There is something about the witching hour of three in the morning that puts my writing senses on hyperdrive.  There is something about the obvious silence of the house disturbed solely by the whirring of a nearby fan.  There is something in the fact that you are the only one awake and everybody else is sleeping.  There is something in all these and more–this is the time of the day when the writer in me takes over, splits myself into two like Tyler Durden in Fight Club, conversing with each other even if they’re one and the same.

I need coffee makers.  I need drugs.  I need stress!  I need something that could get me into this trance every once in a while.


I have renewed my long-forgotten addiction to Facebook lately, thanks to encouraging friends who did nothing but influence my life decisions lately.  And because this time is simply a “transitional period” in the school year (those difficult two months sandwiched by two long and lazy vacations), we’re not on our toes and would haphazardly skip classes in the name of thesis (yeah, right), among other things.

So sue me.  I promise I’d get back on my feet come January.


Speaking of thesis, it hasn’t been moving a lot lately.  In fact, it hasn’t been moving at all.  Haha.  Thanks goes out to a very encouraging “thesis partner” (Tyler Durden) who did nothing but convince me to go check my Facebook profile every five minutes for updates from friends.

I am Jack’s digested vomit ready to be bulimicized.


I’ve upgraded this WordPress blog into version 2.7 a few hours ago.  Frankly, I’m liking the new backend.  Which is also the reason why I had to shift templates–to maximize the new features added (Threaded Comments, among other things.  I know, right?) and to clean up the clutter I’ve made in the last one.  I haven’t been writing a lot lately, thanks to all the mundane things that have been eating my life lately–school, classes, papers, whatnots.  The only thing keeping me interested at this time of the year is my Art Stud prof’s knack for surprising us with her out-of-this-world fashion sense every school day (like when last week she wore All White–“I believe I’m wearing white underwear as well!”  She’s such a psychofreak we love her so much).


Have you seen the latest Gossip Girl yet?  Best.  Effing.  Episode.  Ever. Enough said.

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