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Saturday: Doomsday’s Eve
The beginning of a major life slow-down.  The world, which used to turn on its axis at an average of 24 hours a day and around the sun at 365 1/4 days a year, suddenly stopped in anticipation of its impending doom which should last for an average of 120 minutes on doomsday.

The scene of the crime:  a small saloon by the kingdom’s oil pit.  Our hero turns to his weapon of choice: a magical book of wisdom that promised to contain all the things he needed to know to come face to face with doomsday.  It was a book of wisdom passed on from generation to generation of knights and wizards who used its magic to battle the greatest beasts of their age.  It was believed to have been created by the Son of Samuel, a powerful alchemist from the House of Nord. (more…)

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