“Wake me up / when September ends…” or so the famous Green Day song goes.  Let me alter it a bit and say “Let me sleep / when September ends…”  Yes, please, I want to sleep. In a student’s life, the month of October poses a relief from all the academic stress that have just passed by.

In other words, Sem Break is here again.

And because vacation is already rearing its very beautiful head, I’m starting to lose interest in my academics.  I know that ordinarily, I should give my best during the last stretch of school.  But the thought of being able to relax and unwind soon is just too tempting to ignore.  No more acne-inducing all-nighters, no more crammed papers, no more rushed reports, no more requirements, readings, library hours… all gone!  (For a week or two, at least)

Agh.  I’d give anything to finish all this madness in one fell swoop.  I badly need rest right now.

And I know I deserve that rest.  I know, especially this semester.  One of the most stressful–if not THE most stressful–semesters in my entire college life.

Nevertheless, I know I’d miss the incredibly unexplainable high that studying is giving me.  I know.  And that makes me not want to leave school.

Ang gulo ko, I know.  Haha.

4 Responses to “Slowly Losing Interest”
  1. ron says:

    just hang in there 🙂 ako nga rin puro acne na mukha! hehehe!

  2. GeoRge says:

    You know what JM, you need to rest. Utilize this sem break as your last pitstop before graduation. Reserve your excitement and energy for next semester. 🙂

  3. Gian Paolo says:

    Last sembreak mo na ito JM. Make the most out of it. 🙂

  4. Nicholas says:

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