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The past semester has been nothing but stress.  Papers, exams, requirements and whatnot.  Typical student preoccupations but stressful nonetheless.  Anything that can be attributed to Masscomm or UP instantly becomes toxic thoughts.

That’s why we try hard as we could to find little ‘sanctuaries’ where we can all study, minus all the stressful and toxic thoughts.  Coffee shops are the easy getaways, but some places–like Starbucks Matalino–get too crowded sometimes that it isn’t conducive for studying anymore.

Weeks ago, we hit gold.  As in, gold.  Finally, we found our perfect abode in ‘Kourtyard Caffe’. (more…)

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Yesterday I left a stage in my life that has been so special to me and entered into more unfamiliar territory.  Yesterday, I turned twenty, leaving my teenage days behind and entered the world of the “twenty-somethings.”

I hope I can say that the transition was easy, that leaving behind a lifestyle you’ve led for seven years is like chaging clothes for the day, but it was not.  Many have been witness to my sudden bouts of emotional fits the past few weeks, as well as my tendencies to act childish in an attempt to stop time and prevent growing altogether.  To these people, for the unnecessary burdens I may have caused them, I apologize. (more…)

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I could tell it wouldn’t be long.  It’s barely a month to go, and somehow, in some sentimental way, I’m brooding over it.  I know, I know, to some, it’s not such a big deal.  But to me, for the past few years, a year added to my age means an old phase ending and a new phase beginning.  And most of all, the coming one is crucial because I’d be leaving my teenage years and saying hello to my twenty-something years.  Blech.  Even thinking about it makes me puke.

In any case, just like any other birthday, of course I welcome it with joy and optimism.  Likewise, I’m bringing back something I’ve done on my 18th birthday to which many people responded to.  And, guys, it’s my 20th birthday!  So let’s make it special!  Here’s my partial wishlist for all of you well-wishers out there.  Wehehe.  Ang kapal ko!  =P (more…)

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ERASERHEADS REUNION CONCERT WTF!!!  Better start sending Christmas invitations now because CHRISTMAS IS COMING EARLY!!!  WHERE DO I BUY TICKETS???!!

[UPDATE] So here’s what we know so far:

  • They’re doing a reunion concert.  Yep, they’ve confirmed it themselves.
  • It’s gonna be on August 30 at the CCP Open Grounds
  • It’s for free
  • There’ll be a ticket
  • The ticket will be raffled off, according to some blog sites
  • It’s sponsored by a major company who coaxed the foursome into getting back together despite the bitter parting of ways
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We know that our country needs–to put iit n medical terms–a liver cleanse, a complete detoxification, a heart bypass and a brain surgery.  We all acknowledge the need to spare our system of corruption and greediness to fully effect change and developments in society.

Most of us have expressed our grievances over our failed electoral system, seeing as to how it has been used to keep power-hungry personalities safe in their comfortable positions.  But still, some of us still hope for a spark, a catalyst that will drive change throughout the system.  While many detest our electoral system, I think there are still a considerable few who have hope in it.

So, if you’re one of those who still hope and believe, you may want to attend Bloggers’ Kapihan and Comelec‘s Bloggers’ briefing on poll automation. (more…)

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To all die-hard UAAP fans out there, below is the schedule for the first round of games for Men’s Basketball.  As you will see, most of the games will be held at Philsports Arena (formerly ULTRA.  Yes, the WoWoWee stampede ground zero).  Some schools are complaining since they say it’ll be far from their school (Hmmm, I wonder what school that is?) but ULTRA actually strikes middle ground for people coming from Taft, Espana, QC and the U-Belt area.  So please, before you complain, consider everyone and not just your school.  The Ninoy Aquino Stadium is a rather unfair venue, especially for people from far-flung universities (like UP, Ateneo and UST).  Besides, the ULTRA venue is relatively better than NAS, what with its dripping roofs during rains (which comes often this season, btw) and broken bleachers and all.

In any case, on with the schedule! (more…)

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It’s UAAP Season once again! Gawd, I can’t believe a whole year has passed since the last season. Time does fly by so fast. And this year, coinciding with its centennial, UP will be the season’s host! Which makes it more exciting! I can’t wait how UP will open the season. I’ve been hearing great raves about it so far but I haven’t heard about the whole shebang ’cause I don’t wanna be spoiled when I get to watch it on Saturday.

Speaking of which, I’m still undecided if I’m going to watch it live at the Araneta or just make do with watching it on TV. Watching it live would be great, but then I’d have to ram my way through the longest of lines in order to get tickets. And even if I do get tickets, I’m sure I’d get the worst seats in the house. Add to that the fact that I don’t have a sure companion to the opening. So yeah, that more or less seals my fate, noh? Heh. (more…)

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WARNING:  NSFW and R-18.  =P

Naked runners soon stole the show from the Vinzons UPgrade program when the host, Joaqui Valdez, suddenly announced the holding of a “great UP tradition.”  Of course, everybody instantly knew it’s the Oblation Run.

A hundred members of the Alpha Phi Omega reportedly ran naked through one half of the academic oval, from Vinzon’s Hall to the Oblation Statue.  But from what I’ve seen, I think there were only about 60 or 70 who ran.  In any case, APO didn’t want to be left out of the celebrations so they contributed their part to the Centennial gathering. (more…)

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After the event at Quezon Hall, we proceeded to Vinzons Hall for the launching of USC’s Centennial Project dubbed as “Vinzons UPgrade.”  Basically, the project aims to rehabilitate the student center to once again serve its function as an abode for students and their organizations.

A small program was held in front of Vinzons Hill, where several home-grown UP talents performed. (more…)

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Happy 100 years, UP! Can I just say that I’m very, very proud that I was able to witness moments like these when I’m still studying?  Back in High School, I was right on time for Don Bosco’s 50th year anniversary in the Philippines.  And now, I was able to witness, firsthand, UP’s 100th year!  Am I lucky or am I lucky? (more…)

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Whim #1: Manila Ocean Park
Because we barely have a week left before Academic Year 08-09 officially starts (followed by the inevitable death of our so-called social lives), we were overcome by whims and impulses that one fateful Monday, a bored and adventurous Kuya Luis coaxes me to go to Manila Ocean Park.

And went we did. But somehow, the park was a bit frustrating. Nevertheless, we felt like little children out on a field trip, seeing all those fishes swimming about in their happy little fluid habitats.

The tunnel was the killer attraction of them all, but I dare say it’s a tad bit too short that leaves the guests hungry for more under-the-sea action. And I didn’t know Lapu-Lapus could grow that big! I was monsterized, so say the least.

And please, Manila Ocean Park, a student price, please? 400 pesos for that trip barely even spells “worth it.” (more…)

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June 18, 2008 marks the 100th founding anniversary of our beloved university. Want to make it a bit more memorable and exciting? Here are two calls for students and alumni to participate in the commemoration of our 100 years of greatness (ehem) and, well, existence.

1) UP@100: Capturing 100 UP Moments

A group of UP bloggers put up this activity to commemorate the Centenary of UP. Here’s more information: (more…)

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I huffed, I puffed, and I reached the top! Yeah, boy. The nth part of Maculot climb recently commenced in a very fun and fulfilling trip!

Waking up at the crack of dawn at summertime sure is tough, but picturing the adventure ahead made the gruelling task a bit less painful. I don’t recall the last time I saw the sun rise here at the apartment (owing to the fact that I wake up past noontime almost everyday), so the morning of the climb was especially wonderful.

There were only six of us: I, Kuya Luis, and four of his Law School blockmates Gayle, Caloy, Pat and Cha. I think six is a magical number. Not too many to cause delays, not to few to be scared to climb on our own. True enough, our number proved to be quite helpful, for it gave us a chance to pack closely together so nobody lead so much, and nobody trailed behind to delay everybody. (more…)

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…but the reason is not even remotely close to the event for Losers staged a few days ago, albeit at the same venue.

To finally reclaim the heaps of lost time for unwinding, we hit the roads and landed into this nifty little bar in Bonifacio High Street we all know as the Mag:Net Cafe. This gig is in the long time planning, so it would be such a waste not to push through with it.

Artists who played that night were Imago and Sandwich, two of the more popularly known bands in the country today. We arrived late but thank God the show hasn’t started yet. We ordered beers (one bottle each, we need to be sober!) and some pika-pika foods to keep us satiated. (more…)

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Note: This is the Third part of a Three-part series on the Trinoma Bloggers’ Food Tour. Part 2 is here. Part 1 is here.

Our tummies were filled and we have a lot of restaurants to thank for that. However, the tour didn’t come with only the good stuff, because we experienced certain disappointments and frustrations as well.


Thank God our group wasn’t part of the bunch who went to Cabalen and got a mouthful from the manager. Come to think of it, even if my group insisted on going to Cabalen I think I know better because I’ve had some dining horrors with them before, plus I’ve had enough of Filipino food and would like to try something new for the tour. I love their Crispy Kangkong, though, simply one for the curious taste buds.

I enjoyed the Food Tour experience a lot therefore there weren’t much blunders. Here’re the restos that didn’t quite make an impression on me: (more…)

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