The most hotly contested seat in the world has finally gained the man who will sit on its throne as Barack Obama, the first ever African-American President of the United States of America, sweeps the Presidential elections with a staggering landslide.

Many have projected an Obama win early on in the presidential race but McCain fought ’til the end.  Now that the US has decided the fate of its country, it’s time for us, Filipinos, to ruminate on our own.

It’s appalling to note, however, the ignorance of former President Estrada in commenting that he doesn’t care about an Obama presidency, citing that it is the Filipino people who will raise the country to prosperity.  The ex-president has a valid point, but he refuses to acknowledge that part of that prosperity is foreign relations and the global economy, where the United States is obviously one of the big players.  We should also not discount the fact that we are living in a neo-colonial society, not far from the grips of the US.  Therefore any changes in governance in policy in the US indirectly affects the Philippines.

Kuya Tonyo observes how Filipinos have become “addicted” to monitoring the US Elections (sometimes, I think, more addicted to it than walking down las vegas strip for gambling and entertainment).  I just hope we could be as enthusiastic watchdogs in our very own elections, which we know for a fact is far dirtier (and therefore in need of more monitoring) than the US elections.  Maybe we can channel this “addiction” into monitoring and providing information about the upcoming 2010 elections.

The Internet played a big role in covering the 2008 US Elections.  Blogs, Twits and Plurks–among many other means–have helped spread information and kept careful eye on every detail of the election.  Now, more than ever, the watchdog function has become more participatory than before.  Now we don’t only have NAMFREL and PPCRV to channel our efforts in–we could actually start our own election monitoring efforts right from the comforts of our living room.

As early as now, blogs like (an election watchblog) are being born to further this cause of keeping a safe and honest election.  I hope more and more Filipinos, through the Internet or any other available means, will be up in arms in struggling to protect one of the most precious democratic rights we all have.

Expect me to be one of those Filipinos.  I hope you can be one of those, too.

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