For a college student like myself, the months of September and March become peak moments in our lives as students.  To most, this is a duration often dubbed as “crunch time.”  Requirements are hurriedly done, studying for exams crammed in one nights, missed classes and a lot of other academic complications that just pile up one after the other.

There wouldn’t be much of a problem if a day has around 48 to 72 hours in it.  But no, things have to be squeezed into a 24-hour schedule that sometimes, even the most basic needs such as sleep and food are being sacrificed in order to complete one’s task for the day.  Suddenly, talking watches become a necessity to wake one up from a deep slumber in order to–once again–do more work.

Such is the life of a student.  Oh yeah, how I wish it would end.

But then again, I know for a fact that I’ll miss this kind of “unscheduled routine.”  I’ll miss the deadlines, the write-ups, the screwy presentations, the running around for interviews… oh dear, let us not start, please.

All in all, it’s comforting to know that soon I’d be “out there” using the things I learned in College in the pursuit of my chosen profession.  But more importantly, once I get “out there,” I know I can do a lot of things to achieve the change I want to see in society.  Little by little, we’ll get there.

I’m such a sentimental guy, so sue me. =P

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  1. ron says:

    academic life is indeed really challenging. prepares you for what’s other beyond the four walls of your classroom 🙂

    ano kaya feeling kapag UP student? hmmm

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