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The first time I heard the word “Raketista,” my journalist-editor instincts immediately kicked in.  I thought the word was misspelled, that it should’ve been “Rakista” instead of “Raketista.”  Soon, I found out why they used the word.

A raketista is someone who has many “raket,” or “sideline jobs” in English.  College students are found to be prone to become raketistas, considering that college education in the country is pretty expensive.  That is why a small business opportunity can slowly become a well of income for these students in need.

So why am I talking about raketistas?  ‘Cause I’m slowly becoming one.  I hope I can find more “rakets” soon.  Haha.  Just to fund this somewhat expensive schooling.  And, of course, to unwind once in a while.  Everybody needs rest to be able to tackle crucial matters as academics.  Agree?

So, bring on the rakets!  Ring me if you know one.  Hehe.

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I’m so fortunate to be a witness to the centenary of my beloved institution, the national university, Ang Pamantasang Hirang, no other than the Univeristy of the Philippines!

The school was alive with spirit and gathered in celebration this morning to commemorate this momentous event.  I will try to blog more of them later (with pics, yay!  especially of the Oblation Run, which was a first for me).

Anyway, to my fellow Isko and Iska out there, Happy Centenary to us all!  =)

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The past few days have been quite hectic, what with the many reports and requirements that are slowly creeping their way into my schedule and eating up most of my time. But during my free time I still manage to go online but sad to say I didn’t know what to write or didn’t have much energy (or should I say willingness) to blog.


In any case, Tricia brought Kimy, her two year old daughter, to CMC this morning and she was just the cutest of things! The little girl would scream and run around the lobby ordering her mom around to do things for her. Hehe. But no matter how cute babies ought to be, I still don’t think I want one. LOL.


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Out of the many Filipino delicacies there is there’s only one that’s been my favorite–and that’s adobo.

adobo1.jpgI don’t like Sinigang (that much). I don’t like Mechado (that much either). And I don’t like Laing (at all). I only like Adobo.

Mom had a penchant for cooking Adobo and experimenting with the ingredients. Now I’m not out to lash out at my mom because I love her so much, but let’s just say she’s not the perfect cook out there. Once she cooked Adobo that was so dry it tasted like Fried Chicken (hehe). Then she learned that we didn’t like dry Adobo, so she peppered her next serving with lots of Soy Sauce and Vinegar, and it actually tasted better.


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Thousands of Comic fans trooped to the UP Bahay ng Alumni last Saturday as Comic–or should I say Komik–enthusiasts staged the 3rd serving of Komik Kon, the Philippine Komik Convention.


Now I’m not really a hardcore comics fan, having only such influences as Pol Medina Jr. of the Pugad Baboy fame and UP’s very own Manix Abrera, father of the Kikomachine Komik Strip published daily at the Philippine Daily Inquirer.


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