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Recently I met up with a friend whom I haven’t seen for quite a long time.  He just broke-up with his girlfriend of more than a year and suffice to say, he was a bit depressed about it.  We willingly joined him as he talked about what happened in their relationship and all the realizations he’s made because of their bitter break-up.

While trying to explain the nature of her ex-girlfriend’s attitude, he ventured a guess and told me that she has a very painful childhood that’s why she’s acting the way she does.  Upon hearing this, I immediately grew angry because it reminded me of a “friend” I had back then who always made an excuse out of her painful experiences in the past.

I don’t know if I’m alone in my perception that we shouldn’t be dwelling on our past and making it an excuse to act lousilly in the present.  People who dwell in their bad experiences in the past are hopeless.  They’re not going to be understood by people if they continue to slap their painful experiences to justify their present shortcomings.  I am just enraged because there are a lot of people who suffer a bigger deal of pain and yet they don’t perceive life negatively and instead use their painful experiences as stepping stones to turn their lives around.

People like my friend’s ex-girlfriend and this “friend” of mine is hopeless.  They need medical attention.  But I don’t think even that can save them.  Only they can help themselves.

Sorry for this little rant, kailangang maipagpag eh.  Hehehe.

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Two weeks ago I found out that I became lactose intolerant.  For several days my stomach was aching and my poop was very liquid.  For a while I experienced a bout of dehydration that made me very woozy throughout the day.

My dad told me I may have amoebiasis.  He made me eat lots of bananas for potassium.  Thankfully, the stomach ache went away. (more…)

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Two years ago, I made a blog post about an old hag.  Now, I find myself feeling the same way I feel two years ago.  Too bad I can’t talk about the matter very publicly.  But suffice to say that the following post generally captures my emotions right now.

*Pardon the profanity in this post, I believe there’re no other words in the English language that can describe how I feel and how some people have dealt with me, so please bear with me*

Some people can be such an ass. Bitch, whatever.

The other day I went to Katipunan to pay our hosting dues for the month. It was my first time to pay via BPI Katipunan and so I was a little bit careful at the time.

Upon arriving at the branch I filled up the deposit slip with the information provided by my host. The deposit slip looked different in that branch, I thought. But nonetheless the process was still the same. (more…)

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The wikipedia article on it defines “stress” as the consequence of the failure to adapt to change. Stress happens when two opposing forces interact with each other and the element in the middle gets all the brunt of the collision.  When something seems to be right and it turns out to be totally wrong, that, well, is considered stress.

I am stress personified for the past few days.  I couldn’t fully explain why, or how, it happened, but one thing could possibly be the source:  Thesis.  Grrrr.  I never knew thesis could be this stressful.  Especially if you factor a lot of things in.  Hay.  I hope I can sit somewhere remote, like an old house with a porch in the desert, with extended rooms and recreational spots and elegant patio furniture covers, where I can inhale the sand-filled air and chillax for a moment, taking everything in.

I badly need a vacation.  Please?  Pretty please?

This is a sloppy post which should fill in the gaps of my blog absence.  Just to let you know I’m still here, even if I know you’re not there anymore (drama!).

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EDSA and its heavy traffic is an urban legend, but not in the connotative sense of the word.  It’s an urban legend because of the gargantuan proportions of vehicles plying this 54 (or so) kilometer avenue, causing expected build-ups along major intersections.  During peak hours, passing through EDSA is a surefire dead-end to one’s destination.  Most have come up with great alternatives to EDSA, albeit costing them precious gas money.  EDSA is, therefore, synonymous to heavy traffic.

But due to the recent oil price hikes and increases in jeepney and bus fares, EDSA is slowly losing its reputation.  Just this week, I overheard on the news a proposal to suspend the number coding scheme because of the decrease in vehicles going through EDSA.  We don’t know if this is true, but if companies are calling for the suspension of the number coding scheme, then it must be something. (more…)

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AJ has forever been raving about this certain chocolate that tastes so good. The best thing about it is that it’s available almost anywhere (in Mini Stop outlets) and that it’s manufactured locally. Truly one product to be proud of, if we believe AJ’s story. Heh.

Piqued with curiosity by reading AJ’s article on the Goya Dark Mint Chocolate, I immediately set out hunting for this tasty catch. When we passed by Mini Stop in DM Rivera Street near Sts. Peter and Paul Parish in Makati, I didn’t hesitate and bought myself a pack.

When I finally found a pack of the chocolate (the last one at that), I quickly grabbed it and headed for the counter to pay. Holding it in my hand, it felt as if it didn’t even contain anything. Product of the packaging, I thought to myself.

When I got back at the car and opened the box, however, I found out something else about this chocolate: (more…)

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…it is also stupid, STUPID STUPID!!!

What’s the business of the government arresting members of the media for allegedly abetting rebellion during the Manila Peninsula standoff this afternoon?! The government has no RIGHT arresting members of the press for DOING THEIR JOBS.

A GMA News team, including reporter Sandra Aguinaldo and the network’s systems engineer Allan Gutierrez, were seized by police and loaded onto a police bus. Aside from the GMA News team, police also arrested Malaya columnist Ellen Tordesillas.

It was not clear why the Aguinaldo, her crewmen and Tordesillas were being held by police.

Aguinaldo is among reporters who covered the unfolding crisis that began in the morning when Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim walked out of their coup hearing at a Makati regional trial court.

Police did not bind the hands of the reporters unlike those who have earlier arrested.

Authorities earlier loaded some reporters and photojournalists onto a separate police bus after they failed to convince police they are members of media organizations, radio DZBB reported.

From GMANews.TV

Alright, provided some media people went overboard with their coverage (some even went to the point of disobeying orders of the military), it is just inappropriate to go about arresting any random reporter or crew just because our government is paranoid that they could be carrying guns or helping out the personalities involved. Do these people even have a clue how the press operates?! It’s their FREAKING JOB to cover the stand-off! You cannot blame them for being in the middle of the action because THAT’S WHAT THEY’RE HERE FOR, YOU FOOLS!

This is, as many have said, a clear violation of the Freedom of the Press. Provided there was no direct attack on the media, this incident clearly sends a chilling effect and serves as a warning shot for media people who would cover future events such as these. They would begin to ask themselves now if they’re crossing any boundaries even if they’re not. The paranoia has been planted.

I won’t begin talking about the stand-off today because I’m just so freaking frustrated. Not just with the government, but with Trillanes’ camp as well. They shouldn’t have made bold proclamations they couldn’t stand for ’til the end. ‘Nuff said.

[UPDATED to ADD] The curfew isn’t and can never be justified. What is this, an onslaught of Martial Law?! No matter how the government tries to sugarcoat the imposition of a curfew as a means of protecting the public, it will always be interpreted as a means to impose authoritarian rule. What next? Yet another Proclamation? PP1017 and the February 2005 Fort Bonifacio stand-off easily comes to mind. Let’s see what hideous measure this government will come up next.

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Registration week hasn’t ended yet but classes have already begun last Friday. And how did the registration go?

Let’s put it in the context of this text message I got:

Magbiro ka na sa lasing at sa bagong gising…

…wag lang sa UP student na kagagaling lang sa enlistment!

So, to put it quite simply, registration was… (more…)

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It felt like everything just swooshed by. Within a blink of an eye, everything was gone. It’s over. I can’t get it back.


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The last thing the UP Community needs right now is a thoughtless, hasty generalization. And today, it comes in the form of an editorial cartoon:

Photo taken from
(The New Oblation: UP’s Culture of Violence)

Sure, some of you will say we deserve it. Some of you will even say it’s true. And fine, I agree with you. Our culture of violence has really defined our university. The endless hazing, frat wars and deaths in UP has risen in gigantic proportions.


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Presenting… CELEBRITY DUETS! Subtitled: jobs for the jobless celebrities.

SERIOUSLY. Seriously. Seriously?!! Please tell me you’re kidding me. Please. Tell. Me.

Fine. May I remind that I am not to be kidded around with. But this has got to be one of the most, uh, what’s the word? Pathetic? Digusting? Ambitious? For the second time I’m at a loss for words. Nothing can do justice to this madness!

Maybe Tessa Prieto counts as an appropriate description? Gaahh! Just watch.

It’s a show with an apparent Identity Crisis. Is it a talent search? A performance show? Or a comedy sitcom? Looks like it’s all rolled into one…big pile of mess!

I’ve heard of balladeers. I’ve heard of divas (not of the Malu kind). I’ve heard of rock stars. But I have not heard of a Tessa Prieto-Valdez. No, not at all.

I was actually expecting her to give a wonderful performance that night, but the moment she opened her mouth, I skidded around the sofa looking for the damn remote control, already panicking because I couldn’t bear to hear the shrill tone of her voice determined to kill a koala a gazillion miles away.

Without waiting for the other contestants to do their thing on stage, I switched to another channel. Brrr. Gave me the creeps.

Note to self: NEVER watch that show again. EVER.

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As promised, Malu Fernandez returns to her usual column, “Divalicious”, in Manila Standard Today, err… today. =P

Photo taken from

I was quite frustrated to see yet another article about elitist lifestyle. Somehow somewhere I expected a tinge of a statement about the issue, but there were none.

Here it is in true divalicious fashion:


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In a rare show of unity, the UP Diliman Administration and Students condemned the merciless and senseless killing of Cris Anthony Mendez, only 20 years old, a graduating student of the National College of Public Administration and Governance. An indignation rally was held at the historic AS Steps (Palma Hall) this morning, where people wore black to signify grief over Cris’s death. Friends, Orgmates, Acquaintances and the general studentry went to show their sympathy over his death.

Everybody wore black to signify grief over the senseless murder of a fellow UP student


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EDIT: Ederic of has compiled/will be compiling in a writing project (aptly called Proyektong Malu Fernandez) all the posts about this journalist. Go check them out!

Once there was a little girlie pig who was alone and lost along the woods. Walking a little further, she encountered a little bottle-like object with crazy shapes painted on it like a wallpaper pattern gone wild. She played with the object with her huge snout, pushing it around and moments later, white smoke came out of the opening of the bottle at one end. The smoke then materialized into *poof! what else?* a genie!

The genie thanked the little pig for setting him free. In accordance with International Genie Freedom law, the genie was to grant the little pig three wishes.

The little pig thought real hard about what to ask of the genie, but nature and instincts acted up first.


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It pains me that they had to cancel classes yet again. Yes, you read that right. It PAINS me! And no, no aliens have abducted me and turned me into an anti-social freak who refuses to get along with the crowd.


This is where typhoon Egay is right now. I am thisclose to kicking him in the arse, straight out of the Philippine Islands!

While other people are jumping in jubjub jubilation because classes were cancelled thereby turning this week into a 6-day weekend, I sit here and mope because I sorely miss school. Yes, I’m part of the 1% of the student population who actually loves to go to school. But not because I’m GC or diligent or whatever. It’s because nowadays no classes translate to more schoolwork therefore more effort therefore more energy *wasted*. Haha. I hope you get my analogy.

Oh well, I guess I’m spending the whole day sprucing up this blog yet again. How’s abouts you? Do you scream “WALANG PASOOOOK!” like the Nescafe ad when classes get suspended when you were still a student?

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