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Yesterday I left a stage in my life that has been so special to me and entered into more unfamiliar territory.  Yesterday, I turned twenty, leaving my teenage days behind and entered the world of the “twenty-somethings.”

I hope I can say that the transition was easy, that leaving behind a lifestyle you’ve led for seven years is like chaging clothes for the day, but it was not.  Many have been witness to my sudden bouts of emotional fits the past few weeks, as well as my tendencies to act childish in an attempt to stop time and prevent growing altogether.  To these people, for the unnecessary burdens I may have caused them, I apologize. (more…)

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Mad props to INQUIRER.Net for this quick and complete transcript of the recently-concluded State of the Nation Address of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

What follows is full text of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s State of the Nation Address:


Thank you, Speaker Nograles. Senate President Villar. Senators and Representatives. Vice President de Castro, President Ramos, Chief Justice Puno, members of the diplomatic corps, ladies and gentlemen:

I address you today at a crucial moment in world history.

Just a few months ago, we ended 2007 with the strongest economic growth in a generation. Inflation was low, the peso strong and a million new jobs were created. We were all looking to a better, brighter future. (more…)

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Seldom does it happen that we get to see a show with a considerable amount of substance when we switch on our televisions.  Most of the time, TV programming is driven by the urge to get good ratings, which is often driven by market preferences, which leads to more advertising opportunities and, eventually, to more profits for the media owners.  Television throughout the years has been reviled for this capitalist practice.

It is therefore, as we say it, a “breath of fresh air” when one encounters a program that seems to intrigue the mind of its viewers.  When these kinds of shows air on television, one is forced to think if the network is playing tricks on him:  is it true?  Am I really seeing this on television?  Should I believe my ears and eyes? We got so used to seeing *crap* in television that good, quality programming has become more of the exception rather than the rule. (more…)

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I could tell it wouldn’t be long.  It’s barely a month to go, and somehow, in some sentimental way, I’m brooding over it.  I know, I know, to some, it’s not such a big deal.  But to me, for the past few years, a year added to my age means an old phase ending and a new phase beginning.  And most of all, the coming one is crucial because I’d be leaving my teenage years and saying hello to my twenty-something years.  Blech.  Even thinking about it makes me puke.

In any case, just like any other birthday, of course I welcome it with joy and optimism.  Likewise, I’m bringing back something I’ve done on my 18th birthday to which many people responded to.  And, guys, it’s my 20th birthday!  So let’s make it special!  Here’s my partial wishlist for all of you well-wishers out there.  Wehehe.  Ang kapal ko!  =P (more…)

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WordCamp PhilippinesGreat news to all WordPress fanboys out there.  The people from down south but not-so-down-under are organizing WordPress enthusiasts into an event aptly dubbed WordCamp Philippines 2008!  The event will be held on September 6 at the College of St. Benilde in Taft Avenue, Manila.  We’re so fortunate because the granddaddy of WordPress is paying us a visit on September 6!  Yes!  Matt Mullenweg himself!  Geezus!

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty much excited about this event.  It’s touted to be one of the biggest events this year because, admit it, most blogs out there run on a WordPress engine.  I hope I get to learn a lot of things through this camp, especially how to make my own WordPress themes.  I vowed to learn that last summer, but unfortunately time didn’t permit me to swim my way through all those complex codes and whatnot.  This September, hopefully, hopefully… (more…)

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Saturday: Doomsday’s Eve
The beginning of a major life slow-down.  The world, which used to turn on its axis at an average of 24 hours a day and around the sun at 365 1/4 days a year, suddenly stopped in anticipation of its impending doom which should last for an average of 120 minutes on doomsday.

The scene of the crime:  a small saloon by the kingdom’s oil pit.  Our hero turns to his weapon of choice: a magical book of wisdom that promised to contain all the things he needed to know to come face to face with doomsday.  It was a book of wisdom passed on from generation to generation of knights and wizards who used its magic to battle the greatest beasts of their age.  It was believed to have been created by the Son of Samuel, a powerful alchemist from the House of Nord. (more…)

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+ In Memory of Heath Ledger, a legendary actor who shared his passion with the world.  May his soul rest in peace.

*Possible Spoilers Ahead.  Read at your own risk.

Tell you what, I have nothing but praises for the new installment of the revitalized Batman Film Series.  It’s soooo good!  To be honest, I didn’t expect this kind of treatment for a superhero character.  It’s ingenious!  It’s very dark but that’s just the right amount of dark the Batman is supposed to be surrounded with!  I absolutely love it!

Gone were the days of Batman with humor and Batman with tits!  This is how Batman is supposed to be.

Quite honestly, I don’t know where to start raving.  The movie’s that good!  It has depth one would normally find in an indie film with a nice back story.  But in Batman?  Gah.  I was drained.  Yes, I was drained of brain power.  That’s how good it is. (more…)

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ERASERHEADS REUNION CONCERT WTF!!!  Better start sending Christmas invitations now because CHRISTMAS IS COMING EARLY!!!  WHERE DO I BUY TICKETS???!!

[UPDATE] So here’s what we know so far:

  • They’re doing a reunion concert.  Yep, they’ve confirmed it themselves.
  • It’s gonna be on August 30 at the CCP Open Grounds
  • It’s for free
  • There’ll be a ticket
  • The ticket will be raffled off, according to some blog sites
  • It’s sponsored by a major company who coaxed the foursome into getting back together despite the bitter parting of ways
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For every book lover out there, the event of the year to be is the annual Manila International Book Fair.  This is the place where they literally dump all the books on you at ridiculously marked down prices.  Year every year, I make it a point to go to the Book Fair and stack up on my collection to fill my little “library” with novels, books, comics, references and whatnot.

There is always something interesting to find in the Book Fair.  Kuya Luis once bought a coffee table book there that costs around 70% off the original price.  I managed to grab several books that I’ve been saving up for, including several inspirational ones from OMF.  In fact, more than half the books in my collection came from the Book Fair.  You just have to buy something from them!  Haha. (more…)

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EDSA and its heavy traffic is an urban legend, but not in the connotative sense of the word.  It’s an urban legend because of the gargantuan proportions of vehicles plying this 54 (or so) kilometer avenue, causing expected build-ups along major intersections.  During peak hours, passing through EDSA is a surefire dead-end to one’s destination.  Most have come up with great alternatives to EDSA, albeit costing them precious gas money.  EDSA is, therefore, synonymous to heavy traffic.

But due to the recent oil price hikes and increases in jeepney and bus fares, EDSA is slowly losing its reputation.  Just this week, I overheard on the news a proposal to suspend the number coding scheme because of the decrease in vehicles going through EDSA.  We don’t know if this is true, but if companies are calling for the suspension of the number coding scheme, then it must be something. (more…)

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As with any other graduating student out there, I’m starting to prep up for my graduation picture.  Everyone’s fixing everything, not cutting hair to make it long for something, going to their charlotte north carolina dentist to get those pearly whites cleaned and whatnot.  Of course, the customary sablay and toga poses are not a problem, it’ll sort itself out.  What I’m losing sleep over (uhm, di naman…) is my creative shot because I seem to have run out of ideas. (more…)

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I forget the last time I laughed as hard as I did when I watched Mamma Mia! The trailer was inviting enough but I tell you, the movie is just… AWESOME.

We all know that it’s a decades-old musical play based on the hit songs of Abba.  I think a growing trend nowadays (aside from the musical play adaptation trend) is the use of songs by revered groups in the 70s and 80s in film musicals, much like Across the Universe.  I think that’s a difficult but clever tactic, since not all songs of a certain group point toward a certain plot point.  Pulling it off nicely, therefore, is simply a stunning work of art. (more…)

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We know that our country needs–to put iit n medical terms–a liver cleanse, a complete detoxification, a heart bypass and a brain surgery.  We all acknowledge the need to spare our system of corruption and greediness to fully effect change and developments in society.

Most of us have expressed our grievances over our failed electoral system, seeing as to how it has been used to keep power-hungry personalities safe in their comfortable positions.  But still, some of us still hope for a spark, a catalyst that will drive change throughout the system.  While many detest our electoral system, I think there are still a considerable few who have hope in it.

So, if you’re one of those who still hope and believe, you may want to attend Bloggers’ Kapihan and Comelec‘s Bloggers’ briefing on poll automation. (more…)

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We started out as two blocks in first year.  Over the years we’ve grown, especially one time when they seemingly opened the floodgates and dozens of shiftees and transferees were admitted to our department.

Now, we number to more or less fifty in the batch, possibly the biggest batch the Journalism Department of UP-CMC has ever had.  We’re a brady bunch of different personalities and that’s what makes us all unique.  There are blacks, there are whites, but there are likewise colorful personalities in between.  =) (more…)

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The first win of the UP Fighting Maroons is just overwhelming! It’s like a long-awaited rain after a much-dreaded drought. Everyone is all giddy and cheery about this significant development. Who can blame them? UP has been in the bottom of the league for several years now. I think it’s just fine to celebrate even the littlest of accomplishments.

Anyway, since this blog is turning out to be a UAAP Resource Pool, why not live up to it? Haha. Here’s a fearless forecast from Enzo Flojo of GMANews.TV on the Maroons’ performance this season: (more…)

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