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I know, right? It’s the last emotion you’d expect to feel watching a teeny-bopper film that’s not even a least bit emotional to begin with. But I did. I cried. At the last scenes when everyone was wearing their toga, and Ms. Darbus was calling out their names and telling the whole world the paths they chose for themselves.

The slow rhythm of “We’re All In This Together” was playing in the background. The sight of everyone wearing their red togas made a faucet out of my eyes. I was confused. I didn’t know why I was crying.  I tried to hold it back, thinking that people nearby would think I’m such a dork, crying over a teen movie.  But I couldn’t fight the tears. It could be the sentimentality of the scene making me imagine the scene of my own graduation. But it could also be tears welled up by pent-up emotions that have been meaning to find release. Whatever the reason was, I didn’t care. That scene would forever be etched in my memory. (more…)

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The past semester has been nothing but stress.  Papers, exams, requirements and whatnot.  Typical student preoccupations but stressful nonetheless.  Anything that can be attributed to Masscomm or UP instantly becomes toxic thoughts.

That’s why we try hard as we could to find little ‘sanctuaries’ where we can all study, minus all the stressful and toxic thoughts.  Coffee shops are the easy getaways, but some places–like Starbucks Matalino–get too crowded sometimes that it isn’t conducive for studying anymore.

Weeks ago, we hit gold.  As in, gold.  Finally, we found our perfect abode in ‘Kourtyard Caffe’. (more…)

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I just woke up from a short sleep after pulling an all-nighter encoding data for my Computer-Assisted Reporting class.  Yes, encoding data, like those things you do in BS Statistics. When I took this course I thought I knew what I was getting into.  Apparently not.  Haha.

We were tasked to analyze the “agenda” of newspapers by looking at its front-page articles and analyzing the methods behind their decision-making.  It sounds easy at first but when you learn that you’d have to analyze 14 front pages containing around 7 to 8 articles each which amouns to more or less 110 to 120 cases–well, you tend to get overwhelmed. (more…)

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