After the event at Quezon Hall, we proceeded to Vinzons Hall for the launching of USC’s Centennial Project dubbed as “Vinzons UPgrade.”  Basically, the project aims to rehabilitate the student center to once again serve its function as an abode for students and their organizations.

A small program was held in front of Vinzons Hill, where several home-grown UP talents performed.

It was a UP students event where the UP Pep Squad and the UP StreetDance Club were a no-show, because they were preparing themselves for the Centennial Concert at night.  Okay lang, at least Sitti was there.  And the UP Pep Drummers!  Oh, how do I begin to say how I love thee?  Haha.

I was walking back and forth the event venue because this is the main event that I had to cover.  I also interviewed Councilor Joseph Gutierrez, the head of the project.  With me by the DJ’s tent were Jali, Dyan, Froi, Janina and Absie.  As Marielle expressed in another post, the sun was high above the sky that time and the heat was tremendously nauseating.  Not even free front-row seats could convince anyone to watch under the extreme heat of the morning sun.

I have yet to get that UP Centennial Lanyard.  I will, I will, next time.  Hehe.

After the program, people started crowding themselves into a small path ito pave the way for the Centennial Oblation Run. Reportedly, 100 members of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity streaked, but from what I saw, there were only about a little more than fifty who ran.  I dunno, I maybe mistaken.  Anyway, I’m still thinking if I should post my pics here, as they are very much X-rated.  Hahaha.  There weren’t many people in the campus that day so I was able to grab quite a handful of close pictures.

I wonder what follows that motorcycle?  =P

Also, it was my first Oblation Run (yeah, after four years in College!), so sinulit ko na, so to speak.  Hehehe.

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