The first time I heard the word “Raketista,” my journalist-editor instincts immediately kicked in.  I thought the word was misspelled, that it should’ve been “Rakista” instead of “Raketista.”  Soon, I found out why they used the word.

A raketista is someone who has many “raket,” or “sideline jobs” in English.  College students are found to be prone to become raketistas, considering that college education in the country is pretty expensive.  That is why a small business opportunity can slowly become a well of income for these students in need.

So why am I talking about raketistas?  ‘Cause I’m slowly becoming one.  I hope I can find more “rakets” soon.  Haha.  Just to fund this somewhat expensive schooling.  And, of course, to unwind once in a while.  Everybody needs rest to be able to tackle crucial matters as academics.  Agree?

So, bring on the rakets!  Ring me if you know one.  Hehe.

5 Responses to “Raketista”
  1. Gian Paolo says:

    Ako rin laging open sa mga offers kaya message lang kayo. haha.

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