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Sam YG: Honey, sagipin mo ‘ko, gusto niya ‘kong rape-in!!!
Friend: Honey wag kang mag-inarte diyan, kinukunan na tayo ni Direk o!  O pose!!  Project na!!
Franco: Pare tumabi ka dyan, give me that piece of hot Middle-eastern sizzling meat kebab!  BRRRR
Tony Tony: Pare he’s not worth it.  Andito naman ako, bakit di mo’ko pinapansin?

Youth Role Model, Basagulero!

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The other day a professor randomly asked in class, “Which would you rather be, the constant companion or the great memory?”  She’s obviously alluding to relationships.  I was perked up to my toes, having just come out of a two-year relationship.  I was forced to ask that question to myself, because, truth be told, I still don’t know what I want right now.

Other classmates started answering questions.  But I pondered more.  What do I reallywant?  Due to my recent hurts, I told myself I want to be the constant companion, sticking by the person I love ’til the end, ’cause that’s what I expect of that person as well.  But what use is a constant companion when you don’t make great memories anymore, when you’re just bound by your pact to stay together?  Hirap no?

In the middle of the conversation, she asked me, “JM, ikaw.  Are you gay?”  This definitely blew me away, but I quickly retaliated, “Ay ma’am, hindi po.”  She gave out a smile, and asked me instead, “Ah, so you’re feminine lang, effeminate?” obviously alluding to some of my mannerisms that could very easily be mistaken as gayish or effeminate.  Good thing I was on my toes that day, because I was able to utter out a quick yet witty response, “Ah hindi po, ma’am, taga-Maskom lang po talaga ako,” to which the whole class erupted in laughter.

Totoo naman.  Pwede namang hindi ka bading, hindi ka bakla, pero asal-bakla o asal-bading ka.  Kaya nga may babaeng bakla eh.  Mannerisms lang ‘yan, and I think it’s offending to the gay population to stereotype or box them into those mannerisms.  Fluid ang sexuality, at oppressive ang labels.

O diba biglang may critical analysis ng sexuality.  Anyway, going back to the question.  Naisip ko na isasagot ko, sabi ko, “Ma’am, I’d rather be the great memory, but I’d rather have the constant companion.”  Ooooooha meganon.  Best of both worlds!  Totoo naman.  Hahaha.

Ang daya ko daw sabi ni Ma’am.  😛


Got some great home theater furniture you’d like to share?

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There are squatters in our apartment right now, and even though we know our rights to our home is very much enshrined in the constitution, we’re too frightened of the squatters to let them go.

It started the other night as I was silently working on my bed.  The squatter came in, stopped in front of me and stared me in the eye.  I froze.  I didn’t know what to do, or why the squatter was there in my room.  I twitched my eye and the squatter scampered away.  I didn’t mind.  I was too frozen to react.

And then the squatter started to make weird noises, which disturbed us to no end.  It was banging the wall, running up and down the stairs and destroying our generally peaceful atmosphere.  I called my housemate and we both decided that we should drive the squatter away.   (more…)

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On Being Broke
I hit an all-time financial low this morning, thanks to the failure of my bank to deliver my atm card on time.  I don’t know why I have all these instincts that things will, somehow, go wrong yet I never follow them.  I’m intuitive and at the same time stubborn like that.  ‘Cause last night I already thought of this possibility.  ‘Cause this morning I already thought of texting the branch manager to ask if said card is already there, but didn’t.  ‘Cause on the way to the bank I was double-taking myself, deciding if I should go to school instead and drop by the bank at a later time.

I’m such a stubborn little child.  I never learn.  But thanks to my wise maneuverings, I was able to come up with some cash to get me through the day.  Thank God for sending such generous people my way.  They will be rewarded eventually.  =) (more…)

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I’ve started jogging a few weeks back.  Somehow, I realized, I need to take care of myself.  Too many people have told me that I was fatter than the last time they saw me.  I decided it was time to do something about my sordid situation.  And so I started jogging.  It felt really good, finally being able to pamper and think of myself, for a change.  Jogging provides endorphins, which makes me really happy (yeah, I know, it’s my natural drug).  I haven’t felt more relieved or happy in a while.  Finally, I’m feeling good about myself again.  I tend to forget myself sometimes, but not anymore.

Consecutively, I’ve also started my no-rice diet.  For several years I’ve been used with it, but I decided it’s contributing too much to my weight but too little to my well-being.  It’s been three weeks.  I figured I can live my life perfectly well without it.

I also dumped soft drinks.  I thought I couldn’t live without it, but now I realize I could.  I only drink water or fruit juices now.  It’s a big change, but I like it, it makes me feel good about myself.

More significant changes in my life are coming, including an admin job search and soul-searching for my future.

This is all too new for me.

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I don’t think there’s any better way to cap my last school year in college than spending it with bestest friends doing practically anything that catches our fancy.  We don’t care if we look like fools sitting on the pavement just to be able to catch the best view of the lantern parade.  We don’t care if we appear annoying laughing boisterously at a local pizza place because we’re having too much fun.  We don’t care if we’re ruining the atmosphere down at lover’s lane by our sintunado songs and laugh-out-loud commentaries about the fireworks.


Sa wakas! Nakumpleto rin tayong tatlo =)

We don’t care.  When you’re with friends, the last thing you could think about is caring about what other people would say.  And thanks to these two friends who have stuck with me all throughout, I was able to weather any storm that passed by this year.  I don’t think I’d be able to survive this hell year without them. (more…)

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christmas-snoopy-lights-treeMaking a wishlist is not a yearly holiday tradition for me, considering how this occasion has become such a driving force for consumerism and capitalism lately.  Okay, I did not just say that.  Hahaha.  Nope, that’s not the reason I don’t make Christmas wishlists.  It’s just that… I don’t really receive many gifts for Christmas, because I’m the ever pragmatic one, always asking for cash instead of gifts.  Ka-ching, ka-ching!

This year, however, I think it’s just apt that I make a wishlist since I figured my little material wishes lately are very cheap thrills practically anyone can afford (yes, even you, my two readers).  I’m not looking to receive a new gadget or a fantabulous piece of art or whatnot.  Just these simple trinkets of thoughtful action can surely put a wide smile on my face.  Here goes! (more…)

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The VOX 2009 Yearbook Staff

It feels very comforting to know that I’m in the presence of greatness.  These people are the most amazing friends I have ever surrounded myself with.  They’re caring, they’re very much concerned and they’re very hardworking.  They won’t refuse to laugh at your jokes but they also make it a point to laugh at you (or refuse to laugh at you) when your jokes turn from hilarious to corny.  They’re one of the truest and most sincere bunch I’ve ever known, ready to face criticism or give one whenever needed.  Lastly, they’re all such great friends to have, ready to lend a hand whenever you need one. (more…)

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There is something about the witching hour of three in the morning that puts my writing senses on hyperdrive.  There is something about the obvious silence of the house disturbed solely by the whirring of a nearby fan.  There is something in the fact that you are the only one awake and everybody else is sleeping.  There is something in all these and more–this is the time of the day when the writer in me takes over, splits myself into two like Tyler Durden in Fight Club, conversing with each other even if they’re one and the same.

I need coffee makers.  I need drugs.  I need stress!  I need something that could get me into this trance every once in a while.


I have renewed my long-forgotten addiction to Facebook lately, thanks to encouraging friends who did nothing but influence my life decisions lately.  And because this time is simply a “transitional period” in the school year (those difficult two months sandwiched by two long and lazy vacations), we’re not on our toes and would haphazardly skip classes in the name of thesis (yeah, right), among other things.

So sue me.  I promise I’d get back on my feet come January. (more…)

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I know, right? It’s the last emotion you’d expect to feel watching a teeny-bopper film that’s not even a least bit emotional to begin with. But I did. I cried. At the last scenes when everyone was wearing their toga, and Ms. Darbus was calling out their names and telling the whole world the paths they chose for themselves.

The slow rhythm of “We’re All In This Together” was playing in the background. The sight of everyone wearing their red togas made a faucet out of my eyes. I was confused. I didn’t know why I was crying.  I tried to hold it back, thinking that people nearby would think I’m such a dork, crying over a teen movie.  But I couldn’t fight the tears. It could be the sentimentality of the scene making me imagine the scene of my own graduation. But it could also be tears welled up by pent-up emotions that have been meaning to find release. Whatever the reason was, I didn’t care. That scene would forever be etched in my memory. (more…)

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For a college student like myself, the months of September and March become peak moments in our lives as students.  To most, this is a duration often dubbed as “crunch time.”  Requirements are hurriedly done, studying for exams crammed in one nights, missed classes and a lot of other academic complications that just pile up one after the other.

There wouldn’t be much of a problem if a day has around 48 to 72 hours in it.  But no, things have to be squeezed into a 24-hour schedule that sometimes, even the most basic needs such as sleep and food are being sacrificed in order to complete one’s task for the day.  Suddenly, talking watches become a necessity to wake one up from a deep slumber in order to–once again–do more work. (more…)

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Two weeks ago I found out that I became lactose intolerant.  For several days my stomach was aching and my poop was very liquid.  For a while I experienced a bout of dehydration that made me very woozy throughout the day.

My dad told me I may have amoebiasis.  He made me eat lots of bananas for potassium.  Thankfully, the stomach ache went away. (more…)

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Two years ago, I made a blog post about an old hag.  Now, I find myself feeling the same way I feel two years ago.  Too bad I can’t talk about the matter very publicly.  But suffice to say that the following post generally captures my emotions right now.

*Pardon the profanity in this post, I believe there’re no other words in the English language that can describe how I feel and how some people have dealt with me, so please bear with me*

Some people can be such an ass. Bitch, whatever.

The other day I went to Katipunan to pay our hosting dues for the month. It was my first time to pay via BPI Katipunan and so I was a little bit careful at the time.

Upon arriving at the branch I filled up the deposit slip with the information provided by my host. The deposit slip looked different in that branch, I thought. But nonetheless the process was still the same. (more…)

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People always tell me to do the things that I love and I will be happy.  When I was having second thoughts with my chosen course for college, they told me to go where I wanted to go and in the end all my fears will be put to rest.  When confronting a personal relationship problem, they told me to go where my heart tells me to go, and everything will fall in its rightful place.

CommRes101 Final Paper night.  One of the best academic overnights of my entire college life.  =)

CommRes101: Simply one of the most memorable academic overnights I’ve had in my entire college life

Suffice to say, that little piece of advice from several years ago hasn’t failed me even once today. (more…)

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The wikipedia article on it defines “stress” as the consequence of the failure to adapt to change. Stress happens when two opposing forces interact with each other and the element in the middle gets all the brunt of the collision.  When something seems to be right and it turns out to be totally wrong, that, well, is considered stress.

I am stress personified for the past few days.  I couldn’t fully explain why, or how, it happened, but one thing could possibly be the source:  Thesis.  Grrrr.  I never knew thesis could be this stressful.  Especially if you factor a lot of things in.  Hay.  I hope I can sit somewhere remote, like an old house with a porch in the desert, with extended rooms and recreational spots and elegant patio furniture covers, where I can inhale the sand-filled air and chillax for a moment, taking everything in.

I badly need a vacation.  Please?  Pretty please?

This is a sloppy post which should fill in the gaps of my blog absence.  Just to let you know I’m still here, even if I know you’re not there anymore (drama!).

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