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Just got back from an interview with Ms. Janette Toral, one of the people at the forefront of promoting and protecting e-commerce in the Philippines.  Suffice to say that even though the interview was short, it was very insightful.  And essentially, nalaman kong sobrang dami pa ng trabahong kailangan kong gawin.  Shet!  Argh.  Pero kaya ‘toooo!

Tomorrow is my first interview with a lawyer, Sir Butch Dado of  This is a crucial one, since my thesis revolves around this.  Let’s hope it turns out well.

Grabe.  Alam ko namang magulo ang history ng blogosphere, hindi ko lang narealize na ganun pala talaga kagulo, and maraming nangyaring kailangan pang ungkatin.

On to make history, literally!


When I finish this thesis, I promise to reward myself, something along the levels of an xbox 360 or a new luxurious watch.  Haha.  That is, if I have enough money!  :P

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I’m in CMC right now, trying to help out (“trying” being the operative word, ’cause I’m obviously blogging here) my good friend Elsie iron out the preparations for their org’s anniversary week.  We just came from a sleepover at Jali’s place in Antipolo, where we tried to do our respective theses (again, “tried” being the operative word, hehe).

I still don’t know where my thesis is headed.  I haven’t even started gathering data for it!  Haha.  But I promised myself I’ll get something done this week, because the deadline for my first draft is already fast approaching.  I dunno, I may be overestimating myself again.  I hope not.  What I do know is I’m afraid to ask guidance from my thesis adviser, because she’s scary like that.

I missed hanging out here at Maskom.  I don’t go here that often because I don’t have classes here anymore.  It’s kinda disorienting how there are a lot of new faces around (again, how many times do I have to notice that?).  But CMC is still CMC, and it’s still a second home to me.

Zone out!  I’ma try to help Elsie forealz na.  Hahaha so hiphop di bagay.  :P


Been trying to lose weight lately.  But do you want to lose weight now?  You might wanna try Decaslim!

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I just woke up from a short sleep after pulling an all-nighter encoding data for my Computer-Assisted Reporting class.  Yes, encoding data, like those things you do in BS Statistics. When I took this course I thought I knew what I was getting into.  Apparently not.  Haha.

We were tasked to analyze the “agenda” of newspapers by looking at its front-page articles and analyzing the methods behind their decision-making.  It sounds easy at first but when you learn that you’d have to analyze 14 front pages containing around 7 to 8 articles each which amouns to more or less 110 to 120 cases–well, you tend to get overwhelmed. (more…)

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“Wake me up / when September ends…” or so the famous Green Day song goes.  Let me alter it a bit and say “Let me sleep / when September ends…”  Yes, please, I want to sleep. In a student’s life, the month of October poses a relief from all the academic stress that have just passed by.

In other words, Sem Break is here again.

And because vacation is already rearing its very beautiful head, I’m starting to lose interest in my academics.  I know that ordinarily, I should give my best during the last stretch of school.  But the thought of being able to relax and unwind soon is just too tempting to ignore.  No more acne-inducing all-nighters, no more crammed papers, no more rushed reports, no more requirements, readings, library hours… all gone!  (For a week or two, at least)


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For a college student like myself, the months of September and March become peak moments in our lives as students.  To most, this is a duration often dubbed as “crunch time.”  Requirements are hurriedly done, studying for exams crammed in one nights, missed classes and a lot of other academic complications that just pile up one after the other.

There wouldn’t be much of a problem if a day has around 48 to 72 hours in it.  But no, things have to be squeezed into a 24-hour schedule that sometimes, even the most basic needs such as sleep and food are being sacrificed in order to complete one’s task for the day.  Suddenly, talking watches become a necessity to wake one up from a deep slumber in order to–once again–do more work. (more…)

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Post Subtitle:  The Field Trip that Shouldn’t Have Been

There’s a saying that goes something like “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”  Going by that logic, we can therefore conclude that if there’s no will, then no way.  Haha.  I’m not making any sense here.  My point is best illustrated thus in Filipino:  Kapag gusto may paraan, kapag ayaw maraming dahilan.

Oh there were a million reasons, alright.  Reasons to not go to the PI100 (Rizal) Field Trip yesterday.  Here’re the top 3 reasons why:


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So here I go again, ranting like I really meant the things that I write, dumping all the stressful things in my life in this blog.  Haha.  I’m increasingly getting self-aware of all the things I do in here.  ‘Cause the past few months, it’s nothing but one thing: Stress.  Goodness.  I never realized Senior Year could get this stressful.

However, unlike the past few weeks when all the academic requirements piled up and caused a great amount of burden on me, these days, stress is coming from other things, something exogenous, out of the system ika nga ni Samuelson.  Academic load is actually light recently, and all that is causing me stress are extra-curricular activities.  Muh. (more…)

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The first time I heard the word “Raketista,” my journalist-editor instincts immediately kicked in.  I thought the word was misspelled, that it should’ve been “Rakista” instead of “Raketista.”  Soon, I found out why they used the word.

A raketista is someone who has many “raket,” or “sideline jobs” in English.  College students are found to be prone to become raketistas, considering that college education in the country is pretty expensive.  That is why a small business opportunity can slowly become a well of income for these students in need.

So why am I talking about raketistas?  ‘Cause I’m slowly becoming one.  I hope I can find more “rakets” soon.  Haha.  Just to fund this somewhat expensive schooling.  And, of course, to unwind once in a while.  Everybody needs rest to be able to tackle crucial matters as academics.  Agree?

So, bring on the rakets!  Ring me if you know one.  Hehe.

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I attended Ms. Sheila Coronel’s Centennial Lecture last Friday, having been required by our thesis professor for reasons unbeknownst to us (aka she didn’t want to teach that day?  haha.  I’m guessing).  Prior to our prof’s announcement, I was itching to ditch my thesis class because Ms. Coronel’s lecture was related to my thesis, anyway.  Besides, I slaved over my thesis the whole night (and now I need acne cures pronto!), so I wasn’t really in the mood to study.  So at quarter to one, I was resolved to ditch class.

But the stars seem to have aligned that day: the professor promptly canceled the class and ordered everyone to attend the lecture.  If this wasn’t destiny, I don’t know what it is. (more…)

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People always tell me to do the things that I love and I will be happy.  When I was having second thoughts with my chosen course for college, they told me to go where I wanted to go and in the end all my fears will be put to rest.  When confronting a personal relationship problem, they told me to go where my heart tells me to go, and everything will fall in its rightful place.

CommRes101 Final Paper night.  One of the best academic overnights of my entire college life.  =)

CommRes101: Simply one of the most memorable academic overnights I’ve had in my entire college life

Suffice to say, that little piece of advice from several years ago hasn’t failed me even once today. (more…)

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