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Registration in the University of the Philippines is an obvious hell.  The queues are very long (a clear understatement!), the registration assistants always run out of patience, and if you’re not lucky enough, the people you wait in line with are the last ones you’d want to spend five quality hours with.  It’s bad enough that our university’s faltering on facilities and equipment; our registration system is simply the cherry on top of our very worthwhile stay in UP.

Every sem, the CRS (Computerized Registration System) tries to implement new methods to purportedly “ease up” the tension during registration period.  We have all but graduated from the manual enlistment process three semesters ago, but I still couldn’t make up my mind if the change was for the better or for the worse.

For one, since the registration process is generally computer-mediated, everything relies on DilNet’s capabilities to serve the needs of the students.  And, by golly, as we’ve witnessed from several downtimes during the semester, the DilNet isn’t really a reliable network to handle jobs like these.

And since everything is computer-mediated, there is less interaction with the professors who handle the classes.  E-Prerog (electronic prerogative) has been set in place of the traditional teacher’s prerogative, which kind of beats the purpose of the name because the prerogative isn’t the profs at all, but the department’s.  Kinda screwy logic, don’t you think.

Fine, I’ll give it to CRS that its resources and manpower are limited.  But for heaven’s sake, don’t make changes that you know you’re not capable of following through!  The Manual Enlistment Process, even though strenuous and heavy on paperwork and time (all the walking will definitely make you lose pounds, so better keep that diet pill away because there’s no need for that in UP!), is actually a bit more efficient than the current system in that the class slots are properly distributed to those people who really need it.  Moreover, the students could easily transfer to another queue for another subject if they learn that the classes have already closed.

Good thing I’m a priority student this sem because I’m graduating.  My status right now is very much coveted by the lower years.  Taking cue from Paulo Coelho, the universe will literally conspire to  help you achieve that missing subject and make you graduate.  Haha!  Feels like a king to be graduating.  But sometimes, the charm doesn’t work, and everything turns into grand-you-waiting.  Hahaha.  Paghihintay talaga nang bonggang bongga!

Of course, there’s a silver lining.  There should always be a silver lining. Registrations in UP have become sweet memories of reuniting with batchmates after a long sem-break–yes, even if we’ve bid our goodbyes just two weeks ago.  Not seeing these people that long is somewhat unbearable.  Their noise, personalities and enthusiasm just grows on you.  I believe Maskom is one of the college with the noisiest registration days.  Just one person who comes up the staircase is greeted with fangirl screams, hugs and kisses.

Makes you really feel like you’re home.

FAKKK, I’m gonna miss my home.  I’m gonna miss Maskom! *tears, tears*

Okay, enough with the drama.  I’m glad I got to have spent this day with friends whom I missed sorely.  Especially you, Calatagan Chururus!  Hahaha.  We’ll have a reunion on Friday, you better be there! =D

Shout out to Dyan and Claire!  Happy Birthday girlsss!  Hahaha.  Welcome to 20th Century Fakkks!  Hahaha.

6 Responses to “The Last Registration”
  1. ron says:

    meron rin palang ganito sa skul niyo? akala ko samin lang may ganito. nako wait till you see what the philippine regulations commission has to offer…hehehe! hell talaga!

  2. gentle says:

    crs was a fairly new system na inimplement just a sem bago ako gumradweyt.. wel, nothing beats manual enlistment talaga! yun lang. 🙂 its nice, stumbling on your blog. 🙂 na-reminisce ko tuloy mga prerog days ko. da best talaga! *teary eyed*

  3. Gian Paolo says:

    *scratches head* Registration in our department is waaaay better. In our dept, it’s actually the profs who decide which students to enlist in the ePrerog..aaaand almost everyone that I know got all the classes that they needed to enlist in. :p

  4. Gian Paolo says:

    Melchor Hall, however, is an entirely different matter. XD

  5. ikotoki says:

    I miss UP. I miss Maskom.

  6. she says:

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