So here I go again, ranting like I really meant the things that I write, dumping all the stressful things in my life in this blog.  Haha.  I’m increasingly getting self-aware of all the things I do in here.  ‘Cause the past few months, it’s nothing but one thing: Stress.  Goodness.  I never realized Senior Year could get this stressful.

However, unlike the past few weeks when all the academic requirements piled up and caused a great amount of burden on me, these days, stress is coming from other things, something exogenous, out of the system ika nga ni Samuelson.  Academic load is actually light recently, and all that is causing me stress are extra-curricular activities.  Muh.

When I told myself I’d go all out on extra-curriculars this year, I apparently didn’t know what I was talking about.  Now, I’m swamped with duties and obligations I found myself into.  And somehow, I can’t stop myself from taking on more and more responsibilities.  It’s like the sensible side of my brain who thinks and re-thinks decisions has been turned off.  Haha.  And now, I find myself in a heap of responsibilities I know I can’t get out of.

Of course, there’s a caveat.  There’s probably a reason why I can’t say no to these things.  I love doing these things.  I love being part of the organizing committee, or the planning committee, or being just the all-around runner for different tasks.  I don’t know, but what I know is that it’s very straining especially on the upper part of my body.  What I also know is that it gives me a very different high when I do these things.

Just yesterday I practically walked all around the campus just to do some tasks (and to find some things as well).  I was practically pespiring buckets, like a fine Hansgrohe faucet left open, spilling oceans of water on my clothes.  But the feeling of relief comes soon afterward, when you realize that what you’re doing is something you find worth in.

So what have I been busy with lately?  Here, take a look:

  • VOX 2009 Yearbook.  We’re still in the planning stages but the pictorials are coming soon (which reminds me, I still don’t have a freakin’ creative shot!!!).  We’re doing preliminary things on the layout and other sections of the annual, and the write-ups should start pouring in soon as well.  This will be one of the causes of major stress in the coming months.  But knowing that I’ve got one heck of a staff whose enthusiasm for work just about surpasses mine–MYGAHD.  It’s all worth it.
  • UP Journalism Club Honorary Membership.  I’m applying as HM for this org because a friend invited me to, and I agreed.  Haha.  I know I’ve said before that I’m against application processes in orgs in UP, but the great thing about this HM in UPJC is that we just have to organize one event for the org.  And that event’s next month already, so now we’re on our toes running around fixing everything before that day comes.  Haha.
  • ISA Party.  I ran under this party last year and now we’re a full-fledged political organization.  We’ve been doing little things lately, and we’re prepared to do other stuff soon.  Tomorrow we’ll attend the Ayala Young Leader’s Forum, something that I found myself interested in because the speakers were very interesting:  Among Ed, Jesse Robredo and Grace Padaca to name a few.  Wow.  I know I can get really inspiring lessons from these people, so I made it sure I’d go.

So there.  Those things on top of academic requirements now piling up because it’s the last month of the sem–CRUNCH TIME.  Dump Thesis on top of that.  And other variables that make life very stressful…

…yet very much worth living day to day.  Gahd I couldn’t be more happy than this.

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