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There is something about the witching hour of three in the morning that puts my writing senses on hyperdrive.  There is something about the obvious silence of the house disturbed solely by the whirring of a nearby fan.  There is something in the fact that you are the only one awake and everybody else is sleeping.  There is something in all these and more–this is the time of the day when the writer in me takes over, splits myself into two like Tyler Durden in Fight Club, conversing with each other even if they’re one and the same.

I need coffee makers.  I need drugs.  I need stress!  I need something that could get me into this trance every once in a while.


I have renewed my long-forgotten addiction to Facebook lately, thanks to encouraging friends who did nothing but influence my life decisions lately.  And because this time is simply a “transitional period” in the school year (those difficult two months sandwiched by two long and lazy vacations), we’re not on our toes and would haphazardly skip classes in the name of thesis (yeah, right), among other things.

So sue me.  I promise I’d get back on my feet come January. (more…)

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WORK.  It has been catching up with me lately.  And sometimes, a little bit too swiftly.

So ano ang latest chismis?! *hagikgik*

We had our overnight press work last Friday over at Repro printers, the first of a series of all-nighters we’d have to pull if we plan on releasing VOX, our college yearbook, in time for graduation. (more…)

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Iskos and Iskas got their much-deserved rest from academic stress this weekend as one holiday after another cancelled two days of classes, giving everyone a four-day vacation.

So what does one do with 96 hours of free time?  What else?  Catch up with more academic work!  Hahaha.

Ninoy Aquino day is on the 21st but we all know our President is an economist so she wants us to spend money to “stimulate” the economy, whatever that means.  Luckily for us, Quezon City day (which falls on the 19th) isn’t a national holiday so there’s no reason for moving it, giving us a full four days of free time to spend (more like, splurge). (more…)

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EDSA and its heavy traffic is an urban legend, but not in the connotative sense of the word.  It’s an urban legend because of the gargantuan proportions of vehicles plying this 54 (or so) kilometer avenue, causing expected build-ups along major intersections.  During peak hours, passing through EDSA is a surefire dead-end to one’s destination.  Most have come up with great alternatives to EDSA, albeit costing them precious gas money.  EDSA is, therefore, synonymous to heavy traffic.

But due to the recent oil price hikes and increases in jeepney and bus fares, EDSA is slowly losing its reputation.  Just this week, I overheard on the news a proposal to suspend the number coding scheme because of the decrease in vehicles going through EDSA.  We don’t know if this is true, but if companies are calling for the suspension of the number coding scheme, then it must be something. (more…)

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With the weather going apparently haywire these past few weeks, there were two things I’ve learned to rely on during the constant attacks of extreme heat and torrential rains.

If you’ve noticed last week, it would often be very, very hot in the morning and would eventually rain very hard in the afternoon.  Of course, at the onset, I didn’t care if it’d rain in the afternoon or what.  Suffice to say, with the extreme heat I always feel in the morning going to school, I didn’t expect the weather to change anytime soon.

But of course, now I learned that I was wrong, and so I prepared myself for whatever circumstances that may come my way.  So guys, meet my two new “gears” for this very crazy season: (more…)

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WARNING:  NSFW and R-18.  =P

Naked runners soon stole the show from the Vinzons UPgrade program when the host, Joaqui Valdez, suddenly announced the holding of a “great UP tradition.”  Of course, everybody instantly knew it’s the Oblation Run.

A hundred members of the Alpha Phi Omega reportedly ran naked through one half of the academic oval, from Vinzon’s Hall to the Oblation Statue.  But from what I’ve seen, I think there were only about 60 or 70 who ran.  In any case, APO didn’t want to be left out of the celebrations so they contributed their part to the Centennial gathering. (more…)

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After the event at Quezon Hall, we proceeded to Vinzons Hall for the launching of USC’s Centennial Project dubbed as “Vinzons UPgrade.”  Basically, the project aims to rehabilitate the student center to once again serve its function as an abode for students and their organizations.

A small program was held in front of Vinzons Hill, where several home-grown UP talents performed. (more…)

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Happy 100 years, UP! Can I just say that I’m very, very proud that I was able to witness moments like these when I’m still studying?  Back in High School, I was right on time for Don Bosco’s 50th year anniversary in the Philippines.  And now, I was able to witness, firsthand, UP’s 100th year!  Am I lucky or am I lucky? (more…)

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In the university where I study, the mere mention of a certain brand of coffee chain will instantaneously put a big “burgis” mark on your forehead.  Yeah, like a once-in-a-blue-moon trip to this specialty store will define your whole life.  Some people can get a little bit too simplistic about things.  They forget the human value of life (wahoo hooray for humanism).

These past few weeks of work and stress, the normal 3-in-1 coffee that used to define caffeine for me just won’t work anymore.  I tend to become more drowsy instead of getting that much-needed jolt for work.  That’s why in a spur-of-the-moment knack for coffee, I ordered something out of the usual from said coffee chain.  I sifted through the menu and picked something I haven’t remotely heard of before.  It has a weird name, and I always have a lot of fun pronouncing it the burgis way.  Tall Caramel Macchiato please.  Hot.  To go.

I sound so conio, I know.  Kidding aside, this delectable cup of coffee did just the trick for me.  And I’ve been addicted ever since.  Now if you know me well enough, it’s a given that I’m such a sleepyhead that I could sleep anywhere I could given any strange circumstance.  But just a cup of Macchiato from Starbucks stirs my senses (ehem, ehem, pahiram, Figaro) and keeps me up ’til the wee hours of dawn–even until the sun rises to greet me good morning.  It’s that effective.

However, just like any other “burgis-burgisan” out there, I soon ran out of money to buy my much-loved Macchiato from Starbucks.  So what do I do?  It’s back to classic 3-in-1, no less.  But let’s give it a little twist.  Starbucks tumbler?  Check!  Sachet of 3-in-1?  Check!  Cowhead Milk?  Check!  Ice cubes?  Check!  Mix everything and anything in one happy tumbler and voila!  You’ve got yourself something that’ll jolt you back to awake-land.  Trust me, being sosyal is never about the money, it’s all about the mindset.  Haha.

So I shall leave you now while I sip caffeine from this made-up reality of mine.  Ciao.

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The past few days have been quite hectic, what with the many reports and requirements that are slowly creeping their way into my schedule and eating up most of my time. But during my free time I still manage to go online but sad to say I didn’t know what to write or didn’t have much energy (or should I say willingness) to blog.


In any case, Tricia brought Kimy, her two year old daughter, to CMC this morning and she was just the cutest of things! The little girl would scream and run around the lobby ordering her mom around to do things for her. Hehe. But no matter how cute babies ought to be, I still don’t think I want one. LOL.


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Kids these days. (And yeah, I’m talking as if I’m not a kid anymore. Huzzah!)

First there was rugby or solvent. Then there was shabu, also known as metamphetamine hydrochloride. Then the more”hip and cool” ecstasy came into the scene. And now what? Jenkem?!

To the uninitiated, Jenkem is actually a new substance that can allegedly get you “high”. But how does it work? I’ll let kevjumba do the talking:


Okay, that. is just. gross. tothepointofnoreturn. (more…)

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So yeah, I realize I’ve been posting on 4-day intervals when I told myself I should be posting everyday. So I guess this is a customary post to break all the monotony that’s been sweeping my blog of late. LOL.

clipland4.jpgI’m listening to some Dashboard Confessional songs right now (and get this: I’m listening via Youtube). EMO, I know. But I’m not EMO. At least not right now. Haha. I don’t know why I’m like this. I’ve mentioned quite a number of times before that I’m a post-post person; I take on a penchant for something long after its popularity had waned. And I call myself a fan of pop culture. Yeah, something’s definitely wrong with that.

In any case, congratulations to Ateneo Blue Eagles for beating the De La Salle Green Archers just a while ago! 1 point, wow. You really gotta give it to Ateneo and La Salle (or is it VLSALLE? LOL) because they really put up a pretty good fight whenever they face off with each other. Not everything’s done for, though, because La Salle, unfortunately, has twice-to-beat advantage so they would have to face off again soon. Oh whoever it is who earns from this UAAP games must be really, really happy by now.


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Somehow I’ve been becoming more and more lethargic each day, thanks to a mountain-load of academic and blogging backlog (I have yet to finish writing the next two parts of this series, plus my Explainer Experience post, plus a whole slew of other drafts lined up on my admin panel). Acads aren’t doing so well, what with a little over three weeks left of classes, everyone’s totally cramming to get things done, even professors.

So before I leave the blogging world for a short while to go finish the mundane and utterly impossible tasks I have to do, let me all leave you with some things that turned my mood around lately:

1. One of my best friends is getting married

bespren.jpgI received a call last Friday from one of my closest friends, Ate Tin. It’s been a while since we last communicated, and it was a very welcome gesture for her to call me. Good thing my class just ended, because she dropped quite a bomb when she told me she’s getting married. At first I couldn’t believe it and thought she was just pulling my leg, but then when it sank in I was literally throwing curses and expletives in the air for sure I’d be rated R by the MTRCB. LOL. The people I was with that time thought I was going nuts, shouting so loud while walking on the street.

In any case I’m so happy for my Ate. Finally, she’s found the love of her life, the one she’d be spending the rest of her life with.


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Dr. Optics using his sharp, vicious eyes to… uh… rapel?

Guys, meet Dr. Optics. No, he isn’t a relative of Dr. Octopus from the Spider-Man series although he may very well be as much of a genius himself. Right here we see Dr. Optics inching his way down a rappelling cord. How that’s related to Optics and his profession is beyond me, so don’t ask.


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Due to my stupidity carelessness, I managed to produce myself a wound once again. I’m sothe_finger1.jpg childish. No wait, it’s more of like a bruise, a pasa if you may. How did I get it?

It was during bowling class. No, I didn’t accidentally drop the ball in my finger, because hello, that would be close to impossible unless I go walking around using my bare hands.

It was the gutter’s fault! Yeah, go blame something else for your stupidity, that’s real mature. And something that can’t defend itself at that! Ha!

I was about to get a ball from the gutter, to get ready for my next shot. However, I was impatient enough to not wait for all the balls to roll in. When Ball #2 arrived in the gutter, I picked it up at once. But lo and behold, Ball #3 got jealous because he wanted to be picked up first, so it quickened its pace and just when I was about to pick up Ball #2, BAM! Ball#3 squished my dear little finger right between it and Ball #2.


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