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I just woke up from a short sleep after pulling an all-nighter encoding data for my Computer-Assisted Reporting class.  Yes, encoding data, like those things you do in BS Statistics. When I took this course I thought I knew what I was getting into.  Apparently not.  Haha.

We were tasked to analyze the “agenda” of newspapers by looking at its front-page articles and analyzing the methods behind their decision-making.  It sounds easy at first but when you learn that you’d have to analyze 14 front pages containing around 7 to 8 articles each which amouns to more or less 110 to 120 cases–well, you tend to get overwhelmed.

I admit that I slacked off a bit on this, primarily because I still had other requirements to finish.  The confident procrastinator in me thought I could finish encoding in about 5 hours.  Confident, huh? 12.  I finished it in twelve goddamn hours. Muh.  That was the longest 12 hours of my life, considering that 12 hours is long already.

And now both my shoulders are aching, probably because of too much stress.  The night before, Micah and I also pulled an all-nighter finishing our final paper for Ethics, which was a case study of the Mariannet Amper suicide issue.  If we didn’t know any better, we could’ve committed suicide ourselves right then and there.  Haha.

I learned that encoding statistics is hard as hell.  For one, we had to analyze individual articles and make judgment calls on whether or not they belong to this category or what.  Careful analysis is crucial because each case matters to the conclusion in the end.  My classmates were all panicking when they saw something wrong with our coding template.  Thank God I did it late and merely incorporated their changes, hehehe.

What’s interesting is that I got pretty interesting results when I ran the data I encoded.  For example, that the story which landed on the front page of the Inquirer the most last year were related to government personalities and Human Rights Violations.  Cool, eh?  And that was just my data on the Inquirer.  Who knows what Manila Bulletin or Star has up on its sleeves?

I used to think that Statistics is something done by those number geeks who’ve had too much time in their hands.  And now I’m doing it, and, fortunately, I’m loving it!  Haha.  Only the encoding is the stressful part.  At least we didn’t have to survey around and give out personalized pens as giveaways just to obtain our data.  Hehe.  In any case, I know this’ll be pretty useful to whatever job I take in the future.  =)

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  1. kroaky says:

    Grabe ang nasa graph ha. Napa-woah na lang ako. >_<

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