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It was to be a semestral break to remember.  Sadly, it was also our last semestral break together.


TGIS: True Gangsta Independent Style. Charot! =P

JM:  This is called GrandStanding.  Literally.  XP

JM: This is called GrandStanding. Literally. XP

Because of Janina’s sheer generosity (who willfully volunteered their Calatagan rest house), we were able to spend three days off our semestral break at their rest house in Calatagan, Batangas. (more…)

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Post Subtitle:  The Field Trip that Shouldn’t Have Been

There’s a saying that goes something like “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”  Going by that logic, we can therefore conclude that if there’s no will, then no way.  Haha.  I’m not making any sense here.  My point is best illustrated thus in Filipino:  Kapag gusto may paraan, kapag ayaw maraming dahilan.

Oh there were a million reasons, alright.  Reasons to not go to the PI100 (Rizal) Field Trip yesterday.  Here’re the top 3 reasons why:


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EDSA and its heavy traffic is an urban legend, but not in the connotative sense of the word.  It’s an urban legend because of the gargantuan proportions of vehicles plying this 54 (or so) kilometer avenue, causing expected build-ups along major intersections.  During peak hours, passing through EDSA is a surefire dead-end to one’s destination.  Most have come up with great alternatives to EDSA, albeit costing them precious gas money.  EDSA is, therefore, synonymous to heavy traffic.

But due to the recent oil price hikes and increases in jeepney and bus fares, EDSA is slowly losing its reputation.  Just this week, I overheard on the news a proposal to suspend the number coding scheme because of the decrease in vehicles going through EDSA.  We don’t know if this is true, but if companies are calling for the suspension of the number coding scheme, then it must be something. (more…)

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Whim #1: Manila Ocean Park
Because we barely have a week left before Academic Year 08-09 officially starts (followed by the inevitable death of our so-called social lives), we were overcome by whims and impulses that one fateful Monday, a bored and adventurous Kuya Luis coaxes me to go to Manila Ocean Park.

And went we did. But somehow, the park was a bit frustrating. Nevertheless, we felt like little children out on a field trip, seeing all those fishes swimming about in their happy little fluid habitats.

The tunnel was the killer attraction of them all, but I dare say it’s a tad bit too short that leaves the guests hungry for more under-the-sea action. And I didn’t know Lapu-Lapus could grow that big! I was monsterized, so say the least.

And please, Manila Ocean Park, a student price, please? 400 pesos for that trip barely even spells “worth it.” (more…)

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I huffed, I puffed, and I reached the top! Yeah, boy. The nth part of Maculot climb recently commenced in a very fun and fulfilling trip!

Waking up at the crack of dawn at summertime sure is tough, but picturing the adventure ahead made the gruelling task a bit less painful. I don’t recall the last time I saw the sun rise here at the apartment (owing to the fact that I wake up past noontime almost everyday), so the morning of the climb was especially wonderful.

There were only six of us: I, Kuya Luis, and four of his Law School blockmates Gayle, Caloy, Pat and Cha. I think six is a magical number. Not too many to cause delays, not to few to be scared to climb on our own. True enough, our number proved to be quite helpful, for it gave us a chance to pack closely together so nobody lead so much, and nobody trailed behind to delay everybody. (more…)

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Three Days. That’s practically all the time I have left to spend in this internship routine, and I’m officially, finally, stupendously saying hello to my summer which, obviously, is around a month late. But I don’t mind.

If you ask me, I don’t think I need to hit the beach on some far away land just to get a tan. With just three weeks of going around Quezon City, I believe my skin has become a shade darker than before. What I really want to get a feel of is the fine sand on my feet and the ticklish feeling of water down my ankles. Aaaahhhh… I long to do this once this summer:

Obviously, I’m doing nothing but dream. (more…)

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It was a bright albeit chilly Wednesday morning when we trooped to the misty hills of Antipolo to discover a secret garden known only to some as… The Crescent Moon Cafe!


It wasn’t just an ordinary and impulsive trip to the high mountains, because this little sojourn is a part of our requirement in Feature Writing where we need to review the restaurant. Now if only all school requirements are like these, I wouldn’t mind getting buried under tons of Academic work at all!

Before we proceed, let’s meet our tour guide for the day (who’s up and just about ready to give out precious info and facts about the Crescent Moon Cafe), the alluring… seductive… funny… gorgeous… the one… the only… Kumiko! (Haha, let’s all hope she doesn’t stumble upon this blog).


kumi_host.jpgKumiko: Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Crescent Moon Cafe. Our place is more than ready to serve you, please leave your coats and close the door behind you.


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Can you imagine waking up to a stunning view like that? Well, that’s exactly what greeted me this morning as I strolled down the sands of Boracay. Isn’t it beautiful?

It’s 5am and I’m prepared already. Breakfast is not in one hour and our call time’s still at 6:45. But thanks to my relentless effort of enjoying Bora for the rest of my stay–coz I’d be going home at 3:30 later this afternoon–I made myself wake up in the wee hours of the night to prepare.

Sure, the sun may not rise on this side of the island but I know it’s still going to rise and you can say that I’m pretty much excited to see Boracay by dawn. It was already getting dark when we got to the island so I wasn’t able to see firsthand the long stretch of white sand and clear water we always see in the post cards.

I can’t believe I’m this geeky. I hope I get to have my own laptop soon so that I’d be able to chronicle things like these as they happen. (parinig parinig to some people reading this, kamonst, I know somehow tinatamaan kayo! Hehehe)

Well, I guess I sat here long enough because the place is beginning to light up! The sun is soon to shine. Haaaayy Boracay, I never thought I’d meet you alive. Here’s to hoping we bump into each other again someday. Someday… *cue Nina’s cheeziness over here*

*BTW, I would like to give a big shout out and THANK YOU to IA for lending me her laptop (which, in the short span of time that we got to spend together, I’ve grown to love. Kamonst girl benta mo na sakin ‘to!! Haha). Luvyah girl! =)

*I’ve posted Day 1 photos at my Multiply Album. Check it out!

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