Whim #1: Manila Ocean Park
Because we barely have a week left before Academic Year 08-09 officially starts (followed by the inevitable death of our so-called social lives), we were overcome by whims and impulses that one fateful Monday, a bored and adventurous Kuya Luis coaxes me to go to Manila Ocean Park.

And went we did. But somehow, the park was a bit frustrating. Nevertheless, we felt like little children out on a field trip, seeing all those fishes swimming about in their happy little fluid habitats.

The tunnel was the killer attraction of them all, but I dare say it’s a tad bit too short that leaves the guests hungry for more under-the-sea action. And I didn’t know Lapu-Lapus could grow that big! I was monsterized, so say the least.

And please, Manila Ocean Park, a student price, please? 400 pesos for that trip barely even spells “worth it.”

P.S. It’s so annoying how people have been reminded to turn off the flash of their cameras when taking pictures, yet they still do it. Either they’re ignorant or they were unfortunate enough not to grow a brain. Haha, meaaaaan. =))

Whim #2: Enchanted Kingdom
Because this week is a series of very fortunate whims, with vacation-deprived students hungry for more sun-filled action and adventure, whim #2 wisks us away to a nearby land of endless tales and enchantment.

I was about to get a haircut when I received a text from Kuya Luis informing me that we’ll be heading to Enchanted Kingdom that afternoon. Impulsive as I was, of course, I obliged.

We went with Kuya’s UP Law blockmates who, just like us, are still raring to fill the little gaps left for vacation with fun and meaningful rest and recreation activities. Heh.

So off to EK we went! The park has been open for more than ten years now, so I understand that it’s a bit old, rusty and dilapidated. There aren’t many new attractions but the old ones are still good enough to be enjoyed.

The best part was we had the park all to ourselves! Going there on a Thursday, a week before classes start, was the best plan (or non-plan) there is! There were only about a hundred people in the park that day (yes, I counted) and we were able to enjoy some of the rides several times. Hehe.

Space Shuttle still kills my brain, though. I got severe splitting headache the two times we went for that one. Wuh. But still, the thrill is exciting. Hehe.


P.S. I learned that the EK wizard’s name is not Enchanted (and her female companion thus not named Kingdom), but is actually Eldar. Oha oha. Betcha didn’t know that too! =P

6 Responses to “Whims!”
  1. FunnySexy says:

    Got here through twitter… ๐Ÿ™‚ My first time (I think)! Haven’t visited Ocean park yet as I’m too cheap and merely waiting for a guy to ask me out on a date there. LOL.

    Also, not to sound showbiz or corny but you do look like JM Rodriguez. Funny you share the same name.

  2. JM says:

    Ergh, you’re about the 501st person who told me about that little JM fact I hate to remember. =))

    Thanks for visiting, Kring! =)

  3. Tina says:

    Haha yes, it’s Eldar! My thesismates and I used to call him “EK”. Hahahaha. Our thesis was based in Enchanted Kingdom, and we were supposed to make it a game, where Merlin kidnaps Eldar because he is jealous of the theme park, and the player has to follow the clues disguised in Physics problems to find Eldar. Man, those were the days.

    I heard there’s already some kind of Laser light war games in EK? Is that true? ๐Ÿ˜€ My thesismates and I usually go paintball after going around the park for academic purposes. hehe.

  4. clarice says:

    cool! i like the way you described the students as “vacation-deprived” sounded like a disease.

    ocean park is new, and buckets visitors, while EK is old and has few people coming in. but the last mentioned will still give you a thrill. (beacuse you can shout out loud in the park and take some pictures with a flash on your camera.) ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. GeoRge says:

    I haven’t been to the Manila Ocean Park yet. And at EK, I only gathered courage to ride the Space Shuttle once… and that was a long, long time ago. =)

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