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Just got back from an interview with Ms. Janette Toral, one of the people at the forefront of promoting and protecting e-commerce in the Philippines.  Suffice to say that even though the interview was short, it was very insightful.  And essentially, nalaman kong sobrang dami pa ng trabahong kailangan kong gawin.  Shet!  Argh.  Pero kaya ‘toooo!

Tomorrow is my first interview with a lawyer, Sir Butch Dado of  This is a crucial one, since my thesis revolves around this.  Let’s hope it turns out well.

Grabe.  Alam ko namang magulo ang history ng blogosphere, hindi ko lang narealize na ganun pala talaga kagulo, and maraming nangyaring kailangan pang ungkatin.

On to make history, literally!


When I finish this thesis, I promise to reward myself, something along the levels of an xbox 360 or a new luxurious watch.  Haha.  That is, if I have enough money!  😛

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On Being Broke
I hit an all-time financial low this morning, thanks to the failure of my bank to deliver my atm card on time.  I don’t know why I have all these instincts that things will, somehow, go wrong yet I never follow them.  I’m intuitive and at the same time stubborn like that.  ‘Cause last night I already thought of this possibility.  ‘Cause this morning I already thought of texting the branch manager to ask if said card is already there, but didn’t.  ‘Cause on the way to the bank I was double-taking myself, deciding if I should go to school instead and drop by the bank at a later time.

I’m such a stubborn little child.  I never learn.  But thanks to my wise maneuverings, I was able to come up with some cash to get me through the day.  Thank God for sending such generous people my way.  They will be rewarded eventually.  =) (more…)

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This week, UP Journalism Club, my org in CMC, is celebrating its anniversary week.  To lowlives aka members like us, this of course spells stress because we have to come up with and attend activities to make our anniversary week relevant not only to us but to other masscomm students as well.

I just finished ironing my polo for tomorrow’s event, a forum on libel, which I will be hosting.  (Come to think of it the last time I ironed my clothes was way back in high school.  Jeez!  Naalala ko bigla kung gano kahirap mag-plantsa, leche!)  I also just came from our poetry night at Maginhawa St., where Alamid also performed!  I was giddy excited about them because I love their song, Your Love, so much.  I also got a chance to recite Awit ng Pag-Ibig XX, Pablo Neruda’s Love Song # 20 translated in Filipino by Virgilio Almario.  When I got to the lines Hindi ko na siya mahal, people started reacting violently, obviously alluding to my recently-concluded relationship (naks, parang event lang.  haha).  But of course it doesn’t come with a But, for the next lines were ngunit minahal ko siya nang lubusan. Odiba may ganon.  Hahaha ang fun, naging stand-up comedy ang poetry reading ko.  =P

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I used to hate Jimmy Bondoc back in the day (naks, parang ang tanda lang).  I seriously thought he’s that jologs type of performer, what with his seemingly novelty hits that hit the airwaves (do I hear “I believe” Tagalized version playing in the background?).  His most-remembered hit, Let Me Be The One, however, is an exception.

But there’s another Jimmy Bondoc song that I really, really like.  The first time I heard this, it made me cry real hard.  The message of the song went straight to my heart.  Yes, ganun siya kagaling.  Ang ganda ng words, ang ganda ng melody.  This song was released through the album Sumibol, a collection of songs from Dulaang Sibol, Ateneo’s premier theater organization. (more…)

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I’m in CMC right now, trying to help out (“trying” being the operative word, ’cause I’m obviously blogging here) my good friend Elsie iron out the preparations for their org’s anniversary week.  We just came from a sleepover at Jali’s place in Antipolo, where we tried to do our respective theses (again, “tried” being the operative word, hehe).

I still don’t know where my thesis is headed.  I haven’t even started gathering data for it!  Haha.  But I promised myself I’ll get something done this week, because the deadline for my first draft is already fast approaching.  I dunno, I may be overestimating myself again.  I hope not.  What I do know is I’m afraid to ask guidance from my thesis adviser, because she’s scary like that.

I missed hanging out here at Maskom.  I don’t go here that often because I don’t have classes here anymore.  It’s kinda disorienting how there are a lot of new faces around (again, how many times do I have to notice that?).  But CMC is still CMC, and it’s still a second home to me.

Zone out!  I’ma try to help Elsie forealz na.  Hahaha so hiphop di bagay.  😛


Been trying to lose weight lately.  But do you want to lose weight now?  You might wanna try Decaslim!

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I’ve started jogging a few weeks back.  Somehow, I realized, I need to take care of myself.  Too many people have told me that I was fatter than the last time they saw me.  I decided it was time to do something about my sordid situation.  And so I started jogging.  It felt really good, finally being able to pamper and think of myself, for a change.  Jogging provides endorphins, which makes me really happy (yeah, I know, it’s my natural drug).  I haven’t felt more relieved or happy in a while.  Finally, I’m feeling good about myself again.  I tend to forget myself sometimes, but not anymore.

Consecutively, I’ve also started my no-rice diet.  For several years I’ve been used with it, but I decided it’s contributing too much to my weight but too little to my well-being.  It’s been three weeks.  I figured I can live my life perfectly well without it.

I also dumped soft drinks.  I thought I couldn’t live without it, but now I realize I could.  I only drink water or fruit juices now.  It’s a big change, but I like it, it makes me feel good about myself.

More significant changes in my life are coming, including an admin job search and soul-searching for my future.

This is all too new for me.

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