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The future is dawning upon us little by little.  First, there were the occasional bouts of senior moments.  Then, apprehensions about the life after graduation.  Then the inevitable theses, deadlines and whatnot.  And recently, something that solidifies our place in the “Senior” world:  UP-CMC’s Graduation Committee, otherwise known as VOX 2009.

Soon enough we’d be leafing through hundreds of papers, contracts, layouts and whatnot.  Then we’d plan, do the yearbook, take our photos, buy our sablays, don our barongs and sayas, and graduate.  Soon after that, we’d be on a hunt for a career or an admin job search (yes, ’cause we have very high standards.  heh).  The next thing that happens, who knows?  We’d be traveling through different paths by then. (more…)

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WARNING:  NSFW and R-18.  =P

Naked runners soon stole the show from the Vinzons UPgrade program when the host, Joaqui Valdez, suddenly announced the holding of a “great UP tradition.”  Of course, everybody instantly knew it’s the Oblation Run.

A hundred members of the Alpha Phi Omega reportedly ran naked through one half of the academic oval, from Vinzon’s Hall to the Oblation Statue.  But from what I’ve seen, I think there were only about 60 or 70 who ran.  In any case, APO didn’t want to be left out of the celebrations so they contributed their part to the Centennial gathering. (more…)

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After the event at Quezon Hall, we proceeded to Vinzons Hall for the launching of USC’s Centennial Project dubbed as “Vinzons UPgrade.”  Basically, the project aims to rehabilitate the student center to once again serve its function as an abode for students and their organizations.

A small program was held in front of Vinzons Hill, where several home-grown UP talents performed. (more…)

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Happy 100 years, UP! Can I just say that I’m very, very proud that I was able to witness moments like these when I’m still studying?  Back in High School, I was right on time for Don Bosco’s 50th year anniversary in the Philippines.  And now, I was able to witness, firsthand, UP’s 100th year!  Am I lucky or am I lucky? (more…)

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I’m so fortunate to be a witness to the centenary of my beloved institution, the national university, Ang Pamantasang Hirang, no other than the Univeristy of the Philippines!

The school was alive with spirit and gathered in celebration this morning to commemorate this momentous event.  I will try to blog more of them later (with pics, yay!  especially of the Oblation Run, which was a first for me).

Anyway, to my fellow Isko and Iska out there, Happy Centenary to us all!  =)

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[UPDATE as of June 3, 2008 10:20 PM] So after a grueling 7 hours of waiting in line, perspiring buckets of sweat, sitting on the floor wishing my name would be called next, I was finally able to get one subject on the first day of registration. Not bad, not bad, although it could be better. I say the new registration system is teh pure eeeevuhl! Good thing this’ll be the last sem I’d have to deal with it, as I’d get priority status next sem ’cause I’m already graduating! Whoopee! Updated schedule posted below. Next Goal: Econ!

Aside: PI 100 (The Life and Works of Jose Rizal) rightfully deserves its subject code. Putang Ina talaga!

It is the last day of May and in just a few hours, we’d be ushering in a new month, likewise a new season for people like me. June is here once again and everybody knows what that means.

I’m a bit sentimental about the coming school year. O sige na nga, super sentimental. I hate lasts and goodbyes, but hopefully, this’ll be my last year in College. I’m already stepping into the final stone in my academic life. This’ll be the last hurdle before stepping out into the “real world” every adult is so fond of talking about.

Well, to get the ball rolling, here’s my schedule for this semester (so far, I still lack 6 units):

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10AM – 1130AM Creative Nonfiction Creative Nonfiction
1130AM – 1PM Rizal Rizal
1PM – 300PM Journalism Ethics Computer-Aided Research Thesis Proposal
300PM – 400PM Tenpin Bowling Journalism Ethics Computer-Aided Research Thesis Proposal
400PM – 500PM Tenpin Bowling

As you can see, my schedule’s not that hectic. (more…)

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June 18, 2008 marks the 100th founding anniversary of our beloved university. Want to make it a bit more memorable and exciting? Here are two calls for students and alumni to participate in the commemoration of our 100 years of greatness (ehem) and, well, existence.

1) UP@100: Capturing 100 UP Moments

A group of UP bloggers put up this activity to commemorate the Centenary of UP. Here’s more information: (more…)

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Here it is, as promised. This sem’s pains in the ass. The fruits of my (and my groupmates’) labor. Enjoy.

Balitambayan – The Final Cut (Part 1 of 4)
Uploaded by jmtuazon

Balitambayan – The Final Cut (Part 2 of 4)
Uploaded by jmtuazon

Balitambayan – The Final Cut (Part 3 of 4)
Uploaded by jmtuazon

Balitambayan – The Final Cut (Part 4 of 4)
Uploaded by jmtuazon

Also, please don’t forget to drop by our J111 Feature Writing Class Web Magazine aptly named On the Rocks. Enjoy people! I’m still not done with this sem yet! Ugh!

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Awareness. Community. Training.
Dito nakasentro ang General Program of Action ng ISA.


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I know 2007 is nearing its end and soon we’ll be ushering in a new year but this post isn’t about the year-end or the New Year at all.

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Moments of lull and silence make one think real hard. Moments of Reflection are moments of Introspection. Silence offers us a solace to look deep within and examine what’s been happening to our lives.

I’ve had the luxury of having such moments of solitude lately, especially now that I have to walk a mile from our new apartment just to get a ride to school (but no one’s complaining). These leisurely albeit strenuous walks offer moments of silence for me to talk to myself and examine my life as a whole. Yes, I’m a melancholic if you’re wondering, and I’m a tad too sentimental as well. That’s why foot trips like that get me on a very dejected mood.

So what’s with all the emo-ness anyway? (more…)

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Aaahhh, there’s nothing like reading another person’s blog and getting the inspiration you need to blog on your own. I’ve been hovering for a few hours already, keeping this WordPress window open, staring at it blankly, thinking intently what to write and trying to drown out all the noise around me. Suddenly I can’t perform with that much noise around anymore. But I try.

Class this morning was interestingly significant. I’m taking Sociology of Religion under Prof. Gerry Lanuza this sem. If you’re a UP student and you have no idea who in the wolrd Sir Lanuza is, then go give up your slot and transfer to another school because this guy’s reputation is more popular than himself!

But for the sake of the uninitiated who still want to get to know Sir Lanuza (and also to those who know a zilch about UP and its distinct culture), he’s a Sociology professor well-known for his notoriety and tactlessness. Several years ago he may be popular for being an atheist, albeit being a former seminarian and devout catholic. He was known for challenging students’ beliefs and religion and debating them about the existence of God.

But that was then. Now, Sir Lanuza is a believer of the Catholic faith, of Jesus Christ. It’s interesting to note how he’s been converted. He’s convinced now, he says. As to exactly why he shifted beliefs (and convictions and principles, for that matter), I’m not in the know. I hope you guys who know him could enlighten me.


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Registration week hasn’t ended yet but classes have already begun last Friday. And how did the registration go?

Let’s put it in the context of this text message I got:

Magbiro ka na sa lasing at sa bagong gising…

…wag lang sa UP student na kagagaling lang sa enlistment!

So, to put it quite simply, registration was… (more…)

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It felt like everything just swooshed by. Within a blink of an eye, everything was gone. It’s over. I can’t get it back.


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*Please see update below… waaaay below. =)

Just a few hours ago, I turned in my last-ever requirement for the sem. It was a photo-essay plate on my joyride adventure to Old Manila aboard the Pasig River Ferry boat (which can also be found here). I had mixed feelings, even though it went by as quickly as I imagined it would. Holding the piece of delicate paper on my hand, I trudged the halls of Masscomm one last time, feeling the feeling of the floor on my feet, the dirty walls, the brightly-lit corridors… but beneath all the physical traits that will make me miss CMC sorely, I believe I’ll miss the CMC people more than the actual place.

I walked up the stairs, and the place was very quiet. It felt like Wednesday when half of the university doesn’t have classes. Masscomm is unusually silent, like somebody just turned the mute button on. It was eerie. Masscomm is never this silent. Good thing great friends IA and Elsie (along with her boyfriend Frank) greeted me as I reached the stairs’ landing, lest I cry of too much sentiments and memories of that god-forsaken place.

I opened the department’s door and the usual quiet Ate Racquel greeted me with her usual stillness and impeccable silence. I rushed to the pigeon hole and dropped my plate off as quickly as I could. There. It has ended. It felt nothing. At first. Like it’s just usual. Ordinary. Normal.

Maybe I forgot how it felt being free. Because right now, I feel like screaming… I’M FREE! SHET!! I’M REALLY REALLY FREE! I think I’m having a Cristina moment right now. I’m free. Damnit! Damnit! Oh, take this off! Get this off! I can’t breathe!


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(UPDATE as of 10/13/07) So the CRS batch run results came out a few days ago. To those whining that they got only two or three subjects and most of them are majors, I tell you, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE FREAKING FREAKING RIGHT TO WHINE, OKAY? Coz only people like me have the right to be upset about CRS. Why? CUZ I DIDN’T GET A FREAKING THING. ZERO UNITS. You people are lucky you even got your majors. I enlisted in three major subjects and didn’t even get a single one! So now tell me, who in this freaking world is more unfortunate?

And to those who got more than what other people expected, I have three words for you: I hate you. Do I have to sleep with somebody from CRS now? LOLz.


UP Diliman’s CRS (Computerized Registration System) has gone a major overhaul last year, following the collective registration of the entire UP-CRS Webteam over some issue which up to now has not been cleared by any of the participating parties.


To the uninitiated, yes, even if this poorly-run and poorly-funded state university has been living on scraps for decades now (soon to be for a centennial), we actually have an online registration system much like that of Ateneo’s and De La Salle’s. Hinding hindi magpapahuli, ganyan kaming mga taga-UP!

Problem with this Computerized Registration Sh*t is that it’s that–full of shit. It’s crazy and hardly efficient, which accounts for 90% of students having to line up for manual registration because they failed to get their subjects through CRS (which operates on a pre-enlistement/pre-registration timetable, meaning we enlist our subjects prior to registration day).

And even though CRS has not fully risen up from the shit pile that it’s been all these years, it is, once again, burying itself in a new pile of craptacular shitload.


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