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Note: This is the Second part of a Three-part series on the Trinoma Bloggers’ Food Tour. Part 1 is here.

After digesting nearly a dozen kind of cuisine in the food tour, it’s time to digest the impressions the different restaurants have made upon the bloggers. Different tastes and different flavors have melded so succinctly in my mouth that I tend to confuse one restaurant’s food over the other.


This part will showcase the most-recommended restaurants we’ve been to based on their food, the restaurant’s ambiance and their crew’s service. The next and last part will be for the bad publicity present to you the restaurants that didn’t make quite an impression on me, as well as on other bloggers. So here goes! (more…)

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At first, pigging out on over thirty different restaurants in a short span of time sounded like a good idea. But when it was time for the Trinoma Bloggers’ Food Tour last January 9, I believe everyone would agree that feeling satiated would be an understatement. Bellies bulged. Mouths were filled. Stomachs were filled to the brim. I swear a bucket would’ve come in handy that day, if only to throw out all the food we’ve tasted from the previous restaurants just to taste the next ones.

I believe I have tasted every possible dish available for pork, beef, chicken and shrimp out there. There were just a lot of food and cuisines around, all ready for tasting and sampling. But before I get to my reviews of the 32 or so restaurants who participated in the event, let me cue you in on my whole experience, and possibly tell a few behind-the-scene stories as well.

I was at the event quite early as always, but I found out some bloggers were even a lot earlier than me. And I thought I was punctual. Karlo arrived at Trinoma at around 10am. Excited? Not much.


Registration was a breeze and I was assigned to the Blue Group (which, as we found out later in the event, didn’t have that much significance anyway). They served cocktails near the registration booth, as well as some food so that we could eat properly (perhaps they foresaw that some restos were gonna feed us words instead of actual food). Several minutes later and the place was jampacked with bloggers, all hungry and ready to take on the food fest that’s coming their way. (more…)

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I’m going on an adventure today! Yes, an adventure, a quest if you will. A journey towards the barren rivers of the Metro, traversing four cities and transcending all physical limitations. Can I do it? Can I take the heat? Watch this post and find out!

Haha. That was so AmazingRace-ish. In any case, I’d be going on a joyride aboard the Pasig River Ferry for my Photojournalism class. We were required to take pictures of the Environment, specifically of the Water element, and consolidate it all into a stunning photo essay.

Hmmm… anybody have an idea how much the fare for the Pasig River Ferry costs? I’m planning to start my journey in Hulo (my hometown) and end up in Quiapo then head back. Whew. Let’s just hope I won’t run into any trouble, and that the fare be darn cheap for chrissakes!

I’ll update this post later when I’ve gotten all the pics I need. See yahz later!

(UPDATE) So I just got home from my joyride and I gotta say, it’s been very tiring, both physically and emotionally (don’t ask, I’ll tell… later)


Our little sojourn to Old Manila begins at the Hulo Station of the Pasig River Ferry Lines (or something like that). It’s conveniently located at Coronado cor. E. Pantaleon St., near the Parish of Our Lady of the Abandoned.


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From reading people’s blogs, I somehow got the impression that the normal progression of things during a Bloggers’ offline event would be (1) Event, (2) Afterparty (3) Coffeehouse (to douse off the tipsiness brought about by the booze during the afterparty). Yesterday, the natural order of things skidded off its usual route as (overflowing) coffee was served first during the first-ever Bloggers’ Kapihan Lecture Series held at the Philippine Science High School in Quezon City.



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If you’ve been living under the rock, then you probably haven’t heard of Trinoma, the newest Ayala installment in this mall-infested mall-hungry country.

Trinoma To the uninformed, Trinoma actually means Triangle North of Manila. If you’ve been to the mall, you probably noticed the triangular structure (more like a cyclone shape) hence the name. Also, it sits comfortably by the corners of EDSA, North Avenue and West Avenue, hence the shape.

When I first heard of it, of course I asked, “Trinoma? Anu yun?!” It’s a very weird name to call a mall, don’t you agree? While Henry Sy is so fond of creating cities and continents out of his malls, Ayala, on the other hand, is very much interested in weird-sounding names to call his (Glorietta, Greenbelt, Market Market).

To be quite honest, I haven’t totally explored Trinoma yet. The first time I went there, I went up the entrance nearest to SM North Edsa (which is right smack across Trinoma; talk about competition), which is not really the best place to start the Trinoma experience.

Trinoma is a diverse mall with different offerings for different kinds of people. We got so fond of its diversity we nicknamed certain sections of the mall with names of other malls. Like, for example, there’s an alley in the ground floor lined up with sosy-totally-expensive shops which we call Rockwell. The activity center looks a lot like Market Market‘s cross-bred with Glorietta‘s, thanks to the kiddie playground. There’s an alley of mini-shops we nicknamed Marketplace, the neighborhood (read: filthy) shopping mall right across our High School. The outside atrium, which totally kicks the ass of that fake jungle at the heart of Gateway, is obviously an homage to Greenbelt. See the diversity?

Trinoma Activity Center

Just like Rockwell, Trinoma is actually a microcosm of the social ladder. The higher you go up, the more money you’re gonna need to be able to afford the things being sold in that certain floor. In the ground floor you’ll find fast foods and the activity center, where people who went there just to “stroll” linger. The second floor is where the Food Choices is housed, to those who want meals on a budget. The third floor is where the shopping action begins. The fourth floor is still to be furnished with shops, but the open ones are more for the filthy rich. At the atrium (the Greenbelt part of the mall) are restaurants for those who can afford.

We set up shop at the beautiful, beautiful Starbucks located at the top and heart of the center atrium. I’m telling you, this is the most beautiful Starbucks I’ve been to so far! It pales in comparison with Corinthian Gardens’ Starbucks branch. The view is breathtaking. The sounds of the waterfalls and fountains all around are very much soothing. A great place to sit back and relax and read a good book, or study for the exams. If it hasn’t been raining incessantly this afternoon, I believe the sun could’ve added to that magnificent experience.

I wasn’t able to take pictures of the Starbucks because I left my digicam at the boarding house. I’m telling you, my trusty camera phone won’t do justice to the beauty of that place, so I just took pictures of other things instead. (Click the thumbnails to view larger photos)

See the fog?  It was the coolest thing!This is one of the fountains in the 5th floorChicken Pesto @ A Venetto
What looks special about this wall art?It's actually an interactive ad by Coke where the ice crystals move around when you go near them!It’s Putanessca for dinner @ A Vennetto

A few hours while we were talking outside Starbucks, it started to fog! Though not literally, because some smoke machine was turned on near the fountains, which created the illusion of mist around the tree-filled area. I’m telling you it’s the coolest thing! You should go hang out in there some time.

If you’re planning to go to Trinoma, do bring a jacket. The aircon kills, man. As in. It was so damn cold my black jacket wasn’t enough to keep me comfortable. It was like being in Baguio, though I haven’t really gone up there. Hehe.

Lounge outside and witness the different fountain contraptions they’ve thought up. Zafra disapproves of the idea of the atrium (because we all need aircon daw, that’s why we go to the mall), but I just think it’s real great.

Here’s the clincher: Cinema costs a whopping 170pesos! What the heck?! Totally, TOTALLY avoid watching movies here. It won’t be any different than watching it from SM North Edsa (which only costs 130pesos). I mean, what gives? It’s too much for a movie, really. For added cushioned sofa and carpeted floor? I don’t think it’s a good deal.

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