We started out as two blocks in first year.  Over the years we’ve grown, especially one time when they seemingly opened the floodgates and dozens of shiftees and transferees were admitted to our department.

Now, we number to more or less fifty in the batch, possibly the biggest batch the Journalism Department of UP-CMC has ever had.  We’re a brady bunch of different personalities and that’s what makes us all unique.  There are blacks, there are whites, but there are likewise colorful personalities in between.  =)

We had our batch picture taking a few weeks back, and it was an opportunity for us to bond once more as one whole batch.  Of course, we ran into some problems because of our number, but just like always, we were able to manage.

K5 a la The OC

K6 a la One Tree Hill

K6 circa 2005

I’m gonna miss all these happy and funny people once we graduate.  And I know it’s a bit harder since we’re too many!  Those smiles and laughter would be so hard to erase from my memory.  They’ll be forever etched there.  Let’s go Journ Seniors!  For more senti moments.  =))  How I wish we could all hang out in Drew’s.  But then we’d have to rent the place to ourselves if ever.  Hehehe.

And of course, the obligatory jump shots.

Yours truly’s shining moment that day (when K.Lo was unable to walk due to a sprained ankle.  Of course she can’t miss the batch pic!  So the boys had to carry her around.  Hehe):

MassComm peeps are luuuve.  They’re the noisiest, funniest, coolest, rowdiest, smartest, brightest, most talented people I know.

This is us a year ago (with a lot of absent people):

More Journ Seniors Batch Pics:

Photos courtesy of Caloy Soliongco and Joseph Pascual (aka resident Photography Gods of Mass Comm).

14 Responses to “The Best (and Biggest) Batch of Journ”
  1. Tina says:

    Aww you guys look so cute. 🙂 For some reason this entry made me warm and fuzzy all over, kahit na hindi ako related. :))

    Then again. this probably means I’m getting old. =)) JM, you’re a college senior na! I met you when? HS senior ka? Tama ba? Haha 4 years ago. Mehn. 😛

  2. Jeff says:

    grabe we all look so happy…ang galing talaga natin magtago ng stress at haggard-ness even for a few moments 🙂

    marami pa akong comments pero baka kilometric uli ang kinalabasan…hehehe

    miss ko na tuloy si reg!

  3. JM says:

    @Tina I was third year then!!! Muhahahaha. That was yeah, more or less four years ago, going five! Demn. We’ve all gone different ways, but still bloggers! Haha.

    @Jeff Hahaha that’s so true. MassComm people are naturally happy people. And onga kamiss si reg! Buti I still managed to see her before she flew to China (if she has flown already. =P)

  4. C says:

    MassComm peeps are luuuve. They’re the noisiest, funniest, coolest, rowdiest, smartest, brightest, most talented people I know (Tuazon, 2OO8).

    and i agree koyah. 😀
    “masscomm peeps” is synonymous to smartest and brightest, therefore redundant na yung nasa taas. XD HAHAHA. gawd, ang conceited ko e. XD

    wuh, nakaka-emo yung post mo. 🙁

  5. Micah says:

    Haha. Servant leadership. Very Bosconian lang ano. 🙂

  6. JM says:

    @C hahaha grabehan. nakaka-emo talaga!

    @Micah hahaha true, true. =P

  7. little light says:

    kilala ko pa yang iba dyan. sina gelene, dana, inah, at tine. paki-hi sa kanila. 😀

  8. richard says:

    classmate nyo pala si claire jiao? she’s a great debater., i’ve seen her last PIDC. 🙂

  9. Barry says:

    hey, i havent seen our batch pics yet. wahh.

  10. ronin says:

    @ barry: i have no idea where they are…

  11. A says:

    @Richard: Haha. Yeah, she’s a great debater. Best Speaker, mehn. #1 Ranked Best Speaker. 😀

  12. Mimi says:

    Thanks, JM! Ngayon ko lang nakita to. Nakakatawa naman si JanRichard. Haha, yah. Claire Jiao belongs to us. She’s not just a great debater, she’s also from K5. hahahahahahahahah.

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