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*Belts out* There’s nothing I can do, the Total Eclipse of the Heaaarrrrttt…

No, no, I’m not gonna go retro or new wave on you today. Geez, I don’t even know who sang that song! Haha. Clearly wasn’t my generation.

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So today we anticipated the Total Lunar Eclipse that was (supposed to be) totally viewable from Manila. However, unlike other eclipses, the moon didn’t totally disappear from view but was instead painted with a red color due to some scientific stuff I couldn’t care less about.

The color cast by refracted light — which can range from bright orange to blood red to copper to dark gray — depends on the amount of volcanic gas and dust in the atmosphere blocking the Sun’s light. *Oh, so that’s why… I think I should pay more attention to my Physics10 class this sem. Hehe.*


BUT due to *cue Kuya Kim impersonation* cloudy skies and threats of rainshowers, the only red I saw in the sky when I went out just an hour ago was… the sky itself. Rain is manifesting. Clouds everywhere! Hence, no eclipse in this part of the metro. =(


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