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As developments in technology grow rapidly each day, many of our basic conveniences are getting more and more, well, convenient to use.  But one benchmark of technology is that it uses energy in the form of electricity.  Over the years, we have entangled (pun intended) ourselves with having to use long lines of electric wires plugged into a wall socket just to enjoy our technology needs.

5238dd240x180publicBut with the dawn of new technologies, things are beginning to change.  Now, more and more devices are starting to be made to operate without the use of wires.  There’s the Wireless Internet, cordless phone, wireless mouse, and the list goes on.

Now, the wireless revolution invades the home appliances with the birth of Dirt Devil, a wireless vacuum cleaner.  We already know how hard it is to reach certain areas of the house with a regular vacuum cleaner whose shape and form isn’t cut out for the job; and the taks gets more daunting and limiting because the vacuum is connected to a socket.  But with Dirt Devil, liberty in household cleaning can now be achieved!  No more wires to mess up your spring cleaning mojo.  And, best of all, it consumes less electricity so you’re sure to keep your budget monitored.

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Hey there, dear readers! Here’s a new Social Networking site for you to steadily glue your eyes upon: SocialSpark! Basically it’s a Social Networking Site from the guys who brought you PayPerPost. And yes, you can earn quick cash through Social Spark as well. I believe what they did is that, since they recognized the power of the community of the posties in PPP, they wanted that community to build upon solid and genuine relationships (not just as online buddies who do Sponsored Posts, which this one is, by the way), so they jumped on the idea and out comes SocialSpark!

If you’re not there yet, you may want to check out some profiles, like this of Ed Nanquil’s. I guess it doesn’t hurt to say that the design of the site is quite easy on the eyes, and it’s very easy to navigate. The colors aren’t too straining, although some of the elements are a bit too big for comfort. In any case, I guess those are minute details they can work upon in the future.

So, want to earn cash while making friends? Join SocialSpark now! You’ll never know what kinds of different opportunities may come your way. =)

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