creeps.

Note to self: NEVER watch that show again. EVER.

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I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s been a video circulating around the web alleging noontime show host Willie Revillame of supposed rigging of a new segment of his show.

Here’s the clip of the video for all of you to see:


The first time I saw the video, I immediately concluded that, yes, there was some form of cheating that happened here. Judging by what happened, it looks like something went wrong and a cover-up took place.


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