But the big question is, which David?

Next week, American Idol Season 7 finally comes to a close. I can’t believe it’s over already, when it’s feels like just last month when I’ve read about the auditions on the paper.

I’d say this is one of the toughest finals yet, as the two competitors are both high-calibers and both have huge fan bases. Always at the top of the results (I believe these two haven’t been in the bottom three? Or I could be wrong), these two have brought their A-game down to the AI floor.

Randy thinks it’s David…Archuleta. Simon’s going with Cook. Paula? Well she just loves the “person that (they) really are” and absolutely adores Jason’s 2nd song. C’mon, the old hag’s good enough to pick a side. Although she was a bit tough on Syesha last week, which sort-of re-establishes the rumor that the show is rigged.

Anyway, no matter what the result will be next week, I’d say the winner deserves the title. Based on popularity, Archuleta could best bag the crown. But based on merit, I think Cook deserves it more. Then again this is a voting competition so… you know where I’m going at.

Yay! I do hope any of these two skyrocket to a prominent music career. I enjoyed the season while it lasted! See you next year!

P.S. I found out there’s a way to vote for us non-US residents.ย  Yay!ย  I’ma stay home next Wednesday night to be voting-happy.ย  Hehe. =P

5 Responses to “David for the Win!”
  1. stoxbnx3 says:

    so pano mag-vote? share naman. ima vote for archuleta.

  2. Jeric says:

    I do vote even I’m outside the US. Be sure to vote around 10am Wednesday onwards ๐Ÿ™‚ (12 hours difference kasi)

  3. Barry says:

    i really into dc

  4. Ayrie says:

    Cook! The game is on, JM. :))

  5. Jmar says:

    What?! We can vote?! Gah. I should’ve voted for Cook. But he won anyway. Yey for Cook! ๐Ÿ˜€

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