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The last thing the UP Community needs right now is a thoughtless, hasty generalization. And today, it comes in the form of an editorial cartoon:

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(The New Oblation: UP’s Culture of Violence)

Sure, some of you will say we deserve it. Some of you will even say it’s true. And fine, I agree with you. Our culture of violence has really defined our university. The endless hazing, frat wars and deaths in UP has risen in gigantic proportions.


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As promised, Malu Fernandez returns to her usual column, “Divalicious”, in Manila Standard Today, err… today. =P

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I was quite frustrated to see yet another article about elitist lifestyle. Somehow somewhere I expected a tinge of a statement about the issue, but there were none.

Here it is in true divalicious fashion:


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EDIT: Ederic of has compiled/will be compiling in a writing project (aptly called Proyektong Malu Fernandez) all the posts about this journalist. Go check them out!

Once there was a little girlie pig who was alone and lost along the woods. Walking a little further, she encountered a little bottle-like object with crazy shapes painted on it like a wallpaper pattern gone wild. She played with the object with her huge snout, pushing it around and moments later, white smoke came out of the opening of the bottle at one end. The smoke then materialized into *poof! what else?* a genie!

The genie thanked the little pig for setting him free. In accordance with International Genie Freedom law, the genie was to grant the little pig three wishes.

The little pig thought real hard about what to ask of the genie, but nature and instincts acted up first.


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