For every book lover out there, the event of the year to be is the annual Manila International Book Fair.  This is the place where they literally dump all the books on you at ridiculously marked down prices.  Year every year, I make it a point to go to the Book Fair and stack up on my collection to fill my little “library” with novels, books, comics, references and whatnot.

There is always something interesting to find in the Book Fair.  Kuya Luis once bought a coffee table book there that costs around 70% off the original price.  I managed to grab several books that I’ve been saving up for, including several inspirational ones from OMF.  In fact, more than half the books in my collection came from the Book Fair.  You just have to buy something from them!  Haha.

This year, I’m hoping to grab some literary and political books from the fair.  I hope there are a lot of interesting new finds this year, because at least now the book fair is one of the things I’m really saving up for (maybe even grab the Twilight series from there!  And since the 4th book has been released by that time, might as well grab it too!)

I don’t know about you all but whenever I go to the book fair, I feel like I’m in paradise.  Reading is one of my many interests in life, and being in a place full of these interesting books just makes me float on cloud nine!  Heh.  And what more, the prices are rock bottom cheap!  I don’t know what to say!

Okay, this is sounding like a sponsored post for the Book Fair now but it’s really not.  In any case, it’s gonna be held a little later this year (usually it’s held at the start of September) and at a new venue at that (the SMX Convention Center!!!  I haven’t even been there yet!).  I think it’s gonna be exciting!  See you there!  =D

5 Responses to “The 29th Manila International Book Fair!”
  1. Tina says:

    Oh yes it’s book (fair) season again! By next month Powerbooks should be on sale followed by National Bookstore, then it’s book fair. 😀 Thanks for posting this JM, now I’m excited for more books. 😀

  2. Mimi says:

    Speaking of books, JM, nasan na Young Blood 2 ko???? Hoy, ga-graduate na tayo. hehe 😛

  3. Carol and Peli says:

    JM! Saan yung SMX Convention Center? 😀 Pupunta rin kamiiiiiii! 😀

    Btw, sabi ni Peli patulong sa wp update :D:D:D hahaha daw! (may ganun pa e no)

  4. JM says:

    Carol and Peli! Sa SM Mall of Asia siya. Yung bagong tayong building next to the church na malapit dun. =)

    As for the update, I’ve updated your WP already. Hihi. =)

  5. Peli and Carol says:

    aaaah! sa MOA! parang alam ko na nga. Hehehehe. 😛

    Ano ka Santa Clause!? Hahaha nagulat ako biglang naging 2.6 yung WP namin! Hehehehe! Thank you Santa JM! Hehehe! ^____^

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