[UPDATE as of June 3, 2008 10:20 PM] So after a grueling 7 hours of waiting in line, perspiring buckets of sweat, sitting on the floor wishing my name would be called next, I was finally able to get one subject on the first day of registration. Not bad, not bad, although it could be better. I say the new registration system is teh pure eeeevuhl! Good thing this’ll be the last sem I’d have to deal with it, as I’d get priority status next sem ’cause I’m already graduating! Whoopee! Updated schedule posted below. Next Goal: Econ!

Aside: PI 100 (The Life and Works of Jose Rizal) rightfully deserves its subject code. Putang Ina talaga!

It is the last day of May and in just a few hours, we’d be ushering in a new month, likewise a new season for people like me. June is here once again and everybody knows what that means.

I’m a bit sentimental about the coming school year. O sige na nga, super sentimental. I hate lasts and goodbyes, but hopefully, this’ll be my last year in College. I’m already stepping into the final stone in my academic life. This’ll be the last hurdle before stepping out into the “real world” every adult is so fond of talking about.

Well, to get the ball rolling, here’s my schedule for this semester (so far, I still lack 6 units):

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10AM – 1130AM Creative Nonfiction Creative Nonfiction
1130AM – 1PM Rizal Rizal
1PM – 300PM Journalism Ethics Computer-Aided Research Thesis Proposal
300PM – 400PM Tenpin Bowling Journalism Ethics Computer-Aided Research Thesis Proposal
400PM – 500PM Tenpin Bowling

As you can see, my schedule’s not that hectic. But that’s only 12 units. I need to factor in 3 units of Macroeconomics plus 3 units of Rizal so that I won’t be underloaded. But relatively speaking, this is a bit lighter than my load last year.

But the real clincher here is that I’d be taking two classes under one of the most notorious professors in CMC, Prof. Yvonne Chua. Well, she’s not really notorious in that she’s strict and all, but the amount of workload she passes onto the students is really too much for an average person to bear. And two classes?! I know, I must be committing suicide, but I believe I can learn a lot from her.

This being my last year, I’d like to maximize every opportunity for making it the most fruitful year I’d spend in College. So yes, that means party and booze night every week, playing video games on weekend and going places whenever there are no classes. Haha. Just kidding. Here are some of my plans this semester:

  • Join the College’s student publication, Tinig ng Plaridel. Hopefully they’ll let me takeover their online version so that I can spruce it up, hehe.
  • Find a kickass thesis topic! Booyeah. I’ve been thinking about this for the whole summer, but still, I don’t have any idea as to what my thesis topic should be. I’m more inclined to take up something that involves online or blogging, but I’m not sure if the powers-that-be will approve of it.
  • Open up several blogs of different interests. Yep, I want to start pursuing my dream of becoming a publisher. But since I don’t have resources right now, let’s just start with something within our reach: New Media Publishing. Hopefully I can keep it up.
  • Participate in UP Centennial Events. A group of UP Alumni bloggers have put up an activity for UP students, so I’ll definitely join. There are a lot of other activities rolled up for the school year, so hopefully, I can attend most of them.
  • Buy myself a PSPPPPPP… so yeah, I wonder how I’m gonna do that? July 29’s the date, guys! Hehehe.

Well, that’s all off the top of my head so far. I guess with a quite-hectic sem ahead of me, there’s a possibility that I won’t be able to attain most of my plans, but I’ll work on it.

Have a great school year ahead! =)

13 Responses to “[UPDATED] Hopefully the Last…”
  1. ganns says:

    Ooh, I’ve always enjoyed Creative Nonfiction. You’re gonna have a blast! Who’s your prof?

  2. GeoRge says:

    Bowling is a perfect way to start the week. Your schedule is wonderful!

  3. JM says:

    @ganns My prof’s Conchitina Cruz, if I got her name right. Hehehe.

    @GeoRge yah! I had duckpin bowling on mondays too last year. Kaya lang nakakabitin sya na every monday lang, hehe. The sched looks wonderful now, but Econ and Rizal is gonna ruin it, for sure. =P

  4. Dane says:

    That’s why I love UP for they have less units every semester. And you have a nice schedule. ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. JM says:

    @Dane but it doesn’t necessarily mean we get things easier that way. 18 units in UP is equivalent to 30 units in other university, mind you. =P

  6. Gian Paolo says:

    Is macroeconomics an elective? I think I’m going to take an elective instead of another GE. Nakakapagod maghanap ng GE eh.

  7. JM says:

    @Gian go, elective yourself! It’s far easier to look for an elective (especially in CAL) than a GE subject. Macroeconomics, I think, can be an elective, but Math11 is a prereq. I dunno if you’ve taken that already. =P

  8. Dane says:

    Woah. Ang bigat nga.

    But hey, at least okay ung sked mo. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. dimaks says:

    meron pang masters, phd at post grad hehe ๐Ÿ™‚ good luck with your last year!

  10. Gian Paolo says:

    Math 17 is good enough. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve seen the class sched and, unfortunately, it clashes with my majors, so I ended up with another elective in our Department. Dalawa na nakuha kong elective. Hanggang tatlo lang sa amin. ๐Ÿ™

  11. Barry says:

    “18 units in UP is equivalent to 30 units in other university, mind you. =P”

    -so true. lol.

  12. prinsesa musang says:

    good luck with all the schooling you have to do this sem. don’t hurry so much, to graduate out of school really. the “real world” can be over rated sometimes – okay, most times.

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