I could tell it wouldn’t be long.  It’s barely a month to go, and somehow, in some sentimental way, I’m brooding over it.  I know, I know, to some, it’s not such a big deal.  But to me, for the past few years, a year added to my age means an old phase ending and a new phase beginning.  And most of all, the coming one is crucial because I’d be leaving my teenage years and saying hello to my twenty-something years.  Blech.  Even thinking about it makes me puke.

In any case, just like any other birthday, of course I welcome it with joy and optimism.  Likewise, I’m bringing back something I’ve done on my 18th birthday to which many people responded to.  And, guys, it’s my 20th birthday!  So let’s make it special!  Here’s my partial wishlist for all of you well-wishers out there.  Wehehe.  Ang kapal ko!  =P

  • Sony PSP Slim n’ Lite (this one I’ve been wishing for quite a while na. And I think I’m about to get it soon!  Hehe)
  • The latest KikoMachine/Pugad Baboy book (I have the third KikoMachine book already, and I heard there’s a fourth.  I dunno with Pugad Baboy though)
  • A trip out of town with Sam Juan  (Yickee!  Wonder who that is?  Haha.  Just out of town, not necessarily lavish like Mediterranean cruises or trips to the moon, ’cause that’s pushing it)
  • A night with my precious Journ friends (it’s our last year in College, so let’s make it last…  I wanna drink the night out with all of you!  Kamonst guys, let’s do this!!!  =P)
  • Money!!!  Lolz.  Just kiddin’.  But jokes are half-meant.  =P
  • A cool laptop skin for Joaqs.  And throw in an Apple Logo sticker if you may (’cause nobody’s given me their apple stickers yet!  Hmph!) (Thanks D!!!  :D)
  • A Guitar Hero III (for the Wii) guitar.  We already have the game, but we gots no guitar!  Arrrr.
  • [UPDATE 7/6/08] Fake Lacoste Polo Shirts (any color except pink!).  Yep, I want fake ones, ’cause the originals’ fabrics are too smooth for my liking.  The fake ones are a bit stiff and more comfortable, which I prefer.  If you’ve seen me wearing my purple Lacoste shirt, you get the drift.  =P
  • [UPDATE 7/6/08] The whole Twilight series (three for the meantime, since the fourth is still scheduled for release).  I normally don’t spend much on things I know I could get free, that’s why splurging on books isn’t an option.  Haha.  I usually just download E-Books of the books I like, but I think I’d want hard copies of this series just because.  =D
  • [UPDATE 7/7/08] A plain moleskine notebook (the big one, hard cover please).  I guess some people know by now how I absolutely love notebooks and pens.  And some of them also know that I’ve been craving to have a moleskine notebook on my own.  This notebook’s great and it has a hard cover which makes it a perfect notebook to carry around (soft covers are available now, but I don’t want that).  The main thing to frown upon with moleskine notebooks is the price.  The big one costs a little over a thousand bucks.  It’s like the havaianas of notebooks!  Hehe.
  • [UPDATE 7/8/08] A Guyito doll!  You know, that cutesy little carabao mascot of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.  Someone promised to give me one several months back but I think he forgot it already.  *wink wink ehem ehem*

(My, this list is getting longer than I originally planned!  Hahaha.  =P)

Well, I guess that’ll be all for now.  I could update this list if something comes along, but for now, these are all the material things I’m wishing for.  Of course, above all that, I’m hoping for love, patience, understanding and forgiveness that lasts forever and ever and ever.  Yooon eh.  =)

11 Responses to “[UPDATED again] Barely a month to go… (aka the Birthday Wishlist Post)”
  1. Gian Paolo says:

    Ui, sandali na lang yuppie ka na!

    P.S. Good idea. I should make a similar post for my 18th birthday, which is also a month from now. 😀

  2. JM says:

    Ergh! Don’t rub it in! =))

  3. Anj says:

    meron akong kikokomix book 4. belat! hahaha 😀

  4. Jeff says:

    grabe ka JM, emo on one hand tapos sobrang materialistic on the other. kaloka!

    also, there’s NOTHING to be apprehensive about being in your twenties. i’m telling you, there’s absolutely no difference whatsoever. as in WALA. take it from someone born in 1986.

    start worriying when you reach your thirties. bwahahaha!

    anyway, kung birthday wish list ko yan, dalawa lang ang laman nyan: greater tolerance and understanding for LGBTs (coz boy society needs LOADS of it) at isang boyfriend to end the 21-(soon to be 22)-year drought!

    o di ba? something for others and something for myself. san ka pa?!

    btw, what’s wrong with pink? as they say, “real” men wear pink. hahaha! 🙂

  5. JM says:

    @Jeff haha syempre may noble wishes rin naman ako, pero di ko lang sya sa birthday ko ginagawa. =P

    And pagbigyan mo na ko, minsan lang ako maging materialistic (at emo for that matter. =P)

  6. A says:

    Ngayon ko lang ‘to nabasa nang maayos. At OMG Twilight! Me screams EDWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD!


  7. The 29th Manila International Book Fair! | Blue Pencil Chronicles | News and Views of a Journalism Major says:

    […] at least now the book fair is one of the things I’m really saving up for (maybe even grab the Twilight series from there!  And since the 4th book has been released by that time, might as well grab it […]

  8. Gian Paolo says:

    Belated happy birthday, JM!

  9. JM says:

    Thanks Gian! =)

  10. benj says:

    The Guyito doll was given away during the 2005 PIDC, I think. I gave mine to my girlfriend. It’s probably all dusty and moldy right now. hehe

  1. メンズ ファッション バンド検索 says:

    メンズ ファッション バンド検索…

    [UPDATED again] Barely a month to go… (aka the Birthday Wishlist Post) | Blue Pencil Chronicles | News and Views of a Journalism Major…

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