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Sans the fireworks and firecrackers that marked the birth of a New Year past 12 midnight last night, it is now January 1, the first day of the year, and it is but apt to look ahead and explore the vast blank canvas we are once again tasked to paint with little colors of our lives.

new year

But before proceeding with the future ahead of us (no matter how bright or dim it may be), it is also but apt to look back into the masterpiece we have painted the previous year–all the strokes, the dashes, the lights and the shadows, the uphills and downhills, the light and dark moments–they’re all worth reminiscing and worth learning from, especially because they will be pivotal in drawing the next future for us.

And as per tradition of my blogs for the past couple of years, I’ll have to name this year with something that describes its entirety. Last 2004 I named it The Year of Discovery, 2005 The Year of the Two, 2006 The Year of the Change. 2007, I believe, would be aptly named The Year of the Risk–for all the times I had to leave my comfort zone, for all the time I had to take on a challenge, for all the times I took a leap of faith (and times I fell, and times I rose from falling), and for all the times I took a chance… this year, it was definitely worth taking risks, for I’ve reaped many rewards because of it.

So come journey back with me and forever remember the significant moments of my life this year.


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New Year. New Home.
New Me? We’ll see.
Just you wait.


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Last Saturday I attended iBlog Mini: Blogging and the 2010 elections where it was discussed how the blogging community can effectively help in the reportage of the next Presidential election.

pondopuhunan.jpgThe next election (if it is to take place) is a pivotal point in Philippine history as it marks the end of the road for the tyranny of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. That is to say, however, if an election takes place. The threat of Charter Change still looms beneath the shadows of Mickey Mouse and his rodent allies, so be prepared for a No-El scenario.

Reading through the pages of the Philippine Daily Inquirer last Wednesday, I chanced upon a two-page full-spread ad of the Nacionalista Party, sporting images of its viable elected officials juxtaposed with the images of Laurel, Quezon, Marcos and other members of the party who became President of this country. The message is a no-brainer as the ad even sported Manny Villiar’s ever-popular adage which has been used and abused since he ran for the Senate in 2001.

Weeks before, a new President to the Liberal Party was sworn in. With Drilon’s wing recognized as the legitimate party, GMA’s cohorts in LP lost their bid in landing a Presidential candidate. Mar Roxas takes the place of Drilon as Party President and erstwhile official Presidential candidate of LP in 2010.


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O diba, talagang pinilit ang title? Hehehe.


Chronicles of Insomnia
I’m not really an insomniac. If you know me well enough I’m sure you’re aware of my very stable sleeping patterns. You also know that I can sleep absolutely anywhere at any sleeping position if I’m really sleepy, no matter how grave the circumstances or the surroundings may be. So yes, I’m not really an insomniac, except for days when I find myself pondering a troubling thought or I simply just can’t put myself to sleep. Say, just like last Monday night!


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Everybody has a dream. Everyone craves for that one precious thing they long to have. And they do everything to achieve that dream. ANYTHING that could help them grab hold of that one thing which they’ve forever longed for.


As a matter of fact, and I bet you didn’t see this coming, I have a dream. (Pardon this little Martin Luther-King homage) Aside for my dreams for my life and career, I have this one very materialistic dream.


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thailand1011.jpgMarking his return to the Philippine Blogging scene with a fresh domain, a brand-spanking new layout and a whooping crossover to the WordPress side of things (Mwahahaha welcome, welcome!), Coy comes back with a bang unleashing one of the coolest advocacy writing projects to date–uBlog, iVlog.

If you don’t know Coy, then you probably missed half of your blogging life. (Haha) Without much pretense (and with much bravado), I’d say Coy is the mainland Philippines equivalent of HappySlip when it comes to Video Blogging (oha, oha, major pimping na ‘to!! Sponsored post? Haha). Though he’s not on the acting side of things (you very rarely see him acting for his vlogs), he can make kick-ass videos which he nicknamed as “pictovlogs.” Where he got the idea for the name is beyond me. Haha.

Anyway, if you haven’t checked out any of his videos I recommend this vlog (entitled Found) about Philippine Independence Day (which, for me, is his best as of late) and this vlog (entitled Paglipas) about a chick with a dangerously ascerbic wit which got featured in ANC’s Media in Focus (unfortunately for Coy, he didn’t get the credit that is due him).


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From reading people’s blogs, I somehow got the impression that the normal progression of things during a Bloggers’ offline event would be (1) Event, (2) Afterparty (3) Coffeehouse (to douse off the tipsiness brought about by the booze during the afterparty). Yesterday, the natural order of things skidded off its usual route as (overflowing) coffee was served first during the first-ever Bloggers’ Kapihan Lecture Series held at the Philippine Science High School in Quezon City.



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Subtitled “What blogging got me into.” LOL.

So, in the spirit of Sir Yuga’s welcome post to people who watched his interview via Mel&Joey, I’d like to welcome those who were able to catch me make a little fool of my self with my so many backles and tongue twisters in Manolo Quezon‘s ANC show The Explainer.

To those looking, here is the article–the main culprit–that led me to become the Explainee of this evening’s episode. And you’ll find here my article condemning Frat-Related violence in UP. Also, Arbet makes a very comprehensive list of the Pinoy Blogosphere’s reaction to Cris Mendez’s senseless death.

Let’s all push further to seek justice for CA. Every move counts. END FRAT-RELATED VIOLENCE NOW!

Will (have to) make a more well-thought-out article about the whole experience in a later post. Right now I’m still trying to breathe in the experience. Haha.

Here’s a little preview:

I have a very bad case of scolio. But I just don’t know it yet. LOL.

I’ll upload the video once I get my hands on my copy of the episode so other people can watch (and laugh at all my mistakes. LOL).

To those who weren’t able to catch this episode about Fraternities, there will still be a replay on Saturday, September 15, at 10 o’ clock in the morning.

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Kuya Ederic twittered to me a few days back, offering to host me in his account. Few days later, here I am! I’m now officially hosted under, much thanks to Kuya Ederic who goes around the web “adopting” poor little kiddos like me who’s literally getting by through scraps (read: free hosting!). I gotta say, if webspace can be transmuted into land area in real life, Kuya Ederic is the Jaime Zobel de Ayala of the web. Hehe.

So with much much thanks, please send some link love down Kuya Ederic‘s way. Oh, and don’t forget to update your links to this blog, alright? It is now

He actually asked me if I’m gonna buy my own domain, so I thought real hard. But, being the extreme cheapo that I am, I decided not to push through with my initial plan to buy my own domain. At least I get to flaunt the beside my name! You don’t know how rewarding that feels. =)

So, isa na ba ako ngayong ka-Tinig? Hehe corny.

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Twitter!Twitter has fast become the convenient moblogging tool of choice. With just a few taps on the keyboard or on your cellphone keypad, your message will instantly be sent to people who are “following” you. It acts as an effective group-messaging tool, beating out Globe Unlitxt. O, san ka pa?!

Whenever someone asks me what twitter is, I always reply, “It’s like YM, but you only get to see the Statuses.” True enough, people who use Twitter answer the fundamental question “What are you doing?” With that simple a question there could be a thousand, or even infinite, answers. Such is the secret behind Twitter’s success.

But to be able to answer that question more accurately, it would have to mean that you update every now and then, wherever the heck you are. In other words, you have to “carry Twitter” around with you. How to do that? Through your mobile.

Ever since I got hooked in this “Twitter Craze” I found it amusing how people are able to post tweets using their mobile phone. Further research brought me the answer, and found out that there are numerous ways of Twittering through your mobile phone.


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That’s it. Just like Friendster 4 years back, I got hooked. And the funny thing is, on both instances, I told myself I’d never EVER use these tools. But I am now!

Twitter! After much deliberation (with myself no less, o diba kaawayin daw ang sarili? Hehe.) I finally gave in. I created an account, “followed” some friends, downloaded this MadTwitter app from Benj‘s site, plugged the twitter box in my sidebar, and voila! I’m twittin’. I’m officially a twitter. (I get confused. What’s the difference between Twit and Tweet? Is Twit a verb and Tweet a noun? Somebody give me a lesson on Twitting 101 please!)

What’s really cool about this ‘twittin’ is that it partly acts as Instant Messenger, SMS, Friendster and Sideblog all in one! And you only need one app for all that–MadTwitter no less!

It’s also a great tool for posting quick updates on the site, as well as some short messages that don’t merit a blog post. What’s cute is that it’s soooo cute! Little, what I mean. It even converts long URLs into TINYURLs! Who would’ve thought?!

Let’s see how this thing will work for me.

Oh, I have a question. How come some of the people I “follow” can post tweets via their cellphones? Are they texting internationally or just using WAP to access messenger on their cellphones? Enlightenment please!

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Whew. I just came back from a very long hiatus and this is what I’m greeted with: issues, issues, issues.

It seems that no matter where I go I’m met with the politics of the “organization.” Well, to be politically correct, the politicking in the organization.

The Pinoy Blogosphere–as it is most fondly called–could’ve made front page news of the Inquirer for the past two weeks of controversies.

The first one involving a kid blogger who has been accused of having a dad for a ghostwriter, clashing with the so-called “ethics” of blogging.

Second is the “misrepresentation” of the Pinoy Blogosphere by a blogger who allegedly talked for personal merit.

Question: Who the heck owns the “Pinoy Blogosphere”?
Answer: Nobody.

It is a social construct promulgated by the now-so-called “powers-that-be” of Pinoy blogging. Strictly speaking the label only emerged when they got people organized–in events, in blogging awards, in blogger meet-ups. There’s bound to be a certain amount of clashes when you “organize” bloggers, who are so used to their personal space, into a more public spectrum where in they are forced to be under the scrutiny of the powers-that-be, or any other blogger for that matter.

It’s safe to say that clashes and controversies such as these are bound to happen. What would you expect when people who were once lords and gods over their respective blogs suddenly become subjugated to certain “social classes” in the so-called “sphere,” which are, unfortunately, oftentimes determined by their blogging age and influence (or is it affluence?).

I am not at all an influential blogger. Heck, I’ve been blogging for a little more than six years but you can count my influence units (if there is such a thing) by the fingers in your hands. What I’m trying to arrive at is that nobody lords–or should lord–over what people say or do in their blogs, or even outside of it. We chose to participate in these events because we want to make connections with people who more or less think the same way we do.

Heck, I’m just a tiny voice in the “Pinoy Blogosphere” but I refuse to accept the fact that I have no influence at all. We are all bloggers and we were all endowed with the power to influence. Nobody, by any point of stature, age, wisdom, or influence, can tell us what or what not to do. That’s the essence of blogging when it first came about. Now it is being mired by controversies because it is slowly being organized.

All I wanna say is, bahala kayo diyan! I’m gonna blog and I’m gonna talk about whatever I want. Of course some sense of ethics will apply, but that’s a whole different matter to talk about.

P.S.: This makes me feel more apprehensive about attending these so-called “blogger meet-ups.” Not that I’m playing snob or whatever. I just sort-of refuse to “join the club.” Sure I’m missing out on a few thousand hits to this blog, but what the hey, if I want to meet people online, I’d go to friendster or myspace or whatever! I won’t blog at all!

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