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I just woke up from a short sleep after pulling an all-nighter encoding data for my Computer-Assisted Reporting class.  Yes, encoding data, like those things you do in BS Statistics. When I took this course I thought I knew what I was getting into.  Apparently not.  Haha.

We were tasked to analyze the “agenda” of newspapers by looking at its front-page articles and analyzing the methods behind their decision-making.  It sounds easy at first but when you learn that you’d have to analyze 14 front pages containing around 7 to 8 articles each which amouns to more or less 110 to 120 cases–well, you tend to get overwhelmed. (more…)

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I attended Ms. Sheila Coronel’s Centennial Lecture last Friday, having been required by our thesis professor for reasons unbeknownst to us (aka she didn’t want to teach that day?  haha.  I’m guessing).  Prior to our prof’s announcement, I was itching to ditch my thesis class because Ms. Coronel’s lecture was related to my thesis, anyway.  Besides, I slaved over my thesis the whole night (and now I need acne cures pronto!), so I wasn’t really in the mood to study.  So at quarter to one, I was resolved to ditch class.

But the stars seem to have aligned that day: the professor promptly canceled the class and ordered everyone to attend the lecture.  If this wasn’t destiny, I don’t know what it is. (more…)

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Community press advocate Pachico Seares, editor in chief of leading Cebu broadsheet Sun.Star Cebu, is this year’s Gawad Plaridel Awardee following the lead of Eggy Apostol (print), Vilma Santos (film), Tiya Dely Magpayo (radio) and Cheche Lazaro (TV).

This is the first time the award was given to a man.  All four awardees in the previous years were, obviously, women.

Seares is recognized for his outstanding work in the Cebu daily, as well as championing the cause of Community Journalism despite the harrowing trials and tremendous woes they have experienced over the years.

The award was given to Seares in a ceremony held at the UP Cine Adarna this afternoon.  Mass Communications students from all over the metro graced the occasion.  Former Plaridel Awardees Cheche Lazaro and Vilma Santos were also present. (more…)

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The past few weeks have become witness for the beleaguering of both the Mainstream media and the Pinoy blogosphere.  I’ve wanted to write about this for so long but thought of holding off some of my thoughts until all the flames thrown have dissipated.

Blogging and Ethics
Let’s start with the first issue triggered by an unsolicited comment from Dean Luis Teodoro, a staunch ethics advocate who’s also part of the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR).  Dean Teodoro called on Mainstream Media journalists to blog so that they could be an example for people who irresponsibly post things online, saying that these people who have no account for ethics are bringing about disastrous effects with the erroneous and sometimes maligned information they post.

Of course, the Pinoy blogging community took offense and went on a blogging tirade against the professor.  Most have resented Dean Teodoro’s comment, saying that the veteran journalist and professor had no right to impose his “ethics” upon bloggers.  Some have also criticized the mainstream media in particular, saying that most journalists don’t practice these ethics anyway, so why impose them on the bloggers? (more…)

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[UPDATE] As of 2 a.m. this early morning, Ces and the rest of the kidnapped victims have been freed from captivity, after a 24-hr ultimatum set by PNP Chief Avelino Razon.  No ransom was reportedly given to the kidnappers.  Then again, that’s what they say.

Known for being a feisty broadcast journalist (both in practice and, as we’ve seen in the Manila Pen seige, fashion), Ces Drilon is currently a captive of the famed Abu Sayyaf rebel group down in the islands of Sulu. As of today, the kidnappers have extended their deadline for the ransom money indefinitely. Which says a lot of things about the motives of her kidnappers.

Many have been said about the Drilon’s current situation. Some say she deserved it for pursuing a very dangerous scoop (motives of which are still undetermined). Some say the ransom should be paid, albeit running the risk of encouraging such terroristic acts. Others have criticized the news blackout called by ABS-CBN, crying Right to Information as their defense. Some others like me, who have seen and read one too many conspiracy theory stories, are cynical about the situation. (more…)

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Think Before You Blog

So yeah, basically, once again, just like before, I bailed out on my blogging. Bleh. Hehe. I just couldn’t stand seeing that last entry over and over again for the past week so that basically pressured me to blog tonight. Haha. And what I’m gonna post isn’t very sensical, but a friend interviewed me about blogging for her Media Ethics class, and I’m posting my answers here. Yay, how fun! Now go read. (more…)

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Just like I mentioned in my first-ever weekend wrap-up, we scoured my hometown last Sunday in search of survey respondents for this semester’s Extension Program of the Communication Research Department of the UP College of Mass Communication. Every semester they perform studies on topics relating to communication and media, and this semester’s study focused on the Filipinos’ Reception of TV News.

medialit.jpgThe recent word-war and mudslinging between the two giant TV networks proved to be quite a blessing in disguise for us CommRes 101 students who were tasked to perform the data gathering part of the study. I’m not really keen on doing this data gathering thing, especially that my people skills seem to dwindle as I grow older. Thankfully all our neighbors were cooperative and in fact were very enthusiastic to be surveyed.

Whenever people would see us with our survey forms and the moment we ask them if they are willing to be interviewed about the local TV News Programs they watch, they would quickly retort, “Is this AGB?” in Filipino. If there’s anything positive that this recent controversy has wrought, it’s probably the fact that people became more aware of the workings behind these media companies. (more…)

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For all it’s worth it’s practically useless to still babble about an issue that has already dissipated. In the tradition of the Malu Fernandez and Desperate Housewives issue, an act of such nature can only be dubbed as “fanning the flames that had already died.”

But as a discerning journalism student and, hopefully, a future media practitioner, I can’t help but reflect and assess the situation which has been devoted much media attention. I tried not to talk about it extensively when the issue was at its peak because the apparent bias will be, well, very apparent on me. In fact, I burst out in anger and frustration the moment I learned about it and made a blog entry that can possibly be labeled seditious if anyone attempts to file a case against me.

And so now that somehow the anger isn’t there anymore (or at least has decreased in intensity), I can now clearly give my two cents’ worth about the issue devoid of any bias and prejudices. But then again, as a disclaimer, I’m a Journalism student and, hopefully, a future media practitioner so that pretty much speaks for itself on where I stand on this issue.

Okay, let’s proceed with dissecting this one bit by bit.


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…it is also stupid, STUPID STUPID!!!

What’s the business of the government arresting members of the media for allegedly abetting rebellion during the Manila Peninsula standoff this afternoon?! The government has no RIGHT arresting members of the press for DOING THEIR JOBS.

A GMA News team, including reporter Sandra Aguinaldo and the network’s systems engineer Allan Gutierrez, were seized by police and loaded onto a police bus. Aside from the GMA News team, police also arrested Malaya columnist Ellen Tordesillas.

It was not clear why the Aguinaldo, her crewmen and Tordesillas were being held by police.

Aguinaldo is among reporters who covered the unfolding crisis that began in the morning when Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim walked out of their coup hearing at a Makati regional trial court.

Police did not bind the hands of the reporters unlike those who have earlier arrested.

Authorities earlier loaded some reporters and photojournalists onto a separate police bus after they failed to convince police they are members of media organizations, radio DZBB reported.

From GMANews.TV

Alright, provided some media people went overboard with their coverage (some even went to the point of disobeying orders of the military), it is just inappropriate to go about arresting any random reporter or crew just because our government is paranoid that they could be carrying guns or helping out the personalities involved. Do these people even have a clue how the press operates?! It’s their FREAKING JOB to cover the stand-off! You cannot blame them for being in the middle of the action because THAT’S WHAT THEY’RE HERE FOR, YOU FOOLS!

This is, as many have said, a clear violation of the Freedom of the Press. Provided there was no direct attack on the media, this incident clearly sends a chilling effect and serves as a warning shot for media people who would cover future events such as these. They would begin to ask themselves now if they’re crossing any boundaries even if they’re not. The paranoia has been planted.

I won’t begin talking about the stand-off today because I’m just so freaking frustrated. Not just with the government, but with Trillanes’ camp as well. They shouldn’t have made bold proclamations they couldn’t stand for ’til the end. ‘Nuff said.

[UPDATED to ADD] The curfew isn’t and can never be justified. What is this, an onslaught of Martial Law?! No matter how the government tries to sugarcoat the imposition of a curfew as a means of protecting the public, it will always be interpreted as a means to impose authoritarian rule. What next? Yet another Proclamation? PP1017 and the February 2005 Fort Bonifacio stand-off easily comes to mind. Let’s see what hideous measure this government will come up next.

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Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 has got to be one of the most exciting seasons yet. A twisted set of housemates, twisted set of rules and a whole lot of twisted set of twists, if you know what I mean.


This is the first season ever that a surprise house guest has been introduced into the Pinoy Big Brother prison house. We all loved how Mariel looked when she got the shock of her life that she was to become one of the housemates. How she knew it all along. How she hyperventilated. How her manager Boy Abunda consoled her. In the end, she accepted the fact and blended with the housemates.


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Several months ago, the National Press Club commissioned the Neo-Angono Artists Collective to do an 8-foot mural on the topic of Press Freedom. Here’s is their final product:

Click Thumbnail to enlarge

It is a very compelling representation of the past and current state of Press Freedom here in the Philippines, what with freedom fighters Chino Roces, Marcelo del Pilar, Ninoy Aquino, Eugenia Duran-Apostol, Letty Jimenez Magsanoc and several others depicted in the painting.

A unique feature of the mural is the fact that the faces of the people in this man-on-the-street scene are media figures, press freedom icons and presidents of the National Press Club seen mingling with common and unnamed people. They are depicted or cast, not in their usual fighting stance, or projected stereotypically, but in a light and casual manner to suggest that journalists are like everybody else in the streets; that despite the threats to their lives for telling and reporting the truth, the journalists’ passion redounds to the same dream of ordinary citizens who want nothing more than to reap the benefits of transparency, public accountability and good governance, a society free from the clutch of poverty and corruption, and advancing press freedom – ideals which journalists fight for.

A similar distinct feature of the mural is that writers and journalists in various moments of historical juncture are (re)contextualized and reconfigured.

For this reason, it might initially escape belief and comprehension – and even solicit fun – that Joaquin “Chino” Roces is preventing a child (symbol for an emerging imperialist America) from shooting a bird resting on the street signage titled “Kalayaan”;Marcelo del Pilar rummaging through a garbage can for a cigarette stub and being furtively handed a letter by Mariano Ponce under a street sign labeled “La Solidaridad”; Eugenia Apostol smirking on the declaration of Martial Law; Epifanio de los Santos and Letty Jimenez-Magsanoc debating on the hot issues of the day; Antonio Luna, also an NPC hall of famer, being interviewed by journalists covering a rally of protesting journalists; or Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino listening pensively to Dr. Jose Rizal’s point on the issue of abduction and the “desaparecidos.”

From the Neo-Angono Artists Collective Website


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Can you see that very wide stretch of white sand? That very picturesque crystal clear water? The native palm trees that tell of nature’s goodness? Little dwellings for people who stayed for the night?

Well, somewhere along the outframes of that picture, I’m there.

Yes, I’m in Bora! And welcome me to yet another adventure of my life.

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The country was ablaze with news of an alleged bomb going off at Glorietta 2 in Makati last Friday.

Once again Twitter proves its worth as people started delivering updates real-time. I was in school at that time and so I had no other means of getting updated with what’s happening besides my trust cellphone which receives Twitter updates real-time.

At first they said it was an LPG Tank leak that caused the explosion, then other speculations started rising minutes after.

People said the blast was so huge that it rocked the three floors of Glorietta and shattered the roof. At first I thought that was minor. I thought the roof just cracked or something until I saw these pictures (courtesy of this site):



If you’re guessing that’s a huge gaping hole at the activity center where the roof’s supposed to be, then you’re guessing right. The freaking roof FELL!

I dare say it: If an LPG tank can do that much damage, then we might as well classify these tanks under highly-dangerous materials!


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