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I used to hate Jimmy Bondoc back in the day (naks, parang ang tanda lang).  I seriously thought he’s that jologs type of performer, what with his seemingly novelty hits that hit the airwaves (do I hear “I believe” Tagalized version playing in the background?).  His most-remembered hit, Let Me Be The One, however, is an exception.

But there’s another Jimmy Bondoc song that I really, really like.  The first time I heard this, it made me cry real hard.  The message of the song went straight to my heart.  Yes, ganun siya kagaling.  Ang ganda ng words, ang ganda ng melody.  This song was released through the album Sumibol, a collection of songs from Dulaang Sibol, Ateneo’s premier theater organization. (more…)

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ERASERHEADS REUNION CONCERT WTF!!!  Better start sending Christmas invitations now because CHRISTMAS IS COMING EARLY!!!  WHERE DO I BUY TICKETS???!!

[UPDATE] So here’s what we know so far:

  • They’re doing a reunion concert.  Yep, they’ve confirmed it themselves.
  • It’s gonna be on August 30 at the CCP Open Grounds
  • It’s for free
  • There’ll be a ticket
  • The ticket will be raffled off, according to some blog sites
  • It’s sponsored by a major company who coaxed the foursome into getting back together despite the bitter parting of ways
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I’m a self-confessed tech addict.  Which makes it all the more appropriate to call these random cravings of mine as “technolust.”  I adore looking at the newly-released gadgets in the market that I tend to drool most of the time, wishing I could get some of those gadgets for myself (which makes it lust-ier because I know I can’t have those gadgets).

As of late, here are the “toys for the big boys” that I’ve been keeping a close eye on.  I know it’d take 5 to 10 years before I could practically own any of these (save for one), but I guess it’s good to keep my hopes up.  Nevertheless, let this be a checklist of sorts, just so I could have a “goal” and a “motivation” when I work in the future.  Hehehe. (more…)

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But the big question is, which David?


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…but the reason is not even remotely close to the event for Losers staged a few days ago, albeit at the same venue.

To finally reclaim the heaps of lost time for unwinding, we hit the roads and landed into this nifty little bar in Bonifacio High Street we all know as the Mag:Net Cafe. This gig is in the long time planning, so it would be such a waste not to push through with it.

Artists who played that night were Imago and Sandwich, two of the more popularly known bands in the country today. We arrived late but thank God the show hasn’t started yet. We ordered beers (one bottle each, we need to be sober!) and some pika-pika foods to keep us satiated. (more…)

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Unlike most people, I didn’t like the UP Centennial Theme because its tone isn’t as catchy and it doesn’t evoke a feeling of pride and awe for a university as great as mine (oo na, mayabang na). It sounded like a ripped-off Super Inggo theme to me, hehe. Or was it because I felt negatively against the Centennial’s theme? Oh well. For those seeking the Chords, Lyrics and MP3 of the Centennial Theme Song, here it is.

More UP Centennial updates coming in the following days…

UP Ang Galing Mo

C#m   B   A-F#m   B

Narito kami nagpupugay
Sa unibersidad ng aming buhay
C#m               B
Ikaw pa rin ang binabalikan
C#m              B
'Di pa rin malilimutan
A          F#m       B
Ikaw ang UP naming mahal

Salamat sa iyong mga guro
Salamat sa iyong pagtuturo
Taglay niyo ang kahusayan
Taglay niyo ang karunungan
Hinubog niyo kami sa kabutihan

      E          G#m
Sandaang taon na tayo
A                       E
Lagi ka pa rin sa aming puso
           E        G#m
Kaya't kami'y sumasaludo
A-F#m         B
UP ang galing mo
A (break)     E
UP ang galing mo

Wala nang iba pang maihahambing
Sa talino mo't angking galing
Daanin man sa siyensiya
High-tech man o kahit ano pa
Ikaw UP ang nangunguna

Sa iyong mga dugo ang kasaysayan
Dumaloy sa pag-unlad ng ating bayan
Sagisag ka ng kagitingan
Bandila ka ng kalayaan
Pag-asa ka ng mamamayan

Sandaang taon na tayo
Lagi ka pa rin sa aming puso
Sandaang taon na tayo
UP ang galing mo
UP ang galing mo

(repeat INTRO 2x)

Sandaang taon na tayo
Lagi ka pa rin sa aming puso
Sentro ka ng pagbabago
UP ang galing mo
UP ang galing mo
Sandaang taon na tayo
UP ang galing mo
UP ang galing mo


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