Yesterday I left a stage in my life that has been so special to me and entered into more unfamiliar territory.  Yesterday, I turned twenty, leaving my teenage days behind and entered the world of the “twenty-somethings.”

I hope I can say that the transition was easy, that leaving behind a lifestyle you’ve led for seven years is like chaging clothes for the day, but it was not.  Many have been witness to my sudden bouts of emotional fits the past few weeks, as well as my tendencies to act childish in an attempt to stop time and prevent growing altogether.  To these people, for the unnecessary burdens I may have caused them, I apologize.

I guess it’s safe to say, however, that this is one of the most special birthdays of my life.  Not just because I’m entering a new phase in my life, but also because of the many people who’ve made the day very special, by making their presence felt and by giving me gifts. (Good thing nobody gave me bridesmaid gifts because one, no one’s getting married and two, I’m a guy, hello.)

To Ayrie, for the red tumbler with Java Chip Frappuccino inside and the chocolate glazed doughnut that totally made my day, thanks for the sugar- and caffeine-rush you’ve so willingly induced.  To you I owe the energizer bunny vibe throughout the day, and, unfortunately, the sudden meltdown in the afternoon which made me sleepy.  Haha.  Thanks much, A, you’re the best.

To Kuya Luis, Belette, Lorenz and Pao who made the effort of surprising me for dinner, thanks for the company and the laughter we had last night.  Yes, we may have run into some things which turned the day completely around but I still appreciate your presence yesterday.  You guys are the best, regardless.  Let’s hope we’ve learned from what happened last night, kay?

To Dyan who made an excellent surprise for me by giving me a birthday card and an apple logo sticker, thanks for crossing out a long-sought-after item in my wishlist.  And for the funny text messages that made me laugh so hard, hahahaha.  (Act surprised! =P)  Thanks so much, friend, you are dearly treasured.  I have something to show you in the coming days.  Now, Joaqs is truly a poseur laptop.  Hehehe.

To Mae, who was so nice to come over with a cake for me this evening (because she learned that I didn’t have cake yesterday), thanks because even if we knew each other very recently, you put a very wide smile in my face with your kindness and enthusiasm.  =)

To all who greeted me personally through text message, Yahoo! Messenger, Twitter, Multiply and Friendster, thank you guys so much for remembering.  You made me smile all throughout the day.  I received a lot of messages!  Thanks, thanks.  It made me feel so special.

To uMobile who just had to deliver my free sim card yesterday, thank you.  I now have a second number (it’s +63999 300 2994).  Text me!!!

And to all those who forgot to greet me, thank you because you made me laugh. Jali for asking if my birthday is tomorrow, Mimi for realizing that she’s been with me for about an hour yesterday but wasn’t able to greet me, and Chato for putting so much effort into researching when my birthday is but forgetting to greet me.  Hahaha.  It’s all okay, guys, I understand.  You all gave me quite a hearty laugh.

During the morning, the best text message I received was from my mom who sent a few lines from Always be my Baby and told me that I’ll always be her baby.  Thanks so much mom, I had a good laugh and an “awww” moment at the same time.  Hahaha.  Thanks for the “pamana” you gave me, hehehe.  I love you so much!  =)

But in the afternoon, somebody topped it off:

Kumi, upon meeting me by the CMC staircase:

Kumi: Uy, malapit na birthday… ay, tomorrow na birth- ay!!!  Happy Birthday!!!  *hugs*

Hahahaha that one really cracked me up.  Best greeting of the day.   Thanks Kumi!  Grabe, three thought switches all under one breath!  😛

Sadly, there were many misfortunes throughout the day, which really turned my mood around.  A friend’s car’s side mirror got stolen, another friend’s car got bumped by a small truck in the rear bumper, and on our way home from dinner, we were caught by police entering a one-way road (which, for the record, had no one-way sign whatsoever).  I’ll relate the details in a future blog but for now, these’ll do.  I just don’t know why misfortunes always happen during my birthday.  *sigh*  Suffice to know, the weight pretty of what happened pretty much bore down on me today, so if I’ve been specially cranky, I apologize.

In any case, at least it didn’t rain yesterday!  (In QC, at least)  It always rains on my birthday, but yesterday, it didn’t.  So thank heavens!

Again, thanks to all the well-wishers!  I really appreciate it.  God Bless us all!  Shet!  Bente na koooo! =P

4 Responses to “Two Decades and One”
  1. RONeiluke says:

    happy birthday…hehe! parang ang sarap nung bigay ni ms. ayrie..hehe! i’m 21 and it’s ok to be childish sometimes…hehe! wag lang palagi…ako nga parang isip bata pa rin! ahaha! i linked you up…

  2. Gian Paolo says:

    dapat mo na i-update yung “About JM” section mo. hehe.

  3. Jeff says:

    happy birthday dear!

    hehehe…….welcome to (the dark side of) being a twentysomething JM…..

    dana and i have been expecting you…… 🙂

  4. A says:

    🙂 You’re the cat’s pajamas.

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