That was my wish approximately four years ago, on my 16th birthday.  I don’t know why, or maybe it’s just because of the camwhore in me, but I really wanted a webcam to go and take pictures of myself with.  On that birthday, two of my closest friends, Ron and Friday, granted my wish and gifted me with my very own Creative Webcam Vista.  That was one of my most memorable birthdays ever!

Photo courtesy of Yuga

Right now, there are a lot of webcams for sale, and most of them come very, very cheap.  And I don’t know by what gravitational pull of the universe it is again, but I want a new webcam!  (I sold the Creative webcam several years ago, because, well, I grew tired of taking photos of myself.  Hahaha yeah, that’s possible)  I’ve been thinking of buying one for weeks (while another friend craves a pop up tv for Christmas) and have actually saved a few bucks for it.

In any case, Yuga‘s sponsoring a contest right now, and he’ll be giving away webcams to four lucky readers who answers his question and four other readers who blogs about the contest.  Yebah!  His contest came in a time when I’m thinking of buying my own webcam.  Now let’s see if I’ll win! XD

3 Responses to “I want a webcam!”
  1. ron says:! i want to have one. hehehe!

  2. Gian says:

    I rarely use my webcam. haha.

  3. ron says:
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