In life, there are only two things I don’t think twice splurging on:  food and books.  I don’t care about fashion that much, and gadgets are a tad too expensive to regularly devote money on.  That is why I always find myself inside food stalls or book stores to give me those cheap thrills I want every once in a while.

Whenever I go home to our house in Mandaluyong, I stop by this little stall in Forum Robinsons before going back to the apartment.  It’s a nice little store filled with second-hand books of different interests.  On my first day of going there, I got a Writing book entitled Writing down the bones for just 120 pesos.  I think it was a good buy because even if it’s been written more than 20 years ago, the techniques and the tips are actually very helpful.

Now that it’s Book Fair season once again, my love and lust for books is slowly going wild.  Where else can you buy great books at uber marked down prices?  Okay, so sometimes the books don’t come cheap in the Book Fair but the fact that you can get almost all your book needs and wants in one place is something that shouldn’t be missed.  Last year, I got a few interesting books such as the PCIJ classic From Loren to Marimar.  I also got a book about Nancy Cartwright, the voice actor for Bart of The Simpsons.  There are funny titles in the book fair, too, such as Dennis C Carey books on CEO Replacement, which I think every scheming rank and file employee should get.  Hehe.

Books can get pretty expensive, but I treat them as investments.  Most of the time, I hoard books from the book fair even if I know I’m not going to read them anytime soon; I just like to have them in my stash if ever I need a good book to read in the future.  I treat my books as little packets of memories readily accessible when needed, and so I don’t think twice when buying books because I know the Return on my Investment is very, very high.

I hope I have enough money to buy the Twilight Series in the book fair.  How about you, what book are you planning to buy soon?

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