Saturday: Doomsday’s Eve
The beginning of a major life slow-down.  The world, which used to turn on its axis at an average of 24 hours a day and around the sun at 365 1/4 days a year, suddenly stopped in anticipation of its impending doom which should last for an average of 120 minutes on doomsday.

The scene of the crime:  a small saloon by the kingdom’s oil pit.  Our hero turns to his weapon of choice: a magical book of wisdom that promised to contain all the things he needed to know to come face to face with doomsday.  It was a book of wisdom passed on from generation to generation of knights and wizards who used its magic to battle the greatest beasts of their age.  It was believed to have been created by the Son of Samuel, a powerful alchemist from the House of Nord.

But it wasn’t an easy find.  For years people have searched for this book but they all failed.  He scoured the whole kingdom to look for this magical potion book, only to find it lying by a bookkeeper’s shelf one fine evening.  But the possession of the book proved to be an equally daunting task:  the Bookkeeper had it in his possession for 250 years, so he wasn’t too keen on letting go of it.  But the bookkeeper offered a trade, in exchange for 700 silver coins.  Our hero paid heed, despite losing all the riches his mother had left him.  And thus began his epic journey.

Back at the saloon.  Our hero tries to unlock the complex ambiguities with which the book is filled.  He tried every logical way to understand the contents of the book, but to no avail.  Then, on the 12th hour of his stay, when people have come and gone but he remained, he was finally able to break the code.  It was a perplexing combination of letters and symbols that seem to have awakened the thoughts beneath his mind.  It ran through his veins and a moment of realization kicked in.  At last, he knew.  At long last, he had the knowledge and understanding of the ways of the doomsday.  At last, he can come face to face with it and at last, he can battle it.

Sunday:  Doomsday
Our hero prepares to lock head with doomsday.  He grabbed every weapon his hands could get a hold of–bottles of potions for recovery, energy bars for strength, sharp, pointy sticks for weapon.  With the knowledge he had, he knew there’s no way he could falter at the sight of the ghastly beast.  He knew there was no other way to conquer it but to battle with it.  He was afraid, but with what he got from the magical book

The scene of the crime:  doomsday’s castle.  It was a white, shiny fortress filled with trees of knowledge from the Garden of Eden.  Knowledge is doomsday’s greatest weapon, for not everyone in the kingdom possessed the kind of knowledge it had.  It was knowledge superior to any other, a knowledge that could unlock the world’s greatest riches.

But our hero had one thing doomsday didn’t have:  wisdom from the magical book of wisdom.  With it, he knew he could conquer doomsday and end its binding spell against all human.  With it, he knew he could be victorious in conquering doomsday.  And so, he prepared for battle, patiently awaiting the confrontation.  Despite having all the courage in the world, the thought of ceasing from existence didn’t elude his curious mind.  This could be his last battle, so he had to make it a great one.

After several hours of waiting for doomsday, at last, a sign from the skies emerges: it was a dragon, a fierce beast that breathed fire from its mouth.  As he looked back down to earth he saw two men and a woman walking towards his direction.  They were dressed in shiny white cloaks bearing what looked like old, grainy parchments.  This must be doomsday’s minions, he thought.  And he pulled back inside a castle, through the halls and inside a huge room with hundreds of chairs and a chilling atmosphere.

He inspected the room quite a bit.  He surveyed the stone grey walls that made the air seem ripe with suspicion.  He ran his hands through the floor which felt like grass, and ran through the huge room with empty chairs and a commanding platform at the middle.  He didn’t know where he was, but deep inside he knew what that room is.  It was the room of doomsday.

The door suddenly sprang open.  Enter doomsday’s minions, still clad in glowing white cloaks.   They made their way through the aisle and toward the pulpit, where our hero stands nearby.  As they approached, our hero prepares himself for battle.  He pulls out his sticks and pointed it at his head, drawing wisdom from his mind.  The cloaked minions read something from the parchments, and out leapt a glowing white flash of light that made its way to our hero’s head.  With a quick wisk of the stick, wisdom popped out in a bleeding red sphere of light that exploded and scrambled all around the room, devouring the light of knowledge from the minions’ parchments.

As our hero opened his eyes, he saw the cloaked minions walking away from him.  Did he do it?  Did he defeat doomsday?  Did he see the last of the doggone beast?

He didn’t know.  All he knew was that his head was aching, and he had the sudden urge to sleep.

Monday:  Doomsday, the day after
Our hero awakens to a throbbing headache and a nagging sensation by his right knee.  He couldn’t remember what happened, but he knew something made his head ache so much.  Was it the wisdom he got from the book?  Or is it doomsday’s spell that’s troubling his mind?  He didn’t know, he doesn’t know, and he won’t know.

All he knew was that he surpassed doomsday.  But he didn’t see the last of it.


Hehe.  This is a running fiction in four chapters.  At the end of it maybe I’ll tell you what it means.  But it’s an attempt.  So pardon me if I suck at this!  I’ll throw office supplies at your head if you rub it in!  =P

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