As with any other graduating student out there, I’m starting to prep up for my graduation picture.  Everyone’s fixing everything, not cutting hair to make it long for something, going to their charlotte north carolina dentist to get those pearly whites cleaned and whatnot.  Of course, the customary sablay and toga poses are not a problem, it’ll sort itself out.  What I’m losing sleep over (uhm, di naman…) is my creative shot because I seem to have run out of ideas.

My original idea is to be an EMO rocker, because aesthetically, that’s absolutely not my style.  I wanted something that would be the total opposite of my personality, so as to “defy the conventions” harharhar.  But then I’m starting to rethink the idea, just thinking about how horrible I may turn out to look.  But it’s still part of the list.

The other things I’m thinking of are variations of previous shots I’ve taken: one, a 1940s character wearing a suit and a bowler hat; two, an ordinary geek with a technolust; and three, a preppy college student with a smirk.  Haha.  I think one of these would do and I admit I’m comfortable with any of these three, but the problem is that I’ve already done them, so it wouldn’t be much of a challenge if I don the same attires again.

Gaaaahhh… I think I’m really going for emo here.  Hahahaha!  So un-me.  So it’s going to be a challenge.  Haha.  I hope I can pull it off if ever.  =P  Wish me luck!  Or you can give me any ideas if you could think of something.  Thanks!

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10 Responses to “Halp! I need Creativity!”
  1. Gian Paolo says:

    The 1940’s attire looks nice but since you’ve already tried that one, I vote for JM the Emo!

  2. Jeff says:

    “Gaaaahhh… I think I’m really going for emo here. Hahahaha! So un-me.”

    ah JM, being emo is SOOOOO you. just look at your blog posts! hehehe

    i have a suggestion….why not do a “legally blonde the musical” scene with your very own greek chorus! (i.e., me, micah, laurice, k.lo, and dyan)

    kunwari todo emo ka sa gitna tapos nakapaligid kami sa ‘yo while wearing bright pink ensembles and complete with wide smiles, jazz hands, and maybe even a pet chihuahua ala bruiser! hahaha! 🙂

  3. nicki minaj naked says:

    I GOT A CRAZY IDEA FOR U, DONT DO IT ” lmaooo !!!!!

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