I’m so fortunate to be a witness to the centenary of my beloved institution, the national university, Ang Pamantasang Hirang, no other than the Univeristy of the Philippines!

The school was alive with spirit and gathered in celebration this morning to commemorate this momentous event.  I will try to blog more of them later (with pics, yay!  especially of the Oblation Run, which was a first for me).

Anyway, to my fellow Isko and Iska out there, Happy Centenary to us all!  =)

3 Responses to “Happy 100th Birthday, UP!”
  1. Marielle says:

    Ang init kaninaaaaaa. Wala lang. Haha. Nakakahilo grabe.

  2. JM says:

    Akshuli, na-stress ako sa sobrang inet. As in. Pagdating ko sa apartment, bulagta na lang, wala nang kiyeme-kiyeme! Haha.

  3. Blue Pencil Chronicles » UP Centennial Celebrations Part 2 (Vinzons UPgrade) says:

    […] With me by the DJ’s tent were Jali, Dyan, Froi, Janina and Absie.  As Marielle expressed in another post, the sun was high above the sky that time and the heat was tremendously nauseating.  Not even free […]

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