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Three weeks to go, and I’d take that dreaded photo–that one photo that will forever be enshrined as THE grad photo.  I actually have a lot of qualms.  I don’t know how to smile properly.  I still don’t have a creative shot.  I don’t know what to wear.  I don’t know if my hair is right.  I still look ridiculously big (ugh.  must.  drink.  diet pills!), add ten pounds since it’s on camera.  Sigh.  How I wish I was born photogenic and sexy (haha!).

Well, just like anything, Bahala na si Batman! 😛

How about you?  How did YOU prepare for your grad photoshoot?

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As with any other graduating student out there, I’m starting to prep up for my graduation picture.  Everyone’s fixing everything, not cutting hair to make it long for something, going to their charlotte north carolina dentist to get those pearly whites cleaned and whatnot.  Of course, the customary sablay and toga poses are not a problem, it’ll sort itself out.  What I’m losing sleep over (uhm, di naman…) is my creative shot because I seem to have run out of ideas. (more…)

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We started out as two blocks in first year.  Over the years we’ve grown, especially one time when they seemingly opened the floodgates and dozens of shiftees and transferees were admitted to our department.

Now, we number to more or less fifty in the batch, possibly the biggest batch the Journalism Department of UP-CMC has ever had.  We’re a brady bunch of different personalities and that’s what makes us all unique.  There are blacks, there are whites, but there are likewise colorful personalities in between.  =) (more…)

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The first win of the UP Fighting Maroons is just overwhelming! It’s like a long-awaited rain after a much-dreaded drought. Everyone is all giddy and cheery about this significant development. Who can blame them? UP has been in the bottom of the league for several years now. I think it’s just fine to celebrate even the littlest of accomplishments.

Anyway, since this blog is turning out to be a UAAP Resource Pool, why not live up to it? Haha. Here’s a fearless forecast from Enzo Flojo of GMANews.TV on the Maroons’ performance this season: (more…)

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I’m a self-confessed tech addict.  Which makes it all the more appropriate to call these random cravings of mine as “technolust.”  I adore looking at the newly-released gadgets in the market that I tend to drool most of the time, wishing I could get some of those gadgets for myself (which makes it lust-ier because I know I can’t have those gadgets).

As of late, here are the “toys for the big boys” that I’ve been keeping a close eye on.  I know it’d take 5 to 10 years before I could practically own any of these (save for one), but I guess it’s good to keep my hopes up.  Nevertheless, let this be a checklist of sorts, just so I could have a “goal” and a “motivation” when I work in the future.  Hehehe. (more…)

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WARNING:  NSFW and R-18.  =P

Naked runners soon stole the show from the Vinzons UPgrade program when the host, Joaqui Valdez, suddenly announced the holding of a “great UP tradition.”  Of course, everybody instantly knew it’s the Oblation Run.

A hundred members of the Alpha Phi Omega reportedly ran naked through one half of the academic oval, from Vinzon’s Hall to the Oblation Statue.  But from what I’ve seen, I think there were only about 60 or 70 who ran.  In any case, APO didn’t want to be left out of the celebrations so they contributed their part to the Centennial gathering. (more…)

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After the event at Quezon Hall, we proceeded to Vinzons Hall for the launching of USC’s Centennial Project dubbed as “Vinzons UPgrade.”  Basically, the project aims to rehabilitate the student center to once again serve its function as an abode for students and their organizations.

A small program was held in front of Vinzons Hill, where several home-grown UP talents performed. (more…)

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Happy 100 years, UP! Can I just say that I’m very, very proud that I was able to witness moments like these when I’m still studying?  Back in High School, I was right on time for Don Bosco’s 50th year anniversary in the Philippines.  And now, I was able to witness, firsthand, UP’s 100th year!  Am I lucky or am I lucky? (more…)

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It was a bright albeit chilly Wednesday morning when we trooped to the misty hills of Antipolo to discover a secret garden known only to some as… The Crescent Moon Cafe!


It wasn’t just an ordinary and impulsive trip to the high mountains, because this little sojourn is a part of our requirement in Feature Writing where we need to review the restaurant. Now if only all school requirements are like these, I wouldn’t mind getting buried under tons of Academic work at all!

Before we proceed, let’s meet our tour guide for the day (who’s up and just about ready to give out precious info and facts about the Crescent Moon Cafe), the alluring… seductive… funny… gorgeous… the one… the only… Kumiko! (Haha, let’s all hope she doesn’t stumble upon this blog).


kumi_host.jpgKumiko: Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Crescent Moon Cafe. Our place is more than ready to serve you, please leave your coats and close the door behind you.


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I’m going on an adventure today! Yes, an adventure, a quest if you will. A journey towards the barren rivers of the Metro, traversing four cities and transcending all physical limitations. Can I do it? Can I take the heat? Watch this post and find out!

Haha. That was so AmazingRace-ish. In any case, I’d be going on a joyride aboard the Pasig River Ferry for my Photojournalism class. We were required to take pictures of the Environment, specifically of the Water element, and consolidate it all into a stunning photo essay.

Hmmm… anybody have an idea how much the fare for the Pasig River Ferry costs? I’m planning to start my journey in Hulo (my hometown) and end up in Quiapo then head back. Whew. Let’s just hope I won’t run into any trouble, and that the fare be darn cheap for chrissakes!

I’ll update this post later when I’ve gotten all the pics I need. See yahz later!

(UPDATE) So I just got home from my joyride and I gotta say, it’s been very tiring, both physically and emotionally (don’t ask, I’ll tell… later)


Our little sojourn to Old Manila begins at the Hulo Station of the Pasig River Ferry Lines (or something like that). It’s conveniently located at Coronado cor. E. Pantaleon St., near the Parish of Our Lady of the Abandoned.


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*Belts out* There’s nothing I can do, the Total Eclipse of the Heaaarrrrttt…

No, no, I’m not gonna go retro or new wave on you today. Geez, I don’t even know who sang that song! Haha. Clearly wasn’t my generation.

Photo taken from

So today we anticipated the Total Lunar Eclipse that was (supposed to be) totally viewable from Manila. However, unlike other eclipses, the moon didn’t totally disappear from view but was instead painted with a red color due to some scientific stuff I couldn’t care less about.

The color cast by refracted light — which can range from bright orange to blood red to copper to dark gray — depends on the amount of volcanic gas and dust in the atmosphere blocking the Sun’s light. *Oh, so that’s why… I think I should pay more attention to my Physics10 class this sem. Hehe.*


BUT due to *cue Kuya Kim impersonation* cloudy skies and threats of rainshowers, the only red I saw in the sky when I went out just an hour ago was… the sky itself. Rain is manifesting. Clouds everywhere! Hence, no eclipse in this part of the metro. =(


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I took these shots for my J123 Photojournalism Class on a very hot Tuesday afternoon. It was a very bad day for me because (1) classes just resumed and (2) I was nursing a very stubborn cold, which made me drowsy all day. Bathing in the scorching 1pm sun wasn’t a good idea at all, but I needed the sunlight for better exposures.

So I started clicking within the Oblation Statue grounds, lugging a huge tripod with me for more stability. Seconds later, a guard approaches me.

Guard: Sir, bawal po kunan ang Oblation.
Me: Ha? Kelan pa ho naging bawal? Nung isang araw lang kumukuha ako dito ah?
Guard: Bawal ho kasi video-han yan. Baka ho kasi makasama sa imahe ng UP ‘pag ginamit sa kung saan.
Me: Aah hindi naman ho ako nagvivideo. Para sa photography class ko ho ito, eto po o *shows him my digicam* digicam lang ho yan.
Guard: Ah oh sige ho. Huwag na lang ho kayo magvideo.
Me: Eh hindi nga ho ako nagvivideo manong.
Guard: Eh wag nyo na lang ho gamitin yan (points to the tripod), mukha ho kasi kayong nagvivideo eh.

So lemme ask, what’ll mire the image of UP more? Me taking a video or me seeming to take a video of the Oblation? C’mon Kuya Guard!


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