I’m a self-confessed tech addict.  Which makes it all the more appropriate to call these random cravings of mine as “technolust.”  I adore looking at the newly-released gadgets in the market that I tend to drool most of the time, wishing I could get some of those gadgets for myself (which makes it lust-ier because I know I can’t have those gadgets).

As of late, here are the “toys for the big boys” that I’ve been keeping a close eye on.  I know it’d take 5 to 10 years before I could practically own any of these (save for one), but I guess it’s good to keep my hopes up.  Nevertheless, let this be a checklist of sorts, just so I could have a “goal” and a “motivation” when I work in the future.  Hehehe.

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that hopefully, I’d be able to get a Sony PSP for my birthday.  I’ve been saving up for it and hopefully, before that most coveted day, I’d be able to proudly call myself a PSP owner.  I know it could be distracting to have one of these around, especially that I’m cramped with a lot of academic work lately, but in as much as I’m concerned, I get destressed when I play games, so I guess it’s okay.  (Better than smoking!)

I’ve been lusting over a DSLR for quite a few years now, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to “fulfill” my DSLR dreams because they are just so effin expensive!!! Haarrrr.  A unit costs as low as 20K++ these days and quite frankly, I don’t have that kind of money (and won’t have soon enough).  But still, taking great photos with a DSLR is on my list of tech accomplishments.  Who doesn’t want a great camera, right?

So yeah, call me the grand loser of the 20th century but I’ll tell you this:  I’ve never owned a portable music player in my whole life.  Even when the hype about the iPod hit Philippine shores big time, somehow, I haven’t been swayed by the wave.  But quite frankly, I’m missing out on a lot of things.  Especially now that I discovered that listening to music effectively lulls me to sleep.  Brrrr.  Must get that iPod.  Haha asaaaa.

Sure, my phone is still alive, but truth be told, it’s barely alive.  Haha.  I’ve had my trusty N3650 for a little over three years already, and quite frankly, it’s beginning to get a bit rusty what with all its hangups lately.  A new phone would come in handy, but I’ve been postponing buying one because I want to save up for a high-end phone, much like the N95, which has WiFi (a defintie must if I’m going to replace my current phone).

So there.  Notice that all my preferred gadgets are black?  I like black as a color for gadgets.  I think black is sleek and sexy and very pristine.  Don’t you think?

3 Responses to “Geek Lust”
  1. ronin says:

    Some photographers sell their barely used DSLR’s for around 14K+++…

    and yep, I agree that black IS sleek and sexy :))

  2. Jeff says:

    JM, ang sabihin mo, you like black because black looks good…

    …tapos sabay sabi ng….


    hahaha! bumili ka na lang ng Clear shampoo; mura lang yon. won’t break the bank. 🙂

  3. JM says:

    @Ronin yeah I know but I want brand new for more shiny-ness! Hehe.

    @Jeff PESTEEEE. Clear na shampoo ko noh. =))

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