The past semester has been nothing but stress.  Papers, exams, requirements and whatnot.  Typical student preoccupations but stressful nonetheless.  Anything that can be attributed to Masscomm or UP instantly becomes toxic thoughts.

That’s why we try hard as we could to find little ‘sanctuaries’ where we can all study, minus all the stressful and toxic thoughts.  Coffee shops are the easy getaways, but some places–like Starbucks Matalino–get too crowded sometimes that it isn’t conducive for studying anymore.

Weeks ago, we hit gold.  As in, gold.  Finally, we found our perfect abode in ‘Kourtyard Caffe’.

Kourtyard is a newly-opened coffee shop cum study place at the Oracle Building in Katipunan.  It’s a gem of a commercial real estate, I’m teling you.  They have cozy leather couches for people who want to chill, and comfortable wooden tables for those who want to talk over cups of coffee.  They also have a specialized study area with cocktail tables with high chairs and–get this–a study bar!

The thing that got me sold on Kourtyard is its Free WiFi! Yeah.  When I study, the place has to have WiFi, otherwise I’d go bonkers with all the stuff I’m reading.  Aside from the free WiFi, plugging in your electronics also comes free of charge.  What more can you ask for?!

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If you’re not salivating yet, I’ll have you know that drinks from Kourtyard, which comes in big mugs or tall glasses, are very cheap.  The tallest glass of ice-blended coffee- or cream-based drinks only cost around 110-130 pesos.  Eat that, Starbucks!

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They also serve a classic array of food such as pastas and sandwiches, all below a hundred bucks.  If you want a full meal, their starters cost only around 130-150 pesos.  Talk about getting the bang for your buck!

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What kills me hard, and I mean hard, is their window seat.  It’s a perfect emo-magnet, I’m telling you.

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Okay, I’m starting to sound like an advertisement already.  Haha.  The point is, my friends and I have been coming here almost everyday for the past weeks, just so we could accomplish all our academic requirements and chill at the same time.  Oh, and before I forget.  For the smokers out there, they also have a special designated place for you here!  Muh.  Talk about being an all-around place for students!

If you’d like to drop by Kourtyard (although I half-wish you don’t, ’cause otherwise it’d get crowded in here and we’d have to find a new place to study.  Heh, I’m selfish like that :P), just visit the Oracle Building write beside Yellow Cab and Flaming Wings.  =)  You can also visit the owner’s multiply site here. 🙂

8 Responses to “Kourtyard Lovin’”
  1. ron says:

    wow… looks like a very cool place to chill with friends. hhehe! don’t worry mate dito ako sa laguna. malayo dyan. ahehehe!

    the food looks tassy lalo na yung spag! waaa!

    thanks for the great ad. hehehe!

    paece out!

  2. Luis says:

    Thanks so much. It’s nice to know what our customers really think about the place. Now, we are more motivated to make it an even better place for students.
    Thanks so much! It means a lot to us!

    Will link back 😀


  3. Gian Paolo says:

    “…just visit the Oracle Building write (sic) beside Yellow Cab and Flaming Wings….”

    -Looks like you’ve been writing too much. Hehe. 😀

  4. Mimi says:

    Kainis. Now more people will go there and get our seats. Boo, JM! Haha! Damot ako. 😛

  5. Jeff says:

    i second mimi’s (e)motion! dadami na tuloy ang tao jan! booooooo JM!

    hehe. just kidding. besides, i won’t even dare set foot in that place. it’s awfully near ateneo. i always feel uninspired and downright shitty whenever i’m in katipunan. you know why. 🙂

  6. Micah says:

    Ugh, I still haven’t been here! MUH. I CANNOT WAIT! Or, I can wait until I get to go with Banker. MWAHAHAHAHA.

    Kainis, your post made me itch na naman to try the place. Hay nako. Next week nga susugod ako sa Kourtyard.

  7. talksmart says:

    Hi. This blog has been nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week award (week 132). You may visit the site and vote. Poll is on the sidebar.

    Good luck.

  8. GeoRge says:

    I’d try any alternative to Starbucks on any day!

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