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For the second time in a row, the UP Pep Squad conquered the Big Dome with loud cheers, roaring stunts and breathtaking moves to come out as the 2008 UAAP Cheerdance Competition Champions!

Okay, major gloating happenin’ in here.  I’m sure everybody’s trash talking again, but I just have to say this: I can’t believe we’re champions again!!!  Haha.  I honestly thought FEU would grab the crown from us.  Their routine was very well-executed, no mess whatsoever!  And it was so appealing to the eyes, especially if you watch it on TV.  I just watched on TV (regardless if our tv furniture isn’t that nice, so I sat on the floor instead) because it was very hard to get tickets. (more…)

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Yesterday I left a stage in my life that has been so special to me and entered into more unfamiliar territory.  Yesterday, I turned twenty, leaving my teenage days behind and entered the world of the “twenty-somethings.”

I hope I can say that the transition was easy, that leaving behind a lifestyle you’ve led for seven years is like chaging clothes for the day, but it was not.  Many have been witness to my sudden bouts of emotional fits the past few weeks, as well as my tendencies to act childish in an attempt to stop time and prevent growing altogether.  To these people, for the unnecessary burdens I may have caused them, I apologize. (more…)

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The first win of the UP Fighting Maroons is just overwhelming! It’s like a long-awaited rain after a much-dreaded drought. Everyone is all giddy and cheery about this significant development. Who can blame them? UP has been in the bottom of the league for several years now. I think it’s just fine to celebrate even the littlest of accomplishments.

Anyway, since this blog is turning out to be a UAAP Resource Pool, why not live up to it? Haha. Here’s a fearless forecast from Enzo Flojo of GMANews.TV on the Maroons’ performance this season: (more…)

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Just a quick update:  The UP-NU game just finished with UP finally bagging a win after the embarassing drought last season.  Martin Reyes led the pack with Andrew Marfori just at the helm.  Final score was 86-72, a whopping 14-point lead over National University.  Let’s hope the team keeps this up!

ADMU-DLSU game is just beginning.  The Big Dome is packed!  Will update you guys once the game finishes.  There are currently 22,008 people packed inside the Big Dome.  Whew!  That’s a lotta people.

[7:07 PM] Aaaaand we’re back!  ADMU trumps DLSU over with a 77-73 win!  Yay!  Looks like DLSU’s walking home with a wounded pride.  Hehehe.  That game was very tight!  Real close fight until the end.  Congrats ADMU!

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I’m a self-confessed tech addict.  Which makes it all the more appropriate to call these random cravings of mine as “technolust.”  I adore looking at the newly-released gadgets in the market that I tend to drool most of the time, wishing I could get some of those gadgets for myself (which makes it lust-ier because I know I can’t have those gadgets).

As of late, here are the “toys for the big boys” that I’ve been keeping a close eye on.  I know it’d take 5 to 10 years before I could practically own any of these (save for one), but I guess it’s good to keep my hopes up.  Nevertheless, let this be a checklist of sorts, just so I could have a “goal” and a “motivation” when I work in the future.  Hehehe. (more…)

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To all die-hard UAAP fans out there, below is the schedule for the first round of games for Men’s Basketball.  As you will see, most of the games will be held at Philsports Arena (formerly ULTRA.  Yes, the WoWoWee stampede ground zero).  Some schools are complaining since they say it’ll be far from their school (Hmmm, I wonder what school that is?) but ULTRA actually strikes middle ground for people coming from Taft, Espana, QC and the U-Belt area.  So please, before you complain, consider everyone and not just your school.  The Ninoy Aquino Stadium is a rather unfair venue, especially for people from far-flung universities (like UP, Ateneo and UST).  Besides, the ULTRA venue is relatively better than NAS, what with its dripping roofs during rains (which comes often this season, btw) and broken bleachers and all.

In any case, on with the schedule! (more…)

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It’s UAAP Season once again! Gawd, I can’t believe a whole year has passed since the last season. Time does fly by so fast. And this year, coinciding with its centennial, UP will be the season’s host! Which makes it more exciting! I can’t wait how UP will open the season. I’ve been hearing great raves about it so far but I haven’t heard about the whole shebang ’cause I don’t wanna be spoiled when I get to watch it on Saturday.

Speaking of which, I’m still undecided if I’m going to watch it live at the Araneta or just make do with watching it on TV. Watching it live would be great, but then I’d have to ram my way through the longest of lines in order to get tickets. And even if I do get tickets, I’m sure I’d get the worst seats in the house. Add to that the fact that I don’t have a sure companion to the opening. So yeah, that more or less seals my fate, noh? Heh. (more…)

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