The wikipedia article on it defines “stress” as the consequence of the failure to adapt to change. Stress happens when two opposing forces interact with each other and the element in the middle gets all the brunt of the collision.  When something seems to be right and it turns out to be totally wrong, that, well, is considered stress.

I am stress personified for the past few days.  I couldn’t fully explain why, or how, it happened, but one thing could possibly be the source:  Thesis.  Grrrr.  I never knew thesis could be this stressful.  Especially if you factor a lot of things in.  Hay.  I hope I can sit somewhere remote, like an old house with a porch in the desert, with extended rooms and recreational spots and elegant patio furniture covers, where I can inhale the sand-filled air and chillax for a moment, taking everything in.

I badly need a vacation.  Please?  Pretty please?

This is a sloppy post which should fill in the gaps of my blog absence.  Just to let you know I’m still here, even if I know you’re not there anymore (drama!).

11 Responses to “Things That Make You Go “Stress!””
  1. Jeff says:

    Omg JM! stressed ka na nga talaga! na-mali mo pa yung spelling ng “desert”….isang “s” lang po kasi unless gusto mong nasa ibabaw ng cake o ice cream and old house mo. hehe.

    anyway, my heart goes out to you and marian………im sure pinag-hirapan nyo nang bonggang-bongga yung thesis proposal nyo only for it to be rejected by “the forces that be” sa ating “beloved” department.

    pero im sure the two of you will be able to work it out and make things FIERCE in the end. (mag-Tyra Banks ba?)

    btw, you like to inhale sand-filled air? uhm, i bet your lungs won’t like that friend……..hehehehe.

    kaya mo yan JM! Keep it POSITIVE! 🙂

  2. Rosvie says:

    Psst JM. Napadaan 😀

    Stress as the consequence of the failure to adapt to change. Hmm… I suddenly recalled yung one of the most valuable and useful lessons na im trying to incorporate din.

    Sabi nung kakilala ko, for knowledge acquistion and change one has to ADAPT first before you could ADOPT and then ADEPT. 😀

  3. JM says:

    Wahaha thanks for the correction Jeff. I always get that one wrong.

    @Rosvie, thanks for the advice! =)

  4. arjhay says:

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  5. Gian Paolo says:

    Tamang-tama ang Wikipedia. Haha. Hindi pa rin ako makaget-over sa first two years ko sa college, kaya ito, stressed out na din ako.

  6. JM says:

    HAHAHA GIAN. To summarize the years in college:

    1st year – FUN FUN FUN
    2nd year – FUN FUN FUN with minimal STRESS

    Wahahahaha. Gudlak Gian. Two years to go! =)

  7. roneiluke says:

    gosh..thesis…no wonder you;re a stress personified! ahehe! so stressful tlaga yan with the deadlines and all…revisions, sleepless nights and the fact that you’ll soon defend it infront of a panel…hays…i don’t want to experience it again but afer it all, it’s all worth it…sarap ng feeling so go lng! kaya yan!

  8. Carol and Peli says:

    kakasira talaga ng ulo ang thesis. =/ pero kayang kaya yan. goodluck satin!

  9. yoshke says:

    LUUUUUUURV the new layout.

    Stresstabs lang yan. haha.

    Yaan mo, gagraduate ka rin.

  10. Gian Paolo says:

    JM, correction it’s “at least two years to go”. Haha. 😀

  11. Jeff says:

    Hey its funny that in order to destress you have to focus more on destressing activities that in of itself can be stressful

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