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“Wake me up / when September ends…” or so the famous Green Day song goes.  Let me alter it a bit and say “Let me sleep / when September ends…”  Yes, please, I want to sleep. In a student’s life, the month of October poses a relief from all the academic stress that have just passed by.

In other words, Sem Break is here again.

And because vacation is already rearing its very beautiful head, I’m starting to lose interest in my academics.  I know that ordinarily, I should give my best during the last stretch of school.  But the thought of being able to relax and unwind soon is just too tempting to ignore.  No more acne-inducing all-nighters, no more crammed papers, no more rushed reports, no more requirements, readings, library hours… all gone!  (For a week or two, at least)


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They say that the hardest part in writing is in thinking of what to write.  I say the topic is not a problem, for if one is really a writer he could write about a lot of things, no matter how boring or navel-gazing these topics may be.

For me the real challenge is putting that pen to paper–or, in our vastly digital world, stroking the first letters on that keyboard.  Topics come around once in a while; in fact, I can even write about having a hard time thinking of a topic.  But thinking of words to open these things up?  That’s when I usually meet a brick wall. (more…)

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So here’s the game plan: go through five more months of schooling, excel in everything and dabble in anything, work on The Great Thesis, pass all requirements, finish the yearbook and graduate, hopefully with flying, shining, shimmering rainbow colors.

Easier said than done, of course. Easier said objectively as well, sans all the melodramatic necessities of a change of phase (or is it pace?). Such is the life of a journalist: almost completely devoid of emotions, distant from any situation that may compromise the output.

But real life is not a news article. Far from it, actually. Real life has overnights, drinking sessions and partying in between. It has crying sessions, farewell letters, group hugs and bonding moments that seem like eulogies for the dead. It has all the sentimentality that goes with a Kimerald movie, no matter how cheesy or corny it may be. It has all these and more, not just a few one-paragraph sentences capped with the dreaded “30” or a sharp sharp in the end.

After this, everything changes. Change that doesn’t begin with Meanwhile, a 20-year old student of Mass Communication decides to leave school—for good. It is a change that shall prove pivotal to The Big Plan, that one that sets the course of one’s lifetime. (more…)

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For a college student like myself, the months of September and March become peak moments in our lives as students.  To most, this is a duration often dubbed as “crunch time.”  Requirements are hurriedly done, studying for exams crammed in one nights, missed classes and a lot of other academic complications that just pile up one after the other.

There wouldn’t be much of a problem if a day has around 48 to 72 hours in it.  But no, things have to be squeezed into a 24-hour schedule that sometimes, even the most basic needs such as sleep and food are being sacrificed in order to complete one’s task for the day.  Suddenly, talking watches become a necessity to wake one up from a deep slumber in order to–once again–do more work. (more…)

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Recently I met up with a friend whom I haven’t seen for quite a long time.  He just broke-up with his girlfriend of more than a year and suffice to say, he was a bit depressed about it.  We willingly joined him as he talked about what happened in their relationship and all the realizations he’s made because of their bitter break-up.

While trying to explain the nature of her ex-girlfriend’s attitude, he ventured a guess and told me that she has a very painful childhood that’s why she’s acting the way she does.  Upon hearing this, I immediately grew angry because it reminded me of a “friend” I had back then who always made an excuse out of her painful experiences in the past.

I don’t know if I’m alone in my perception that we shouldn’t be dwelling on our past and making it an excuse to act lousilly in the present.  People who dwell in their bad experiences in the past are hopeless.  They’re not going to be understood by people if they continue to slap their painful experiences to justify their present shortcomings.  I am just enraged because there are a lot of people who suffer a bigger deal of pain and yet they don’t perceive life negatively and instead use their painful experiences as stepping stones to turn their lives around.

People like my friend’s ex-girlfriend and this “friend” of mine is hopeless.  They need medical attention.  But I don’t think even that can save them.  Only they can help themselves.

Sorry for this little rant, kailangang maipagpag eh.  Hehehe.

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Photo courtesy of Ronin Bautista

For the second time in a row, the UP Pep Squad conquered the Big Dome with loud cheers, roaring stunts and breathtaking moves to come out as the 2008 UAAP Cheerdance Competition Champions!

Okay, major gloating happenin’ in here.  I’m sure everybody’s trash talking again, but I just have to say this: I can’t believe we’re champions again!!!  Haha.  I honestly thought FEU would grab the crown from us.  Their routine was very well-executed, no mess whatsoever!  And it was so appealing to the eyes, especially if you watch it on TV.  I just watched on TV (regardless if our tv furniture isn’t that nice, so I sat on the floor instead) because it was very hard to get tickets. (more…)

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Two weeks ago I found out that I became lactose intolerant.  For several days my stomach was aching and my poop was very liquid.  For a while I experienced a bout of dehydration that made me very woozy throughout the day.

My dad told me I may have amoebiasis.  He made me eat lots of bananas for potassium.  Thankfully, the stomach ache went away. (more…)

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Post Subtitle:  The Field Trip that Shouldn’t Have Been

There’s a saying that goes something like “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”  Going by that logic, we can therefore conclude that if there’s no will, then no way.  Haha.  I’m not making any sense here.  My point is best illustrated thus in Filipino:  Kapag gusto may paraan, kapag ayaw maraming dahilan.

Oh there were a million reasons, alright.  Reasons to not go to the PI100 (Rizal) Field Trip yesterday.  Here’re the top 3 reasons why:


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In life, there are only two things I don’t think twice splurging on:  food and books.  I don’t care about fashion that much, and gadgets are a tad too expensive to regularly devote money on.  That is why I always find myself inside food stalls or book stores to give me those cheap thrills I want every once in a while. (more…)

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Three weeks to go, and I’d take that dreaded photo–that one photo that will forever be enshrined as THE grad photo.  I actually have a lot of qualms.  I don’t know how to smile properly.  I still don’t have a creative shot.  I don’t know what to wear.  I don’t know if my hair is right.  I still look ridiculously big (ugh.  must.  drink.  diet pills!), add ten pounds since it’s on camera.  Sigh.  How I wish I was born photogenic and sexy (haha!).

Well, just like anything, Bahala na si Batman! 😛

How about you?  How did YOU prepare for your grad photoshoot?

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So here I go again, ranting like I really meant the things that I write, dumping all the stressful things in my life in this blog.  Haha.  I’m increasingly getting self-aware of all the things I do in here.  ‘Cause the past few months, it’s nothing but one thing: Stress.  Goodness.  I never realized Senior Year could get this stressful.

However, unlike the past few weeks when all the academic requirements piled up and caused a great amount of burden on me, these days, stress is coming from other things, something exogenous, out of the system ika nga ni Samuelson.  Academic load is actually light recently, and all that is causing me stress are extra-curricular activities.  Muh. (more…)

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