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Citizen Journalism is at its peak these days, thanks to the power of blogging and the steady increase of broadband subscribers in the country.  If you’re new to the medium and want to find out ways on how to effectively put it to good use, you might want to attend the Pinoy Citizen Journalism Seminar entitled “May Kwenta ba kamo?  E-Kuwento mo!” organized by Pinoy Weekly, College Editors Guild of the Philippines, Computer Professionals Union and Agham-Youth, in cooperation with (more…)

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WORK.  It has been catching up with me lately.  And sometimes, a little bit too swiftly.

So ano ang latest chismis?! *hagikgik*

We had our overnight press work last Friday over at Repro printers, the first of a series of all-nighters we’d have to pull if we plan on releasing VOX, our college yearbook, in time for graduation. (more…)

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If you’ve watched the cinemas lately, you might have come across this hilariously-made trailer of Brad Pitt and George Clooney about an ordinary guy who finds a stash of confidential CIA files and deals on what to do with them.  I saw this trailer once during High School Musical and I promised myself I’d watch it once it came out.

Burn After Reading looks like a really good comedy spy movie without all the slapstick antics.  For one, I think Brad Pitt’s really done a good job on this one.  Just watching the trailer made laugh so hard.  Add George Clooney to the picture and what do you get?  An Ocean’s Eleven reunion no less!  And I know everyone loved that star-studded movie.  I think this one’s gonna be just as cool and helluva funnier, that’s why I want to see it!

In any case, Nuffnang, an asian advertising network, is sponsoring the preem of this movie next week, and I thought, “Hey, I want in!”  Haha.  I do hope I can get in.  It’s a great way to start this oh-so-stressful sem.  😛

Disclosure:  I serve nuffnang ads on this blog.  =)

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The most hotly contested seat in the world has finally gained the man who will sit on its throne as Barack Obama, the first ever African-American President of the United States of America, sweeps the Presidential elections with a staggering landslide.

Many have projected an Obama win early on in the presidential race but McCain fought ’til the end.  Now that the US has decided the fate of its country, it’s time for us, Filipinos, to ruminate on our own. (more…)

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That was my wish approximately four years ago, on my 16th birthday.  I don’t know why, or maybe it’s just because of the camwhore in me, but I really wanted a webcam to go and take pictures of myself with.  On that birthday, two of my closest friends, Ron and Friday, granted my wish and gifted me with my very own Creative Webcam Vista.  That was one of my most memorable birthdays ever!

Photo courtesy of Yuga

Right now, there are a lot of webcams for sale, and most of them come very, very cheap.  And I don’t know by what gravitational pull of the universe it is again, but I want a new webcam!  (I sold the Creative webcam several years ago, because, well, I grew tired of taking photos of myself.  Hahaha yeah, that’s possible)  I’ve been thinking of buying one for weeks (while another friend craves a pop up tv for Christmas) and have actually saved a few bucks for it.

In any case, Yuga‘s sponsoring a contest right now, and he’ll be giving away webcams to four lucky readers who answers his question and four other readers who blogs about the contest.  Yebah!  His contest came in a time when I’m thinking of buying my own webcam.  Now let’s see if I’ll win! XD

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Photo courtesy of Jeff Dayrit

Registration in the University of the Philippines is an obvious hell.  The queues are very long (a clear understatement!), the registration assistants always run out of patience, and if you’re not lucky enough, the people you wait in line with are the last ones you’d want to spend five quality hours with.  It’s bad enough that our university’s faltering on facilities and equipment; our registration system is simply the cherry on top of our very worthwhile stay in UP.

Every sem, the CRS (Computerized Registration System) tries to implement new methods to purportedly “ease up” the tension during registration period.  We have all but graduated from the manual enlistment process three semesters ago, but I still couldn’t make up my mind if the change was for the better or for the worse. (more…)

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